Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tell me this.....

Last night I went to a lounge/club with my sister and her pals.I usually don't do clubs at all but seeing as it was Spring break and it would be quite sometime till they see me again I decided to bite the bullet.The place we went to was really laid back and the crowd wasn't too large.I think they had all gone to Savannah for the St Patrick's parade or something.
But there are some chics who shocked me.These two gals were clubbing wearing their bra,undies,glitter and some gold body paint.They were a couple of feet away from us but I hadn't noticed till I saw people milling around that area so I took a look.First thing that came to mind was how they got in dressed or rather undressed like that?I think they must have come in wearing overcoats or something.If they were trying to make a statement, what was it?I know that dressing is a form of self expression but I am at odds to know what the deal was with them.
I remember a long time back when women were not so explicit in their dressing.Nowadays so little is left to the imagination.I remember in uni the gals who got the most attention from guys were those who usually dressed prim and proper (no not like school marms) when during dinners or so they would unleash the little black dress.This was because they showed a sexiness to them that people had never seen so guys were left wanting more.But when on the other hand you always have your chest and ass hanging out, we get tired of seeing the good real fast and they lose long term value (but they still rock for quick thrills!).Come to think of it, girls please tell me this; does your chest feel the cold when you walk around with half your cleavage hanging out?I once was bored (dont ask me how this came to mind) and I decided to walk around with my top 3 shirt buttons open ala 70's style.It just felt windy and kind of uncomfortable.Or does cleavage generate heat?Same thing goes for the legs and thighs, I have been to Carni and seen chics in minis while I have been freezing in my jeans and sweatshirt.In fact I have come up with this theory; the amount of womens' flesh covered by clothing in a club is inversely porpotional to the amount of mens' flesh covered by clothing in a club.
btw:Why oh why oh why do some gals still insist on looking for boyfriends in clubs?I'm not saying that you won't find some good men in the club, but the thing is that most men go to the club to drink,hang out and get laid not to look for wifeys.Plus many of the men with focus and drive (like me!) don't go to clubs often.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Relaxing music....

TGIF!Although I wonder why I should be thankful when in actuality I have been on spring break?Anyway the great thing about being free is that I get to add even more music to my MP3 player.I have so much now that I have been making playlist after playlist to make things easier.
Anywayhow a few posts back I let you all know the hard stuff I listen to.Now here is some of the lastest stuff that I listen to when I want to relax or I am meditating over something.
1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack

This is a beautiful soundtrack that echoes the sadness of the movie.Very little percussion in this soundtrack but it is filled with Asian instrumentation, Romantic cello solos and a touching theme song.For me the outstanding track is the one at the end of the movie when the girl jumps off the mountain (farewell)


This was another great movie and so was the soundtrack that was the work of Tan Dun (Crouching Tiger) and it blends opera and movie score wonderfully.The ancient chinese instruments are a welcome treat to the ear from the usual western instruments we are used to.I am yet to settle on a favourite track as I got hold of it rather recently.

3.House of Flying Daggers

Unfortunately I am yet to watch this movie, netlfix have sent it to my apartment but I'm not there right now so I'll have to wing it for now.The score to this movie was composed by Shigeru Umebayashi.And I must say that so far I am enjoying it greatly.Stay tuned for a more detailed critique!
Honorable mention:- Braveheart soundtrack,Titanic movie score,Gladiator score,Romeo and Juliet score.
ps:You see I have such wide ranging taste in music!
pps:Hey babe!It was great talking to you!Even though you left me hanging, you'll hear my voice when you least expect it!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More pics.....

Feeling to lazy to type so ya'll have to make due with these....

Driving past Mocha's digs after the orgy.Her digs is the white house

Some church in ATL

I actually do read those books!And yes that is Toss from home my mum made me carry it!

It took 70 tries but at least I got one right!

I guess they got left behind during the march

The Beluga whale!

fish food being grown

More pretty fish!

Some pretty fish!(yes that is a pathetic caption but what to do?)

Rays at the aquarium, kinda leathery to touch

The state Capital (at least I remembered something!)

Atlanta Underground (another tourist trap, go there once and once only!This was my second time there, blech!!!)

The wonderful world of Coke (can someone say money pit?)

