Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Day On The Grind........

It's been a minute and a half since I blogged. There is nothing major going down in my life but I do find the occasional post as cathartic to say the least.

The economy here for the most part is still in the gutter. Almost all the fast food joints now have a "dollar menu", where basically most things cost a dollar or less. This is because fewer people are buying the more expensive stuff even though fast food is cheap. Starbucks has closed a few thousand branches and is reducing the prices of some of their drinks. I recently opened a bank account with a bank since they had a special offer going on, if you opened your account and kept $100 in it for 10 days they would give you $100 also as long as you kept the account open for 6 months. I'm not going to get into the unemployment rate but on the plus side, if you have money it's a buyer's market. A few month's back my loctiticians decided they were jacking up prices and due to the multitude of locs I have on my head I was going to be paying virtually $100 for each visit, needless to say I kicked them to the curb and have found more than one person willing to do my locs for half the price.

An Acolyte post is not an Acolyte post without story time!

There was this chic I was getting to know better a few months back, so we used to go out and do stuff together. So one Sunday afternoon, we had planned to go for an early afternoon event and then get something to eat and then we would part ways. At this point in time a certain saying about the plans and mice and men should have chimed in my mind. You see I had forgotten that this chic was one of those "quality and quantity time" kind of chics. So after we left the restaurant in the early evening, she chirps; "where are we going next? I'm not ready to go home now..."

At this point in time, what I wanted to say was, I have to work tommorrow and have to get my stuff ready, so I'm going home anyway; but instead I quickly thought up of somewhere to for us to go. So I ended up getting home close to 11 pm instead of around 7 pm as earlier planned. That shouldn't have been a problem since I had nice company and all right?

Oh no, it was a problem. You see I had done some laundry and hadn't dried it since my drier was messed so I had planned to go to the laundromat after my rendezvouz. But seeing as my date had other ideas, all the laundromats were closed when I got home. So here I was with all my work clothes still wet and Monday a few hours away. Lucky for me I had a spare pair of slacks but was out of shirts, so what did I do? I took it old school, I put a shirt on a hanger, attached the hanger to the ceiling fan and left the fan running till morning. So I had a dry shirt for the next day.

Oh and differences in opinion as regards how time should be spent torpedoed that relationship eventually........

Have a productive week!

ps: As regards the pic for the post, I found it in my pictures folder. Where is some scandal on the internets when you need it?????