Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Public Announcement

I know you are all eagerly awaiting part 3 of the Drama Post. It is still in the works but I would like to let you know that I have written my first post for African Path. Unlike usual Acolyte fare it is suitable for all ages and genders.

Feel free to sign in and leave a comment, criticism and compliments will be appreciated. Anyway let me get back to the draft post I was working on, have a good day!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Drama Post part 2!

First things first....mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I apologise for taking so long to do part 2 of this post, but other things came up. Anyway on with the show!

The summer break was a few days away. Mvaite was in a sour mood, he had sent all his documents to Meru Ohio State University so that he could transfer and be out of the 'ville and with his kinsmen. The sad thing is that his documents had gotten lost in the mail, what was even worse was when he related the story to Aco and he looked at him like he was an idiot for sending original documents to the school. How was he supposed to know? After all it was his uncle and dad are the ones who got him into the damned school! What's done is done, he thought to himself; anyway he could use Mary to keep him entertained while he tried to hook up with the blonde from the bookstore.

Mary was happy that the mid-semester break was coming up. She was enjoying her classes, when she could understand the Professor's accent. She found it hard enough to do presentations because half of the time the other students said they couldn't understand her, so over time she began imitating their smooth accents. She thought she must have been doing a great job because when she did a draft presentation to Mvaite and Acolyte, they were so happy that tears of joy and laughter overwhelmed them. It was so good to have house mates like them during times like these.

But irregardless, she wondered why during the class where all 10 students sat round the conference table; some of the girls in the class would twist their noses periodically and whisper about her out of earshot. They must be jealous of her,she thought to herself. She shared this class with the Acolyte, and it was good to have a familiar face in the class even though he always sat on the other end of the class. He must be trying to take advantage of the white girl he sits next to in class, and doesnt want her to know. She also wondered why Acolyte always had to talk in class, during her 8-4-4 years she managed to get far enough by sitting in the back of the class, writing notes and sleeping. Why didn't Acolyte want to do things the easier way; she thought to herself. There was an 800 page book on Abraham Lincoln, she and Acolyte as the two graduate students in the class had read and present on. This is when she missed University back home, where she could remain in her room in the dorm or just sink in her seat in the lecture hall that contained 200 plus students, to make things worse the Acolyte had been reading the book in earnest and asked her if she wanted to borrow it? Why in the world would he ask her something like that, she wondered? It's about time he learned that one didn't have to do everything the professor asked.

Mary's wondered what was going on between her and Mvaite. She could not forget how he ravaged her with his fingers as Lil Jon played in the background. He wanted to go further but she doubted she could handle all thundering 2 inches of him after she felt it digging into her on the first night they danced (I know I'm wrong for that but I had to take some literary liberties!).
Things got even more confusing when during one of their heated hands on sessions, his phone rang; she could over hear him talking to another woman. What was even more shocking was when he started telling the girl how much he missed her and how he would like to "bonyeza" her one more time. She made a mental note to ask him what that meant later on, when he put the phone down he asked him who he was talking to; he told her it was an old girlfriend from back home. She nodded her head and said that made sense.

Meanwhile, Kendi was glad to get her transfer forms from Ungabunga Technical Institute. At least soon she would be free from the 'ville and be able to make the big bucks in Atlanta while she stayed with her aunt. She couldn't wait for the break to come so she could go see Philip in Utah. Philip was a boy from her town whom she had always liked but he had a steady girlfriend. When he heard she was in the country he contacted her and told her that he would love to see her as he would like to get in touch with a familiar face. She resolved not to let the opportunity to snag him even if it was for one weekend only escape, she just hoped that her now soon to be ex boyfriend from back home did not call her on her cell phone when the two of them were together. This was going to be a great break for her, she could feel it!

part 3. The New Year rolls round. Things don't go according to plan and some new Kenyans enter the mix!