I know this is infront of some famous place but whenever it gets cold my mind shuts down among other things

Keeping it undercover...

Oh my God!If my boyfriend was one of them I would laugh him out of the house!

Today I want to tell you a short story......
John's girlfriend calls it a pathetic habit.She thinks it's the preserve of men who can't integrate in society, people with too much free time, people who have mental problems and no lives at all, freaks she calls them.Whenever she launches into her tirade about it John pretends to empathise, nods his head and laughs at her sardonic jokes.But deep in his heart he has always been one of them but does just enough to look,sound and act like everyone else.When he sees them in the mall or at the store he ignores their conversations even though deep inside he wants to join in and share his passion.When he sees the adverts on television he forces himself to look away or changes the channel so fast that his girlfriend doesn't know what is going on.
John waits for when he knows his girlfriend has left for work or gone to her friends' houses so he can indulge himself.He makes sure that the doors are locked and then he goes into the closet in the spare room.He keeps it hidden deep behind the old clothes and magazines that he knows his girlfriend wont bother with.He takes it out of it's box and stares at it longingly while running his had over its smooth curves.He plugs it into a power outlet and as it warms up he reaches down touches his joystick, feels it vibrating with anticipation and then he smiles to himself.
Yes it's exactly what you thought!John is video gamer on the down low if that is not what you thought then you need to get your mind out of the gutter!
ps:I must give compliments to msanii for the inspiration that led to this post even though thanks to him and Akiey I have no work to show in terms of the term papers I was supposed to by doing after sitting on a comp for two hours in the dead of the night!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Seems yesterday's post about Kenyans touched on alot of things that many people think about but don't say.Only problem is that with a post that thought provoking is that it's hard to come up with something as good.I was going to post something about how The Acolyte expresses his love and share some x-file but luckily logic prevailed!
At the moment I am disenchanted with school. I feel that the course that I am doing does very little towards helping me meet my personal and career goals. Truth be told I originally wanted to master in Public Health but when I looked for school I couldn't get any that offered immediate funding and when my present school offered funding for me in another public discipline I jumped at the offer. Don't get me wrong I am learning quite a bit but I already know that the bulk of my learning will have to be done on my own via research and consultation with my Profs as I feel the overall course isn't in line with my needs.I could take the whole policy analysis and management route but I don't want to turn into one of those people who just read through loads of papers and stats then go to seminars to discuss them (even though I wouldnt mind the U.N salary that comes with it). I would rather be into project management,monitoring and evaluation but that is only offered in one course while policy and bureaucracy is a major part of the courses here.When it took me almost 2 weeks to do a take home I knew to some point I was treading water and my heart was not into it, so after the break I am going to do what I usually do; dig in,concentrate and work my ass off whether I like it or not!
Anyway that gets me to wondering whether University is that neccesary unless you are going to work in a specialised field like medicine,I.T, engineering etc.Don't get me wrong University is a great place to go and widen one's horizons and get a take on the direction one's life should take but when it comes to cash and jobs there is loads of cash to be made in the trades and entrepreneurship.I met a House Inspector who is paid $275 for each house he inspects before it is sold and he said that he can do 3 houses or so.He says he knows some unscrupolous folk who do more by merely driving past the house and giving it a clean bill of health so they can drive by more houses and make more cash.The thing with Uni is that most of the time is that it just prepares people to be good employees and not innovators and in the case of many U.S unis they aren't even doing that well as a survey showed that 40% of graduands had communication skills that were very wanting.
Anyway I think If I do manage to get a good job when I graduate that I will go back to school for a second Master's in Public Health ie behaviour change and other areas of Public Health are more socially oriented as my undergrad was not in medicine.Other then that it's time I got back to the grindstone as I have no business complaining.So many other Kenyans here are working their asses off so they can stay in school and here I am making a complete meal out of things.
ps:That is not a photo of me!It's just one from my photo bank!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Enough Kenyans already!

