Friday, August 03, 2012

Guess Who?!

No excuses by my lazy ass for not posting in eons, other than life, fb and twitter.
The Olympics are here and I have to admit that I havent been paying as much attention as I can. Although I did catch that hot mess discussion that went down about Jason Dunford and bro. Peeps need to get their minds right, him being white does not make him any less Kenyan than I am esp since he is born and raised and not a transplant! Sheesh white skin causes too many issues in Africa. I have to give him props for going as far as he did.

Now onto the whole officials issue, Kenyan sports officials are notorious for using sports meets as an excuse to go gallavanting on the government tab. I had a friend when I was in school who missed going to the all African Games so that an official could go, disgusting to say the least.

Anyway it took me a while but six months back I decided to finally get out of the stone age and get a smartphone. Amazing how attached you can get to it, can't remember how I lived without all that info at my fingertips. Heck I even have a blogger app. Now to get this blog mojo back.....

So one of my fave stores Whole Foods has Crunchie!!!! Taste exactly just like home!!!!!! And yes that's whole nut up there too! #sweettooth