Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Very Interesting Picture.......

Chilling while the towers go down

I usually don't post on weekends but I thought I would post this before people forget about the recent 9/11 memorials.
On 9/11 as the two towers went down a photojournalist tried to get to the site and as he did so he came across this group on the waterfront and took their picture.
Is it just me or do they look a tad bit too laid back for people in a country under attack?Are they the personification of Nero fiddling as Rome burned, an exemplary example of American's youth disconnection with what is going on around them?That is open to interpretation.
The photojournalist didnt publish the picture for 5 years.
The picture has drawn mixed opinions with some wondering whether the group were discussing what had just happened or were just chilling.
The picture taker discusses it here.
If you ask me, the way this group is laid back is just plain disconcerting.If it was me, I would be in the process of going upcountry!If this is how they handle two planes being rammed into building not to far from where they live, I can see them whipping out their swimsuits when a nuclear strikes goes down.
But anyway what do you think of the picture?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Furahiday Fun!

T.G.I.F!With it being Friday I think the week should be ended on a light note.So here goes!

Kubaff Of The Week

Dude!You wouldn't be smiling so much if you knew that the photographers are all snapping pics of 50 kissing Nicole and not your happy ass!Poor bastard!

A drunk gets some attention during his black out from Nonini

Can't a man enjoy his black out in peace without some bastard trying to wake him up?

Manyake!All sizes......

I guess she was talking out of her ass or sumthin...

A threesome it is then boys!

After bowing out at the top of his game, Milo decided to show of his fashion skills

Where is this urinal!One guess only!

Nick worked to get of the Bilas train with unheralded zeal!

My favourite muppet Nini makes a face for the camera with her partner

Have a good weekend!More pics next Friday!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Old habits and A Kuongea Choo Segment.......

Unlike most Kenyans on-line I was far from surprised with this treatment of journalists by the President and Michuki's security. Press Freedom has improved since the bad old Moi days but is only ensured when journalists know there place.

According to the government, their comfort and reputation takes second place to the media's role to inform the Kenyan people and keep them updated on current affairs. It is of no great surprise that Michuki's security harassed the Press because he has made threats against the media and endorsed the raid on The East African Standard. The excuses used to indulge this behaviour was pathetic, how can photographing The President's limousine be a threat to national security when he is shown time and again entering and exiting it on the daily news on the government friendly KBC? As for Michuki, I am sure a simple "no comment" in response to the reporter's interview request would have been easier than tearing a man's shirt off his back

We are in a new age in Kenya but those relics do not seem to realise that and when they become uncomfortable they regress to the brutal tactics of the Nyayo era.It is only until a new generation comes in can we expect this behaviour to change.Were it not for Kenyan's insatiable appetite for politics, which in my opinion is more retrogressive than beneficial as most are just interested in the side shows; I would suggest a total boycott of Michuki by the media till he learns his lesson and leads the way in respecting the media.Now back to regular programming..

Today's Kuongea Choo segment is proudly brought to you by Harpic.Cleaning Kenyan toilets for decades!
The last time I was in ATL environs we went to see a Kenyan pal who had a bought a new house and we were hanging out in the tv room chatting. Some of his pal's were in the area so he invited them to come over and hang out. So his two pals came with some two chics. The dudes were pretty cordial and chatted with us and had a drink. The two girls sat on a couch by themselves and proceeded to whisper and one of them even proceeded to pick up a cushion and hold is close so as to buffer herself from the rest of us.
They declined all offers for something to drink ranging from beer, water and tea (the last one was my suggestion) and just sat quietly. After a few minutes one of them stepped to one of the dudes and talked to him, after a few minutes he said that they had to leave so we could guess what she told him.
Of course in typical Kenyan style after they left we began discussing them and their reluctance to socialise with the rest of us. The host spoke up and told us that the chic who suggested they leave was dating one of the dudes and was from Alabama so may have not been feeling at home while the other chic had come from Kenya 3 days ago and was still aclimatising.
It was at that point that a chic pal interjected, "Ah!Madame wa Alabama ni mafala na kuona yule dame mwingine niliguess hajakaa hapa sana; nguo zake zilikuwa zimechoka!!!!!Watu hapa stato hawadressingi hivyo na hata nywele yake bado ilikuwa na vumbi!Waishie!!!!!!"
And that was today's Kuongea Choo segment which was proudly brought to you by Harpic!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dating, Freebies,an Idiot and a hard lady

I had a draft post that I was going to put up today but I decided to nix it after remembering an IM discussion I had with a pal of mine.

What I would like to know from you out there was the topic of our discussion.
Should all dating be done with the aim of marriage or should people be able to date casually?
She is one of those marriage fanatics (Okay not that extreme) but you know those people who have tunnel vision as regards marriage.
I know the way I have laid out the question has made it somehow broad but any and all opinions will be appreciated.

I have always wondered about how many large coporations complain about piracy in the third world but do little to make their goods affordable their esp in Africa.At least in India many of the big corporations set up shop and quite a bit of books,software and music are made/processed in Asia for Asians.
In the case of Africa, other than South Africa we are not granted the same attention and as a result piracy runs rife.Few people can afford brand new software out of the box.Most music is out of reach of most Kenyans buying power.I mean tell me how many Kenyans can afford to buy an original CD for $20?I think unless these corporations do something Africans will keep on enjoying their products straight from Pakistan, China and other piracy havens.
Now that I have assuaged my African conscience, it is amazing how much free stuff you can get on the net (I am listening to the Greatest Hits of Ace of Base, damn they had good music!).Software, books, music, movies; of course most of it isnt the new stuff but free is free!I would be beside myself for abating mooching by any of you, so go out and buy the stuff!

