Friday, December 08, 2006

Say Something Nice and Call For Links.........

End of the week 1.5 exams left to go, so it's been a somewhat busy week. I came to the realization that this week I have been spewing some major venom so what I'm going to do is give you all a Say Something Nice Challenge. I am sure all C&D readers here know what I am talking about.
Anyway seems over his tour of Stato where he treated Kenyans to his 3 songs (interspersed with his usual phrases - mafans, raggedy raw, whoa whoa) , he went out and bought himself a grill.

Yes Prezzo spent $3,000 on a grill. Eve and Solo were oohing and aaahing over it on their show hits not homework; but I'm not going to go off on them. I'm trying to be nice.So below is the picture of Prezzo with his new grill. Remember it's the Say Something Nice Challenge! Just post them in the comments section. Let's just say that grill is the only thing that me and Nini Wacera agree on.Click on the pic for a larger scare view.

Moving on. I appreciate all those who visit my blog time and again. I am in the process of sorting out my links. If you have a link to my blog, e-mail or comment and I will add a link to your blog. But to be honest I will only link to blogs whose content I agree with. I will in no way link to partisan political blogs, esp the ones who go spam commenting all over the place.
I am not apathetic but I feel many of those blogs do not add anything of value to the equation. They don't always give an open forum for discussion and are often just the venue for political and tribal cyber wars.

Anyway I have a take home exam so it's going to be a long weekend as I do that and study for Tuesday' s exam and pack. I do hope those Russians next door do not have a party!

Ps:How do you know it is time to leave your girlfriend?
When she isn't the first woman you call when you are drunk!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kenya's Next Top Model and Memories....

We men have this wonderful thing that is called an ego.Ego makes us men feel that we are masters of the universe, when we can't even manage our bedroom. The same extends to the area of looks. Take a peak at the picture below.

I know some of you know him. What I would like to ask him is,
"Who the hell told you that you were sexy in that pic?!" alongside "What were you thinking?!"
That is not one of those mysterious brooding looks, seems more like a "where did all my muscle definition go?" pose. I am not going to comment on how he looks half asleep giving him that "Damn I'm so sleepy but I have to get dressed and bounce", kind of look.

Time for men like this to be schooled Aco style. First of all you have no business taking pics like that unless they are going to be on your cd cover. But if you must, make sure your chest is not parallel to your stomach! I know some of you are moaning about joining a gym, but that is the price that has to be paid for bragging rights. An easy start is making sure you do at least 30 press-ups every morning. A one pack isn't that good looking but at least his is flat, some sit ups are in order. Last piece of advice, don't keep friends who let you take such pictures and then distribute them over the internet.

Moving on, I love the ad below. Dude was busted so hard!!!!!!!!!!!

It reminds me of how I at times get myself in trouble for remembering funny stuff when I am walking somewhere on my own and smiling to myself. Lucky for me people here think I'm being friendly and smile at me, although it gets hard when I burst into laughter. When life gets boring nothing beats the good old memories.

Anyway I am halfway through my exams, so now it's back to the books!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another interesting story.............

I think I have discovered my main reason for blogging. I love to tell stories almost as much as I love listening to them. I enjoy recounting the interesting, amazing, horrendous, mundane and stupefying things I have encountered in my everyday life. I use my blog as a memory capsule for these things. People wonder why I prefer dingy home pubs inhabited with all sorts of characters to crowded,neon lit night-clubs full of "cool" people. It's the stories and entertainment I get there! In home pubs there is always a story teller of sorts, half of the things he tells you are lies but he tells them real well! So well that you find yourself buying him beer so he can keep on lying to you! Anyway let me shade myself from the glare of the light bulb shining on top of my cranium due to my enlightenment and get onto today's post.

