Saturday, August 27, 2005


Hey ya'll.I have this irritating biological clock that make me get up before 8 am and to make things worse since I took an afte nap jana I was up before 7 am today.I just chilled in bed and watched some cable.Cable at times gets old as most channels repeat alot of stuff.But I popped in one of my Kenya mix cds and enjoyed some sounds.Also put some of my clothes in the washing machine what a change from the old days of bar soap and soaking clothes.Me being the lazy bastard that I am would soak some of my clothes and forget about them mpaka they start throwing so I would have to osha them with hot maji!
In this ka-house it is like the kitchen is mine.These jamaas only use the microwave to heat their takeaways.So I am planning on cooking spags with some pork, I did not buy veggies so stew is out of the question.And to think I was the jamaa who used to do Kenchic full time when I was in tao!
Anyway I also pitiad the gym and did some light workout since I do not know too many ppl,and Im bila car and my text books have not shipped I have to do other constructive things with my time.
I think I may pitia church kesho.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Damn free liqour!I feel like shit!A neighbour had a bash last night and I went over there were beers and hard stuff.So the crowd was cool but at like 12 they left for the club , me bila crew and bila car decided to stay and fagilia.So beers were over so I moved to hard stuff.Damn kuliharibika!Hardy remember getting home.Good thing my boss is not around.I have gone to the washroom twice to mwaura ( throw up- remind me to tell you where that term came from ) and since i did not have bfast most of it is mahewa or as we called it in colle vapour.
I am also having a small headache gotta take some tylenol.good thing i have some stock.There are no kayos for singles here.So now I am on cold water for most of the day.I was planning on going to the gym but screw that I need to recover.I have rarely been this messed up when it was on me.If I you ever see me on hard liqour fee free to kick my nut it ain't worth it.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

running out of post names

Went to the International Students meeting jana evening it was interesting the way there were so so many other international students.anyway I guess it's coz this is a big school and ppl have diff schedules so seeing people is hard unless you share classes or have a plan to do so.But there were not too many new african faces.I find it interesting like in the case of the spanish speaking students no matter what country they are from they remain really close to each other and on the other hand we africans are not really doing that yes we may all speak diff languages.Even the Kenyans do not stick together or pretend too.But as I said earlier maybe we as Kenyans are more individualistic then other Africans.Also as I was told by my pals and relas when I checked in is that not every Kenyan you meet is your pal and has your interests at heart.which was the same way back home too.Too bad we cant overcome our tribalism even outside home.
I have been given a site to correct the html, the code is so messed up that it is easier for me to re-do the work.Oh I have a quick question is past 30 too late to start a family for a guy?

Monday, August 22, 2005

just gotta talk

I guess today is one of those days when I have more morale to blog then usual so enjoy it while it lasts.Has my second lecture today at least I was not the only black person in the class but I am guaranteed to be the only Kenyan in my class I can put my money on that.There are not too many Kenyan students in this uni and the ones who are are just not my type of people.Of the several that are here two are chutis ( I'm not racist but I'm not close to them ),4 chics one who is rarely on campus,one who is but i do not see, the other I do not like and i think it goes both ways and a fresher who is pretty good company.
I have met some other Kenyans in ATL who are not bad but let's look at it on the plus side at least I will concentrate on school more.Anyway who says we have to be pals coz we are Kenyan?Yes it does help for the bad times but if we don't get along why force issues?There was this akataa chic who looked so Kenyan in my class mpaka I had to vibe her she had that slim nai kind of figure, avery Kenyan face mpaka the kuyo forehead ( sorry ladies but we notice these things all the time! ) but i forgot to get her name.She's most def one for the future if I want to feel I am with a local gal apart from when the domez begin.
Also I was looking at the town crime stats.No one has been murdered here in the last 3 years!In nai it was hourly,God bless that city!Ooooh and I passed by my new digs the cable was working great, no more boredom.Yes bumming for several weeks before uni gave me this cable addiction, the telly would be on even if I was not watching.Or maybe it is coz I could not afford DSTV back home,compensation perhaps?Anyway it is getting late and let me walk to what will soon be my ex home and get ready for my new home!

Day 1

Just had my first day at work today.I will be reviewing the school's websites and later on updating them.It was really interesting how this happened as I am no comp whiz just that some years back I applied for a jobo at braeburn.Part of the job description was to update the site, i did not get past interview 2 but i got an interest in web design.So I never did go to comp colle but i huffed and puffed and taught myself.After some time I got that jobo that I mention in the early days of my blog.And look at me now what I did for fun is now funding my education.Though now I have to get back into it seriously as there is no michezo with now I am getting hands on with the mac and you know in Kenya how we are pro pc.anyway all in all that and getting into my new apt soon it has not been a bad day.
Oh the first Sunday liqour licensces are coming thru woo hoo!Another excuse not to go to church!Just kidding I will still go to church too.Almost time to go find a nice couch in the lib to sleep on before my only class today.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Today has been a totally wasted day.I now know how cats feel or close to it.I have been dozing on and off most of today.I tried to cook some fries but i dozed so they burnt, with this summer heat there was no way I was cooking more so I looked for the good ones and threw the rest away.Yes I can be lazy but so what!I passed by the apt that I am moving too and started looking at some of the tapes at the vcr owned by one of the guys who lives there and the guy had like 3 pornos.I have nothing against porn but the less viewed the better.I also think that it takes away the incentive to hook up if you are single and the incentive to work on your sex life if you are married.It does have some pluses but I do not feel like getting into that at the moment.
I have not told my roomie that I am shifting but I will let him know sooner or later.I just for the life of me cant stand that house so I will be away.
Soon I do plan on going to some church here, yes I know I am anti church but this is the Bible belt and a small town at that come sunday everything shuts down.So to have something to do on Sunday morning church it is then maybe I will have found something else to keep me occupied.


I went for the Black Students' BBQ today.I may not be black american aka akataa as i here them being called by Africans but I am black and I am a student teehee.Met some really nice people there I think it is since we are in a small town people decide to put away the old beef that exists between miroos and akataas.But most of the atendees were freshers so I could be wrong.I will go for kesho's meeting and find out what the deal is.It is amazing how fast these ppl mature, I met some chic and I was talking to her I had her pegged at 24 but seems she was 18 but the booties she was carrying.I had shamelessly choread as we say.She could not believe my age as according to her I and another Kenyan chic do not look out ages at all ( a good boost to the ego I must admit ).But I also went to hook up a cell phone plan so I ended up being dirt broke only 7 bucks to my name till refund checks come around.Also I start my assistantship jobo tommorrow so no more bum time which is good anyhow.