Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Curiosity and other things.................

Reason 2032 why Aco is going to Hell - Curiosity beyond boundaries

Yesterday there was this chic who gave me a ride. I didn't know this chic that well but she gave out that, "If you talk to me nicely maybe I'll let you hit it" vibe. Even though I have been on the B-train for sometime now, I am still choosy so I kept the conversation above board. Anyway at one point she had to stop at a gas station and stepped out. So here I was, alone in an interesting person's car. What did I do? I let my curiosity get the better of me, so what I did was open her glove compartment just to take a peek and get to know her a bit better. So what do I find in there? A thong and small bottle of pills, so I looked at the pills, memorised the name of the meds and looked them up when I got home. The pills were azithromycin, one of the things that antibiotic treats is an STD in addition to innocus conditions like ear, nose and throat infections. So the question my dear friends, are the thong and the medicine mutually exclusive? Several scenarios come to mind

1. In case of any hot back seat SUV action happening, there is always the need for a fresh change of underwear and a dose of antibiotics to prevent an outbreak of a pre-existing condition.

2. In case of any hot back seat SUV action happening, no underwear is worn but just in case there is an important appointment; it's good to have some nearby. The antibiotics, a pre-emptive measure.

3. Due to quite a few thongs being lost after some hot back seat SUV action, it was always necesary to have some spare underwear handy. The antibiotics? After too much hot back seat SUV action, there have to be some consequences.

4. She bought the underwear after regular shopping but forgot it in the car, while the antibiotics are for a routine infection.

5. Underwear doesnt let the lady parts breathe but is always carried just in case, while the antibiotics were bought for a friend.

6. Someone knew I would be taking a ride with her and planted both articles in her glove compartment so as to make her look bad in my eyes.

Anyway, honestly who cares? The lesson I learned, some glove compartments are worse than handbags, you don't know what you'll find in there. Good thing I'm not going to see that chic every again.

Moving on, The MTV Video Music Awards were on yesterday. Britney Spears has completed her metamorphosis from Pop Princess to ............. I don't even have words for it. I'm sure many a dude was unable to get it up after whacking off to her poster for years after her flabby physique was seared into the minds.

The Past

The Present

In other VMA news which I know few of you care about but I will share anyway. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, two of Pamela Anderson's exes (she's the girl who was in Baywatch with the big tatties and was also in Kanye's Touch The Sky video) decided to express their differences with their fists and caused a ruckus during Alicia Keys performance. Anyway Jammie Foxx was presenting an award soon after that and left Jennifer Garner hanging as he swayed from the script. Dude might have a big ego and all but he's still got that comedian in him!

Monday, September 10, 2007


As you can all see, I have a new template, it has some few quirks I'm trying to fix but at the end of the day it beats what I had before. Keep your eyes open because what could be next could be a move to Wordpress. I've been juggling that thought in my mind and I'll get round to it when I can.

Anyway moving on, I was reading this article in the Pulse and I just realised that I have ever went for a jam session. Not that it's something to get broken up about but for so many Kenyans it was like a rite of passage of sorts. I have also never gone for Super Soul, the idea of clubbing with all of Nairobi at one venue never sat well with me. I recall my pal's tales of driving into a close to empty parking lot in Carnivore only to walk in and be hit by a sheer wave of heat from the masses of humanity within, if you didnt pre-arrange when and where to meet the last time you would see your pals if you got separated would be morning. I did go for a few Super Rocks if that's any consolation. Damn I miss clubbing in Kenya.

I was reading this article about Kenyan traders being harassed in Tanzania. This whole TZ - Kenya was used as an excuse to kick me out of KBW but now that I'm not being censored I'm going to touch on it anyway. Tanzanians time and again claim to be for inter-regional co-operation but time and again their actions say the opposite, it's like having a friend who shakes you hand with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other. Kenyans are by far very open and welcoming to foreigners at times to our own detriment (Arturs anyone?), while Tanzanians seems to be following the trail of South Africans in their fear and hate for anything that seems to threaten their nation in any way, it also doesnt help that some Kenyans were gunned down in Moshi following a robbery. I know I'm asking for too much but there is a mid point in all this that can be reached with the guidance of the respective parties in power. A man can dream can't he?

Onto other things, I was reading one of my past posts about how much I hate my job and how boring my life is at the moment and I realised that I shouldn't be complaining at all. Let's look at it this way, I came to the States and graduated in the standard time it takes to do my degree, not too many Kenyans out here can say that, to add to that yes my job may suck but at least I dont have massive debt in terms of student loans, credit cards for financing my education and of course I still have my health. So yes things may not be where I want them to be but this is only temporary, as the Hallmark card says, tough times don't last but tough people do!

I was looking at a Kenyan paper online and one thought came to mind, "The Crazy Season is here!" Yes elections are on their way when the whole paper is nothing but politics, one would think we are a nation of politicians, well if you go to any bar in Nairobi West you would think that way too. Anyway I guess I'll just take a backseat and watch the theatrics.

Happy Monday.....................