There was this girl who moved into my neighbourhood when I was still living in Kenya sometime after high school, I am going to call her Jamilla. Now Jamilla was in her early 20's and purportedly from the coast and her Swahili seemed to bear out that fact. She was what what Nairobi men called "yellow, yellow, brown,brown" meaning she had this light and soft skin that seems to works wonders with most Kenyan men and has driven loads of women to destroy their skin and health by applying all sorts of bleaches to their skin to achieve the same look. She also had the stunning hourglass figure to go with her good looks.

Anyhow, Jamilla was renting a servant's quarter in one of neighbourhood houses. The servant's quarters also known as sq's in that neighbourhood were very popular as they were semi detached and allowed the occupant some sort of privacy from the main house. She wasn't a snob per se but would keep to herself and her friends in the neighbourhood, despite this she would still enjoy some light banter with the boys around the block as she was going to work; while firmly rebuffing their advances.

It is later on when she got settled into the neighbourhood that things began to happen. Various high cost cars began to show up outside her quarters. All the cars would have different owners so this wasn't the same person with different cars. The day we found out that Jamilla was not a laughing matter was when this middle aged man drove to her gate and found another car parked outside and drove to where we were sitting, came out and began talking to us jobless corner inhabitants.He got to talking to us thinking we were close friends of Jamilla's, it was then that he let on that she could as he put it "screw you senseless" and because of that men were falling over themselves to make her theirs exclusively. We chatted for a while till he saw the car that was at Jamilla's pass by us, at that point he excused himself, got into his car and drove to her house. At that point it should have hit us, a woman must have something special for a man to go to her house, find another man there, wait for that man to leave and go to see her.

Let's just say over time we saw things like a new fridge, microwave and home entertainment system be delivered to her place at different occasions. It is a few months later that some big shot from Kenya airways (who was married) started passing by her house at odd hours and weekends. A few weeks later I saw her in a Kenya Airways uniform being picked up by the staff van, so your guess is as good as mine. A month or so passed and Jamilla moved into a house of her own in the neighboring estate. A short time later she left the ranks of us matatu users and began driving a RAV4.

Much as we knock some women for being gold diggers, I had to give her mad props for using what she had to get what she wanted. Would I have hit it? Hell no! It's like knowing the dude on her block who sells grade A crack and deciding that you are going to take a hit for fun. In that case one hit and you're hooked, and we all know there are no casual crack users!And let's be realistic, Kanye summed up my chances best; "I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke........."

But I know there are some of you ladies out there who would like to have Jamilla's good fortune.Well look no further Sugar Daddy 101 is here, go visit it and learn all the tricks to becoming a sugar baby!
ps: I expect a 5% cut for directing you there!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another 80's and 90's Music Post

I think by now all of you know my disdain for most contemporary music, so I won't add to that. I was going through Youtube and came across some videos of songs that I enjoyed way back when and still do!This is a long post so you may want to watch those videos over a two day period.

Here goes nothing.........

There is something so 80's about this song that I can't pin down!One of the best songs to start your day in my opinion.

I think the owners of Carnivore owe Blondie royalties because this song was played every night during Rock night. A great song nonetheless that is on my 80's playlist.Who can forget the immortal line, "she walks like she don't care, walking on imported air"?

Freddie Mercury cracked me up in that mini skirt and wig!

This was vintage Grace Jones before she became the mess she is today!

I love Billy Ocean's music and even have all his greatest hits! Now a small quiz, what popular tv program way back when used one of his songs as it's theme music?

No way I could mention Billy Ocean and leave out Rick Astley.

This song was another 80's regular. This woman has a great voice!

No 80's hit list is complete without Lionel Richie! Too many songs of his to choose from. Don't you love the way his clique dance their way into the wedding reception?The choreograhy in this video is great. Interesting fact, Lionel Richie is loved in the middle east, when L.A Reid was busted for drugs there; he called the Sultan as a character witness for L.A Reid helping get him released as a result.

I think I had included this song in a post I did last year but this song never gets old for me!Men at Work have great lyrics and the video is pretty good too!

This is another song that I just love to bits. It first came back to me when I listened to it on the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack and later on in the movie "The Breakup." I also think it has deep lyrics.

