Monday, December 22, 2008

Operation Mtandao And Other Stories..........

Long time no hear people! It's been a while since I blogged, but a hiatus is always in order I think. Anyway I was reading this article from the Nation and it was such pure comment gold I had to blog about it.

A survey at a top boy’s school entitled Operation Mtandao indicated that 80 per cent of the 60 secondary school students queried use the Internet for entertainment and socialising, including looking at what they described as pornography.

A survey at a top Nairobi girls’ school entitled Prison Break found that 87 per cent of the students would sneak out at night to go to clubs or to meet their boyfriends.

Another entitled Shag is now the Hug found that 36 per cent of the girls had already had their first sexual experience, while three quarters of them were now sexually active.

Due to editorial constraints I feel it is my obligation to inform you that several other surveys and studies were left out. These include;

1. Blow job is the new hand shake
2. Anal sex is now the new missionary
3. Herpes cold sore is the new pimple
4. Fisting is the new hand clap
5. Cunnilingus is the new massage

Please feel free to leave the names of other studies I may have missed in the comments at the end of the post.

I've also been gathering steam to blog about work which is turning more and more into a page from Dilbert with each day that passes. Case in point would be how staff in my Department got tired of being sent out meeting requests via Outlook which my Head of Department would then reschedule and send again and again. You could answer an invite for a meeting 3 different times due to his puttering around his schedule. Of course people got tired of that and didn't always answer the invites. So come meeting time he would have to go to people's offices in person and remind them about the meeting. Needless to say a Team Meeting was called about that and we were told to check our invites diligently, I almost wanted to tell him that he needs to spend less time fooling around with Outlook; but we both know I have bills to pay so that wasn't happening.

Anyway you know how it is when you get back on the bike, you can't ride too long before your legs begin to hurt and your crotch feels like hell; so I'll let this post end here.

Have a great Monday.....