Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Fun Week Is Over.....

Sigh, it seems alot has been passing me by in the real world and blogland; I need to slow down and blog a little more about what's happening or not happening in my life. Anyway moving on....

I was on one of the many entertainment sites and came across the video below. Congratulations to our Tanzanian brothers on churning out the first African playboy Playmate!

I know as Kenyans we love English football but at times some people take things too far. I mean to hang yourself because your team loses a game?! I do get the impression that he may have had other issues going on, and that's what pushed him off the edge.

In the same vein, this video here is dedicated to Chelsea fan numero uno, Archer!

Moving on, this is a PSA to the Indian Restaurant that is at my local strip mall. You and your staff are really nice people from the 2 times that I have been to your restaurant, in fact that is why I have been their twice because you don't warrant more that 1 visit. The reason you are not making good money is not only because of the state of the economy, but also because the food you cook leaves alot to be desired. The last time I was there the food was bland as hell and it seems the chef even went out of his way to burn the naan (bread). I went online to read reviews and it seems that I am not the only one who thinks the same. So please shape up or you won't be in business much longer....

While I'm putting people on blast, I might as well add the CEO of my job to the list. In many ways the CEO of where I work would make a very good African President. Why? Let me tell you;

1. Like many African Presidents she started out with a vision of sorts but somewhere down the line she lost it.

2. Like many African Presidents, she has stayed past her sell by date.

3.Like many African Presidents she appoints people for their skills but dismisses their advice more often than not.

4. Like many African Presidents she seems blissfully delusional of her regime falling apart around her.

It's hilarious to say the least because the atmosphere at my job reminds me alot of what I experienced working with another organisation I blogged about. A workmate came to work yesterday and then 2 hours into the day she was like "screw this!" and went home under the pretext of sickness. I have around 3 weeks of sicktime piled up, so I may use some soon; oh and people spend half the time at work looking for other jobs. Leadership isn't easy I admit and when it begins to go wrong, oh the horror!

Anyway, time to catch up on what I've been missing; TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!