Friday, February 08, 2008


Last week, I went to see Goapele perform in downtown ATL and I must say it was well worth the money. She has a great voice and a wonderful band. The concert was only $20 and that would have been the same amount of money I would have paid to enter a club. On a negative note, many bars and lounges here have a no smoking policy, I know smoking is harmful for your health but it did have its benefits. You see on the concert floor some selfish bastard decided to let out a silent killer, do you know how distracting it is when you are listening to someone make beautiful music and then a horrendous smell wafts to your nose breaking your concentration. I think bars and lounges need to put some sort of fragrance in the air because in the smoking days that stench would have never reached my nose, and to think that was a grown and sexy crowd, more like grown and stinky!

There's this lady I was talking to the other day, who is only about 10 years older than I am but when she shares her experiences I feel like she has lived twice the lives I have. You see she is the kind of person who decided to do as much travel and experience as much as she could wherever she was and as a result has few regrets about not doing things and still wants to do more. I've lately being trying to do more and more new things, the concert was one of them because it is so much easier to stay at home and watch videos on mtv and not bother going to stand in line for a concert ticket and bother with the crowd. I have decided that at least once a week I have to experience something new even if it is something as small as using a new route to go to work. I think we shouldn't confine ourselves to the same experiences day after day, week after week; life is made to be experienced and lived. What's your new experience going to be this week?

I knew it was only a matter of time before those mungiki goons started doing this. The sad thing is that with the contacts and the networks they have built, those chaps are going to be out on the street in no time. I was also looking at this article on BBC, and I have to sympathise with Kenyans for making it day by day. I was also discussing the cost of everyday life in Kenya even before this whole drama and when I'm told of 6% economic growth, I had to scoff because that growth in no way affected the lives of the different people that I have been talking to because everything from rent, food, bus fare have skyrocketed while incomes remain the same. Anyway let me not dwell on that depressing topic.

Anyway, I think I've been preoccupied lately, it's about time I got online and watched some Cup of Nations highlights to see the best that Africa has to offer.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Week Begins.....

Things have been way to serious in this joint with all the drama that has been going on in Kenya so I thought it was time for us to loosen up. The side eye the girl below gave George Bush made my day! I bet there are loads of people who feel the same way about this dude as she does, oh feel free to caption the pic!

I was reading this post, and it really summed up my opinion about the mungiki. The government officials who are arming them and helping them all with the misguided aim of avenging the wrongs against the Kikuyu seem not to know what fire they are playing with.

I also noticed lately that a favourite forum of Kenyans, Mashada is on hiatus. It seems it was getting waaaaaaaaaaay too taxing to moderate the hate speech that was going on on that site. Mashada was already a handful before this who election situation began, so I can only imagine the bile that was being written there. What I have noticed is that when people are behind a key board they feel that they are free to express any opinion, no matter how incendiary it is. There is a blogger who has been doing this with wreckless abandon and much as I do respect her freedom of speech, I do wonder if she would say any of those things in person because sooner rather than later she would be treated to a blanket party.

Anyway before we get to the grind here is another funny picture I wanted to share. It seems that Tara Reid's slimming program didn't have the effect she wanted it to have weighing from the expression on that man's face.

Anyway for those back home if you have anything stories of anything positive going on amongst the drama and negativity by all means please share. We shouldn't wallow in hate and depression, nothing good shall come of it at the end of the day. Have a nice Monday all......