Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some People.....................

It seems some people are not well versed in leaving well enough alone at all. It seems that I have been touted as a grand example of what statesmanship is not, the difference between Kenyans and Tanzanians in addition how Statesmanship should not be conducted.

Well let's clear some small things out of the air first, first and foremost I called Kikwete a dumb bitch and not a dumb ass bitch. Please do your research. As for those who quoted Voltaire, my hats off to them; because however ill advised that statement was I stand by it.

Second, it's rather interesting how one who feel they can wax forth about statesmanship not show an iota of that to their own country man and fellow blogger by spewing forth a statement like, "an insignificant and inarticulate Kenyan blogger?"

Of course that statement in itself brings forth various questions. What does the poster mean by the term insignificant? How do we measure that in the blogosphere? Is it by the number of links linking back to your blog, I'm not going to get in a pissing contest about that but I know I'm faring rather well in that area. Is it because of the subject matter you carry? My blog has never been high brow but I have never claimed it was but in my short time I have done some good, case in point exposing a Dutch minister in Kenya for the huckster he is (I still get comments on that series by the way). Or maybe we could use blog traffic as a measure of significance? But once again I'm not going to get into a pissing contest here. So please don't make statements that don't stand up to in-depth examination.

Inarticulate? How do we measure that? Is it the amount of flowing Queen's English that the blogger uses? is it the comments from the readers hailing their command of the language and how clearly they articulated their point? In fact isn't being articulate being able to make your point clearly? I made my point and by the firestorm that came from it I would say that it was pretty well understood? My regular readers understand me rather well and relate to what I post and that is why they keep on coming back to my blog with comments of note and not kowtowing to my "significance".

At the end of the day, the poster is welcome to say what they want; remember Voltaire. But are they really in a position to be on a high horse? What can you teach people about statesmanship when you are hardly a gentleman yourself (an issue I won't bother going deeper into)? I for one don't and never have claimed to be a statesman or even a gentleman, I just say what I feel, no matter how inarticulate and insignificant it may be, funny enough that seems to resonate with other people in the blogosphere; if that is another indicator of how immature and low brow Kenyans are then so be it, I have nothing to apologize for.

Anyway I do feel I have said my piece, I am sure the poster of that piece has more significant things to worry about such as State House agents bugging his phone, following him to his house and interfering with his personal business as he tries to teach our President to be a statesman in addition to being the avatar of all that is significant and articulate. How heavy the load is that some of us how to bear. Let us support him as he teaches us how to progress as a Nation. Have a wonderful day people and in all that you say please be articulate!