Tuesday, January 29, 2008

5 More Years and Other Things

I was talking to a family member about the latest outbreak of chaos in Kenya. When she told me, " Those 2 men have bought us another 5 years here."

You see unlike popular belief many Kenyans abroad do plan to come home as soon as possible and some of them have even taken steps to making those plans reality. But with those hopes have taken a fatal blow with what is going on back home. In the past Kenyans in the diaspora have been called cowards for not wanting to go to a Kenya with any uncertainty, but if the odds of you not making it home from the airport due to road blocks where your ethnicity decides if you will live or die you can't blame them for postponing the return. What of the current state of the economy? Even if you have money to invest, where will you invest it with the economy being in the doldrums. I'm not being an apologist for escapism but we have to be realistic here with what has gone on with our country more people will be willing to leave and less will want to come back and rebuild. Pragmatism more often than not trumps idealism.

What's sad is that even our marathon runners who we first saw as Kenyans and then their respective tribes have not been spared from the hate campaign that is going on. Children are now being pulled out of schools that are in areas predominantly populated by tribes that don't like them to save their children from any possible harm. Then of course Mungiki is making a major come back complete with arms and police uniforms, I guess someone in the government decided to take things in their own hands. Anyway while all this drama is going on, why are we hearing more from opposition figures and the government spokesman then our "duly elected" President? Or is it back to the complete hands off style of leadership?

Anyway lest I get depressed let me move on, I found this interesting quiz about finding out what would be the best religion for you would be and I thought I would share it. Let me know what your best religion turns out to be.

After reading this article one has to give marks to white people for the mind games they played on the rest of the world making them think that white is right in terms of beauty. Call me idealistic but I think that we should get to a level where we should stop judging our beauty on eurocentric ideals which due to our natural make up we can never achieve without the use of artificial aids ie bleach etc.

Anyway let me be optimistic and wish you all a nice week!