Monday, July 20, 2009

Yet Another Monday......

It's been a minute and a half since I was in this joint, so first things first; a quick tribute video to the dearly departed King of Pop.

Moving on, its been monotonus life as usual for me so nothing really major worth blogging about has gone down.

In other news, I am now just like the Hulk; I just want to smash. Yes that line cracks me up! For real though as a Kenyan rapper once said, "ni kama drought imevisit wakulima." It's a sad state of affairs, I am now a full time passenger of the B-train (if you don't know what that means, too bad for you). But I'm looking at the plus side, the longer it goes on; it shall be like I never took the jump in the first place and my innocence shall be restored in no time! Cue angels singing and halo over my head.

This is old news but how in the hell can Michael Owen sign the dotted line for Manchester United?!! I mean that's truely selling out your roots, I have no respect for that man whatsoever! Anyway he had taken out to sending out marketing packs to various teams to sell himself so it's obvious he was going to whore himself out to the greatest bidder. I'm just hoping he breaks a leg first week of the season! He deserves it since he did jack for Newcastle and ditched them as soon as they were relegated.

I know as a single dude I should be the last one posting an exit strategy video but the series has never failed to crack me up. Back to the classic episode 1!

I know I owe ya'll a part 2 of the Weed PSA and those are on their way. I just realized maybe I need to do something about my locs, I have had 2 of my very own Kenyan brethren pass me over to the Jamaicans on sight, what happened to being able to identify your fellow Kenyan from miles away without them speaking, maybe I need to grow a forehead or fivehead?

Anyway Monday is here, the one day in the week when I have to do all that I can not to wake up in tears. Have a productive week people, and smash on my behalf....