Monday, March 31, 2008

At Long Last A Picture Post!

I bought a digital camera recently, still breaking it in but while I'm at it I may as well share a few pics here and there.

This is the river that runs behind the apartment complex I used to live in. Really beautiful.

Despite their plummeting stock, you'll still see a Starbucks everywhere like here at the local mall

A Chinese Food Franchise, Panda Express; I've never eaten there though and don't plan to soon

Another shot of the river

A neighborhood that is being revitalized aka chasing out the poor black folk, note the graffiti on the walls

Just like good old days, the Church shot!

One of the office buildings in the swanky part of town.

This is a shot I took at Lennox Mall, the mall the rich and famous go to here. The price of stuff here is just insane I tell you!

Some posh houses on the way to the gym

Looking for a home?

Some art on display at an event I went to a few months back

In other news, I hear that Akon's concert was postponed or something of the sort. I think with all the drama that goes on with organising international acts in Kenya, we aren't going to have anyone of note coming for a long long time with all the red tape, back stabbing and politics involved. What I wonder though, is that were peeps who bought tickets given refunds?

Quote of the day - " Kenyans are giving birth like Mexicans!! "
That was what my small sister told me after going to a baby shower for an acquaintance and running into the sheer number of chics with kids or in the family way. I just hope that in some of those cases that other than bowing to the biological clock these mamas have long term plans because sadly unlike back home you can't just dump your kids with the house girl or extended fam and continue life as usual. Plus it doesn't help that some Kenyan men out here just have a pathetic record when it comes to meeting their obligations when it comes to their seed. Oh well at least that isn't a problem I have to worry about. I have this feeling that there is something I was supposed to post about but haven't. Anyway back to the grind..............