Friday, March 18, 2005


did anyone see the Somali MP's beating the crap out of each other last night?That was really funny.I mean if this is how the leaders act I understand why these ppl have not had peace for the last like 10 years or so.Anyway these ppl are going to be in nai for a long time to come it seems.Well much as we say out politicians are full of crap at least they do not beat it out of each other.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Why I love dogs

I love dogs.You know why?
1.Dogs are always happy to see you ( unless they do not belong to you that is,or you're breaking and entering )
2.Dogs don't gossip
3.Dogs don't lie awake at night planning on how to make your life miserable
4.Dogs don't hold grudges
5.Dogs don't lie
6.Dogs aren't racist
7.Dogs aren't materialistic
8.Dogs don't care what kind of car you pick them up in.
9.Dogs don't care how your garden looks
10.Dogs don't give unwanted advice when you tell them your problems
Well I was just in a mood for some humour.Ya'll have a good day!