The Acolyte's feet relax after a long day at the Atlanta Aquarium

I have spent two long weekends with Kenyans and I have decided that I am taking a break from Kenyans for the next 2 months after noticing some things:
1.Why is everyone in everyone's business? - What's this whole thing about so many Kenyans out here wanting to find out who you are,where you are from, where you live, what you do, who you are dating, how much you make, what you drive, where you club and wanting to spread it all over the place?One of my Kenyan gal pals has just dumped a pal of her's for good because this mama was always going around talking crap about her to other people and it would always get back to her.It really irritates me that I can be more open to an American pal about what my plans are as oppossed to my own Kenyan bros and sisters coz if someone isnt going to spread it they will instead torpedo that plan.
2.What's the big deal with tribe? - I got kinda tired of hearing about this gal and mluhya wake or John and his kuyo dame.That and being asked what tribe I am or what language I speak.I think the fact that we are all Kenyans should be enough for a start.It wasnt that bad back home as far as I remember.I know some people here who date on tribal lines only.
3.What's up with gold digging gals? - I will say this now.Not all Kenyan chics are gold diggers!But with what I noticed and heard I am pretty skeptic.I overheard chic talking about how they never pay on dates and that how if they are to live with a man it is his repsonsibilty to handle all the bills.Another group of chics also asked me why so many men nowadays are so unwilling to help girls with their bills and how stingy men have become nowadays.Then some other chics talk about how they need to get some boyfriends who can help them pay their school fees.I mean first of all life here isn't easy for us guys too so most of us dont have that extra cash to burn, it's hard enough to maintain yourself without adding someone else to the mix plus ladies what is it exactly that you do to merit a guy breaking his back out there like that; as most of these chics who were talking were not superfly, super intelligent or have sterling character traits. So it seems that me with my one horse carriage and farm house will not be getting much love soon.
4.What's up with twenging for Kenyans? - I know that some white folk out here dont understand you unless you roll your Rs and soften your Ts, but why tweng for your fellow Kenyans?What gets my goat is that these twengs aren't original ie private school tweng but some whackass inconsistent twengs with shrubs thrown in.If you're going to fake it do it right plus we still understand you if you talk the way you used to back home!
5. What's up with the class issues? - One thing that I have noticed is that there seem to be 3 groups of Kenyans out here.First of all there is the group that is reffered to as mabarbie, these are the kids from moneyed families and their groupies.The speak english all the time, no swahili or venacular.The don't go to Kenyan joints and only go for bashes thrown by 2kat and only go for Kenyan gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year.Second group is wenye mtaa, these are those folks from the east side of Nai and similar joints.These are the folk who never miss Kenyan joints, go to as many Kenyan bashes as possible and talk swahili/sheng/venacular whenever and wherever.Plus they do as little as possible to fit in most of the time.Third group is the country folk aka wa ocha.These are the folk who are dissed that they only saw Nai when they were going to the airport.The people tend to keep to their own and are rarely seen at Kenyan bashes.I once went to a bash one of them was having (my aunt has some as roomies) and I must say that it is interesting when a bash consists of food, soda and joy bringers/happy days kind of music!At least I had a nice meal and no hangover the next day!The most interesting thing is that my brother and sisters belong in one group and I fit in well with both groups (sheng folk and english weng folk) .As usual Aco refuses to be boxed in!
6.What's with the Melrose Place drama? - I have heard of countless stories of love triangles, volatile people, men and women beating on each other etc.Some I get to see first hand with how some of my Kenyan pals live.I would rather stay in my farmhouse all year then go to the big city and get into a relationship with a chic where rows,abuse (physical and mental) and infidelity are the order of the day!ps: That reminds me of the way one of my Kenyan pals knew his current mama when she had a man but vowed she would be his even though she had initially refused his advances.The boyfriend at the time knew this guy was interested but he was swept away, ironic thing is that my pal really mistreats this mama at times ie last Sunday but I dont have the time to type what went down.
7. What's the deal with the self destruction? - I have heard so so many stories of people dropping out of school (even those who have school fees paid for them), becoming junkies/alcoholics, hooking up in dead end relationships etc. I think for every one person who kept the path and graduated there are like six who have fallen by the way side.
8. What's up with the envy? - Why is it when one Kenyan is doing well there are so many people willing to talk smack and find some way to pull them down in whatever way they can?I always thought that someone else's success should be a source of motivation to others?
Don't get me wrong here!I love Kenyans and love being one 220% but there are some things that dont escape my notice! So if you see a Kenyan brother/sister acting up slap them upside the head then give them them a hug!