Saturday, August 20, 2005

Been so long

I have been a bad boy!I have taken such a long time to post.That is most definitely not good!Anyway I have been settling down in school.Got to meet the int'l students, there are some moto spanish mamas so I have to work my spanish.Also realised that I need a way of getting aroind so I am off to buy a bike before I can invest in a car.On the plus side I did get an assistantship so no fees for this brother!But the house that I am living in at the moment is dirt cheap and as a consequence really crappy, no phone,no telly,no cable,no washing machine.I guess that is why I am paying only 130 something bucks also my roomie is not all that.At least i have gotten anutha digs elsewhere for double the price but it comes furnished and with most of the other stuff minus cable but hey you have to lose some to get some.Well the akataas are having a bbq this afte so i am shamelessly going so that i do not have to cook jioni.They also have some nice chics lets see if a connection can be made.