Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been meaning to share this weeks and I think this is a great way to end the week!

You've got to love the satirical nature of the video, so much so for the fact that Alanis has no lady lumps forever. Sad thing is that listening to those lyrics makes you notice how crappy music has become nowadays, I guess that is why since I stepped of the plane I have never bought even one cd released in the new millennium despite being inundated by offers from Columbia House and all the other CD warehouse clubs. Anyway the world is going to hell in a hand basket and in typical Acolyte fashion I will be taking a nap as that happens.

Before I leave I have to ask a question, why do many Kenyan entrepreneurs/ establishments take any form of criticism as a personal attack? Furthermore why do so many businesses have the attitude of "if you don't like it, you can take your business elsewhere!" I don't know if that has changed though from when I was last in Kenya. But this came to me when I was at Kenyaimagine and pointed out various shortcomings in a publication by the entrepreneur who was being feted by the writer doing his profile. And unlike what most of you think, the observations and criticisms that I made were all directed at making the paper give more bang for the buck (okay the paper is free but you know what I'm saying). But in typical Kenyan fashion one person more or less said, if you don't like the paper don't read it! Another good example is Kenyan music, whenever someone becomes too critical of Kenya music they are called a hater even if they do have credible points. When it comes to Kenyan music I do agree that Rome wasn't built in a day but we on the other hand have given Kenyan musicians too much leeway to become complascent. Anyone who has been to a Kenyan concert out here can tell you, case in point Kleptomaniax last outing. There are Kenyans musicians who give great live shows ie Abbi, Kayamba Afrika etc. I am sure they got alot of criticism when they started out and used it to become better artistes and performers. Remember not all criticism is aimed to destroy, some of it is actually meant to build!

PS: Can someone out there please post the P.O box and telephone number of Co-op bank University Way branch for me in the comments? I have a bank account to ressurect and yes, I was one of those dudes you saw in the winding line waiting to use the ATM. Thanks!
Nice weekend people!

Quote of the Day
"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships."
Sharon Stone

Thursday, May 24, 2007

There's Only One Day Left!

This video actually got some mention on one of my favourite TV shows, The Soup. I watched the whole video today and I actually empathized with the shame the ottoman felt after these boys humped the living daylights out of it. Damn! At least when I had dogs they all wouldn't hump the same visitor's leg!

Is it me or has any of you noticed that sleep becomes sweeter when you actually have something to do? When I was just bumming earlier this year, I would go days with minimal sleep but now that I am out and about I find myself every morning wishing that I had just one extra hour to sleep. But I am sure I have blogged about my love affair with naps and longer sleep periods, if there was a job where people were payed to take naps I wouldn't waste a minute thinking it over.

When it comes to relationships, you all know that I have the finesse of a bull in a china shop so I need the advice of smarter people out there. I was talking with this gal pal of mine and I believe that when it comes to a relationship, their should be your time, my time and our time. This means that other than work you should have some time on your own where you pretty much handle your own business and hang out with your own pals as do I and then we have our time, time that is for us and us alone. But on the other hand my pal said that with her old boyfriend (whom she never shuts up about) they used to do everything together and that is how it should be. I do know that every relationship has it's own dynamic but even so, if I was with my chic every other minute I would get tired of her real soon, real fast! Anyway I guess that is why I prefer remaining single.

In soccer news AC Milan won the Champion's League over my beloved Liverpool. The match wasn't on tv so I will have to wait till the weekend to watch it but I give full marks to AC Milan, they are a good side and deserved the win.

In parting, I read about how Mungiki adherents have been beheading matatu touts. Frankly I am disgusted at how brazen the Mungiki are becoming with their actions and how the government seems to be doing as little as possible to stem the growth of this organisation. It is only a matter of time before the Police even stop going through the motions. I don't blame the Police because even though they do have some bad apples within, those who are willing to do the job are usually under paid and under equipped; while on the other hand the Mungiki wield automatic weapons and seem to have an endless money pit to bail out their cronies. The thought of going to sleep and waking up sans head does not sit very well with me. I guess this is the moment that I am supposed to shrug and say, " ni hivyo tu"

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Monday Moaning

This story in the NY Times made me aware about how credit seems so appealing only to come back and bite you in the ass! This happens to many Kenyans too who come here and aren't educated about the dangers behind the slick slogans behind the credit cards. The pre-approved offers turn up in the mail and against their better interest the card is obtained, one charge here another charge their, the grace period with 0% interest ends, hefty interest rates kick in and they become slaves to their debts. Before you get a credit card of any kind, I advise people to read the small print and go to the net if you don't understand any of the terms; better safe than sorry! I guess nothing in the world is free anymore.

I heard a very disturbing story the other day. My sister was telling me about this West African friend she has who has been having some problems with his father back home. You see his father had been married to their mum for many years and then all of a sudden he decided that he would get a second younger wife and relegate his first wife to the periphery. Their dad was in his 50s when he decided to do this, I guess mid-life crisis or something was kicking in or something. So when he got this new wife, it seemed that my sis' pal and his brothers new that she wasn't exactly top drawer material and tried to tell his father not to marry her but you know how parents are, he was hearing nothing of it and went ahead and married her. So the second wife goes ahead and pops out 6 kids in quick succession, yes 6! I asked if the two of them have never heard of birth control and it seems not to be a priority for the dad or his new wife. What makes things worse is that the new wife sends the children to the first wife to take care of and continues to live her life. The sons heard of that and were planning on sending their mum money so as to move out of that situation but the new wife fell very ill after her latest pregnancy so she is stuck taking care of the kids while their dad for some reason or other left home and went to live in another town. Word came back to them that their dad was looking really run down and haggard in this new town he was living in, but before word had gotten to them; their father had been demanding not asking that they send him money. You see every month they used to send him a few hundred dollars (which is alot of money in Africa) but now his demands have escalated to $1,000/= on a monthly basis. That is alot of money even here but since they don't want their family name to be tarnished they are scrimping and saving to send him the money. I heard this story and I was happy that my family is as simple as it is. But once again I have to say this, when people in Africa send those e-mails and go to Moneygram to collect their cash they should know that money out here doesn't come easy at all! My college room-mate once told me how a pal from back home once had the audacity to send him his bank account number and routing number asking for my ex roomie to send him money since it was some holiday of sorts, needless to say my ex-roomie deleted his contacts and blocked him on e-mail very very fast.

I was reading this story and I am not surprised at how stupid some people can get. How do you expect to send drugs via DHL and not get busted. Anyway the less said about that, the better.
The human condition is indeed baffling to say the least...........
ps: For some reason or other I didn't allow comments on this article, must be the Monday Morning Malaise striking full force!