Friday, December 22, 2006

Mozilla Mangled My Musings

Mozilla hung with today's post so I am going to keep things brief. For some reason I have not been seeing as many christmas decorations as last year, that's great! At least some people are using their brains.

You all know that I am a good fan of beef. Well it seems after Donald Trump decided to pardon the current Miss America for her indiscretions and let her keep her crown citing second chances, Rosie O'donnel was not amused. She tore Donald Trump a new one on her show, The View. She said he has no business being a judge of morality since he has been unfaithful to women he has been with, has been bankrupt and is a "snake oil" salesman.
Needless to say he hit back! All the video needs is "Ether" by Nas playing in the background!

Have any of you heard Nameless' new song Karibia? Why is it as the musical arrangement that Nameless uses gets better, his lyrics get worse? How in the world does your song have a lyric going "Mahamjam zinapanda,mahamjam nikikuona,mahanjam zinapanda." At this rate his nephews and nieces will be writing his next lyrics. I know I sound like a hater but you know I'm being real.

I was looking at this picture from Scott Storch's birthday party. Dude always looks like he is isn't quite right upstairs but that isn't the subject. Do you see the chic on the far right? For all intents and purposes, she is naked. That brings me to the theory of the day, in hip hop land; women's amount of clothing is inversely porportional to the amount of clothing the men wear.

Anyway have a happy holiday and don't get too buckwild!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hard Faces, Hard Choices, Hard Reading and Hard Hitting Viewing

Once in a while when the mood strikes me, I like to listen to and watch dancehall videos. One interesting thing struck me. The women who sing have great bodies but their faces as are as hard as granite. Some of those women look like they could stare down a statue. Think I am kidding? Look at Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens and Cecile (okay she doesn't look that hard most of the time). It also made me realise how much Redsan jacks from ragga musicians.

Moving on, we men know that if you go out with a hot gyal (sorry couldn't resist) that you have to lay down your seniority or the vultures will swoop in. The thing is that for girls it is at most time so subtle that I wonder how women deal with it. My sister told of her disgust at how she went out with this guy once. The dude is one of those people who arent that good looking but know how to dress and seem to ooze money and machismo (love that word!). So whenever he goes out usually women give him the once over.
Anyway, my sister was out with him for the day when at one shop, this fly chic starts giving him the come hither look and running her had slowly through her $500 weave; lucky for her he wasnt interested. They get to where they were going to have coffee and another chic goes to the extent of turning her chair (she was in the table parallel to them) to face them. She then started giving those non-verbal cues for interest that women give men when they are interested. Needless to say my sister was kinda livid. You see you cant go around whupping women for doing things like that (okay you can but you'll be wearing an orange jumpsuite for sometime). How do you ladies out there deal with this kind of thing?

There is this blog that I came across the other day that made me say, "who gif dem a keyboard and computer? Me mind tyad after 30 mins an me kyant read no more. Dis blog is bloodclat and de writer a bombaclatt."
Okay I'm going to lay off the ragga videos and that blog. I know I got into beef with some people for saying that some blogs could be better, but I do think that these same bleeding hearts would agree with me if they read it. But anyway this is a free blogoshphere so I just won't read that blog unless I am in a masochistic mood.

Sorry Movie Buff and co, after seeing reviews for Rocky Balboa; I have decided that I am going to see it. I will tell you how it was!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Some People + The End Of An Era

The bumming days are here! Let me enjoy them before January checks in and I have to get off my ass.

On Saturday night I went out with my sis and 3 of her pals to a lounge in ATL. I don't go out to clubs all that much because of the sheer dregs of humanity you encountered. I met two exemplary cases. The other 2 guys we were with had dread locks, yes not locs like me; in fact there were quite a few people with locks and dread locks at that joint. We were kidding that maybe it was somewhere in the small print of the invite. Anyway this tipsy white dude starts making small talk with the two dudes, he at one point told them that they look like Milli Vanilli. He further on went to say that he doesn't talk to black people often but he's not scared of them or anything (sounds like the I have black friends defense if you ask me), I knew those two dudes were nice because they didn't call him out or anything. I think God has a plan for me because he never sends such idiots my way, I would have called him out real soon, real fast! But on the plus he did buy us Yeager Bombs. His pal was another piece of work! One of the dudes we were with has a thing for asian chics (yes, the black man - asian woman connection). So he says how hot he finds them and the other white dude goes on to say how much he loves them and how shagging them makes him feel like he has a big dick. Needless to say I was like free drinks be damned! I walked away. If these are the idiots I am going to meet in clubs, let me chill at digs or go for bashes with people who can handle their drink and keep their bigoted opinions to themselves.

Moving on! It's official! My days in the 'ville are now over! I am now a refugee until I get my own place. No more books, lectures and papers to write. In some way it is anti-climatic. I guess it will only hit me when I walk in May, that I am done. I got an A in another class to balance out my C in Quantitative Analysis, so the grades are safe! All in all, it wasnt that bad. I want to thank all of you who gave me encouragement when I was sick and tired of the whole school gig, my friends, family and last but not least; the big Guy upstairs! Now life moves on and I joint the adult world (shivers).

Happy Monday All!