Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Have The Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I watched a video that showed me how much power I have. I initially thought it was a sketch for Madtv or something of the sort, but when I found out it was for real I had to put off the serious post I had lined up so as to share it.
Just in case you youtube take the video down here is another link.

While you watch this video, I will hop hop hop like a jack rabbit since I'm in predator mode and consider working some walls, the middle and hitting the bottom (and to think that her mum was trying not to share that secret!) . Anyway I'm going to let the video speak for itself!
ps: Ladies do not let the penis ejaculate on your brain! Keep up the defences!
pps: Those dudes who shagged this lady must have had some sharp game because she still seems to remember it vividly given her descriptions!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Behold! A Child Is Born!

Once upon a time in a land far away, a woman was in labor about to be blessed with child. This was not her first child so this was not a new experience for her. As she went through the different sensations that a woman undergoes when she is bringing life into the world little did she know that the different moons, stars and suns in the universe had aligned themselves into a new zodiac year. As the child came into the world welcomed by his new family, the universe blessed him with a pioneering, free spirit, intellect laced with impulsiveness. The Universe through a human vessel had brought the Acolyte back into the world once again!

Anyway cheeky origin stories aside, it's my birthday today! I am now one year older. The years go by so fast I must say. How is my life plan going? Other than starting my Master's 2 years late, I'm pretty much on schedule especially for the fact that waiting helped me get an Assistantship so I was able to zoom through it in a year and a half as opposing to having not gotten one; come earlier and having to work my ass off. So in terms of education I am more or less on schedule. I really don't see myself doing a PhD at this point in time, I'd rather focus on my career and finance this point in time. I am behind in the investments part of my life, I did expect to be much further but I do have some good plans in mind that I will put into motion as soon as I get my career on track this year. Relationships? You have been here most of the way during the last 2 years. Other than no kids and no intentions for marriage soon, I don't have any other plans in that arena.

Some Acolyte trivia for you...........

1. The Acolyte loves dogs
2. The Acolyte loves sleeping
3. The Acolyte loves reading interesting novels preferably fiction
4. The Acolyte can be rather sarcastic
5. The Acolyte has not turned 30 this year!
6. The Acolyte would like to make some reliable male friends this year with whom he can do activities with that don't involve alcohol and women.
7. The Acolyte plans to vacation in Kenya in 2008
8. The Acolyte plans to spend less time on-line
9. The Acolyte can't wait to move into his own place in the next few months so he can run do cartwheels, handstands and all the other eccentric things he loves to do in private
10. The Acolyte loves to refer to himself in third person and is gearing up to see what the next year of his life has to bring him. Remember people above all else....choose life!