How long was this dude thinking he could get away with it?I mean the extra bras in the laundry and boobage would be a clear give away?

Now this is a woman you dont mess with!She had her ex-husband killed, chopped up, roasted and fed to tigers!Hell hath no fury....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Milonere (Me I Love Our NEws REgardless)

I am sittting in the library trying to review a godawful chapter on public finance and budgeting.This is a punishment and a half!

But as I was doing so, my new gacungwa (just kidding about that!) found me and we got to talking.She told me how she wanted to become a journalist and I pointed to her how fewer and fewer Americans are watching the news in this day.From there somehow the story jumped to Kenyan news and it is then I realised how much I miss Kenyan news on tv.

Kenyan news was far from balanced,groundbreaking and prolific but most of the time it sure was entertaining!

I remember once when there was this story of this dude who used to climb transformers and steal the oil in them.This would make the transformers malfunction and the areas served by it would be plunged in darkness until repairs were done.But as the saying goes siku za mwizi ni arubaini.The thief somehow when trying to climb down got electrocuted fatally and his corpse was left hanging upside down.

In true shameless fashion there was a shot of the charred corpse hanging upside with wanainchi crowded nearby staring.

They interviewed a member of the crowd who had this to say, "Alifanya vizuri kuchomeka hiyo mambo imetuletea shida sana!" Damn Kenyans can be cold, me included because when I was telling my pal this story, we were both laughing.

I also couldn't resist giving the stories about how Kenyan police would encounter thugs and would engage them in a shoot out or execute them, following which the OCPD in his brown uniform would wield their weapons (wearing no gloves) and tell journalists gathered "the thugs opened fire on my mboys and they returned fire killing them all"

At this point I added the observation about how whenever someone was shot or hit by a car more often than not they would lose a shoe.

Who can forget the hey days of Mungiki stripping women who were dressed in minis?I recall watching one of the victims being interviewed and I must have said that it was somewhat calloused of them to not even let her get over her trauma before interviewing her.

What about my hero Fred Gumo?I can remember when as an Assitant Minister in the Education Ministry he addressed striking Utalii College students and asked them to go to class.They replied with a resounding "NO!" Gumo looked at them and in his usual loutish manner told them, "Mnasema no?Ngoja mtasema yes."
The students replied with laughter and later on the situation was resolved.Fred Gumo is indeed a brute, but a brute after my own heart.

Who can forget coverage of riots in Nairobi when the GSU would swoop down and batter everything that moved; men, women, children, dogs and cats.I have always said that GSU should be sent to deal with WTO demos, if they did rest assured the G-8 and company would be able to destroy the rest of the world in peace.

Anyway I could go on and on.Feel free to share your memories of the Kenyan news experience, and no please don't tell us of the wonderful days when we knew every single thing that Moi was up to!
Some news clip that I got on youtube.Not as funny as what I had mentioned but should bring back memories for all!Have a good evening wherever you are!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I am boring, lesbian witch-hunts, hyporcrisy and other things

I have come to an important coclusion lately......I am boring.Why do I say this?Because I find most of the people around me very boring and I was told that if you find people around you boring then you must be the boring one.So The Acolyte is one boring bastard.For some reason lately I have found that more and more I am beginning to enjoy my own company.A friend of my roomie came to visit the other day and she finds it shocking that unlike her and her room mate, we spend alot if time in our own respective rooms doing her own thing; so she constantly invites me to join them whenever she comes by.
Most of my life I have been a deep introvert and when I tell people that, they are shocked because I do a wonderful job of faking it.This article which was on someone else's blog (give yourself a pat on the back) struck a cord with me. I think a job where I had to constantly interact with people would tire me out and I guess that is one reason I dont like me current job too much because I do have to answer the phone and deal constantly with 4 people where as in my other job there was very little phone answering and only one person to deal with.I dont mind working with other people but it's the constant pretence at comradere that is part and parcel of most American jobs that bores me.
I am one of those people who would like to come in, say good morning, put my nose to the grindstone and leave most interaction to job oriented exchanges.Picture me rude but I don't want to know how your grandkids are doing,where you went for your anniversery,what your husband/wife likes,go out for office lunches and take pictures to send the other offices in the form of a christmas card (yes our office does that, ewwwwwww!).
But much as some women have to fake orgasms to boost their husbands ego, I will fake enthusiasm and comradere for the sake of office solidarity and to appear a team player!

Most people who read my blog know that I will never be seen at a gay pride rally but there is something that I came across black looks website that made me raise an eyebrow ala The Rock.It seems that a tabloid in Uganda has taken it upon themselves to out lesbians and gays in Uganda.All they ask is that you send them the details and they will print them.Much as Kenya has been vilified by many blog activists, it has never gotten this bad and I doubt that it shall.The worst thing is that the government seems to be encouraging this situation.I can only shudder to think what would happen if a spiteful neighbour called the paper and gave in your details as revenge.Witch hunts have never been known for sparing the innocent, so it is obvious that quite a few innocents will go down.Anyway there goes my Public Anouncement of the month, back to regular programming.

I am reading this book for my class on Leadership and it has opened up my eyes to the hypocrisy of the United States.The U.S constantly sends it's envoys worldwide telling them to be more inclusive to women in leadership when it has a pathetic record itself (I'll do a more indepth post later).Most of Africa is not leadership friendly to women but as this article shows at least some of them have made attempts ie Uganda having a female Vice President.
I know Kenya is still a bit further back and that can change but not at the moment when our MPs have already started campaigning despite the fact that elections are next year.Sheeesh!I guess I'll leave it to M to bitch slap them.

I was adding some new sounds to my soul collection and I came across something a KBW member would be interested in.Archer, here's a little Boney M for you.Enjoy!Anyway back to boring old Monday.....