Depeche Mode rocks! Yes they still do make music but this remains one of my all time fave tracks by them!

I now know what I am going to dress as for next year's Halloween...Cameo!That red jock strap was unforgettable!

This song takes me way back! I remember the good old days when women didn't have to sex themselves up to sell their music.

Lip synching accusations aside this was a great song!It never fails to get my head bobbing!

Another one of my fave musicians. Sting is one of the few artistes who has a playlist all to himself on my MP3 player. I love this song and it's lolita-esque story!

Another great track! This song was also on the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas soundtrack, yes I actually did used to listen to all the music you could play on the car's radio in that game.

This was one of those mood setting songs way back when. Compare this song to all these, "take off your underwear so I can screw you" songs ; and you have an idea of how low the bar has fallen.

Whenever I hear the drumbeats that start the song a big smile always breaks out on my face! Who can forget the immortal line, "never trust a big butt and a smile!" BBD rocked!

This was before the crack kicked in messing up his face,teeth and career.

Seeing as I have featured all the New Edition membes I might have as well put in a video of all of them together.Damn I miss the days when people could actually sing and didn't fill their videos with half naked women.

Anyway I have gotten to my own self imposed 20 video limit. After doing this post, I have just come to the realisation how crappy most music nowadays is. I think I am going to protest by never buying a cd again! Oh wait, I don't buy cds...........

Have a nice day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Security, Spamming and Too Many Bashes!

Mozilla hung, so the first part of this post is gone, so I guess I'll have to wing it.
I was reading this, and it was a rather sad story. It just got me to thinking how bad the security situation has gotten in Kenya. I have also been wondering, whatever happened to the Police stations that were meant to be set up and staffed by police trained to deal with crimes like rape, which are usually not handled very well by the present police force? Or was that just the usual empty promises that the government gives Kenyans?

Talking about politics, there has been someone who has been spam commenting my blog with politically laced comments. When I restarted blogging after "The Battle for Freedom" I set up some rules. One of those rules was to comment on the post in question. If the anon who is doing this wants to comment on politics and tell us why Kibaki is good and Raila is bad, then there are the correct blogs and forums for that. When I want to read about politics those are the blogs that I visit as do most other Kenyan bloggers, when I want some casual reading ; I read blogs like mine. So please keep your comments to yourself, unless they are relevant.

Moving on, I can't live like this anymore!!!! The Russians next door have had parties every Saturday night for the last 3 weeks! Add to this the fact that a pal of mine had her birthday bash on Friday night. 2 parties in a row have made it so that I have been waking up at noon. Why oh why do people have to start having parties when finals are around the corner?! It just isn't right!
Anyway during Saturday's bash I met this chic whom my room mate had been harping on and on about, and I must say that I was impressed. Needless to say, I was not the only one; irregardless of her boyfriend's presence the hyena's were in full force. Later in the night she had an arguement with her boyfriend and he left without her, he doesn't go to school here so the distance seems to be a problem. That sight elated my roomie to no end.

Talking about hyena's reminded me of Friday's bash. A lesbian chic pal of mine was celebrating her birthday so I popped in. The crowd was a bit thin at one point so I gave a p-file (read first para for explanation) a call and she came over with a friend. She was looking great and we were having a ball. Thing is that my pal thought my p-file was hot too and tried to get in one the action twice! Pulling her off my lap (there was a shortage of seats!) and horning in on the dancefloor. But that was all that happened and mwenjoyo continued.And yes my p-file only likes boys or as nakeel would say, she likes dickson; I had to make sure I wasn't going to bark up the wrong tree!

When do lesbians rock?

Because when you check out a chic, she checks out the chic with you!
When do lesbians not rock?
When they try to get with the chic you are trying to get with!

Don't ya'll just love this song? It just shows how good music used to be! I have a post ready full of great songs of the 80's and 90's for tommorrow so you can know what I am talking about.

Anyway now because of all that fun I am behind in my term papers, project and studying. Damn these bashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!