Wednesday, February 16, 2005


It was Valentines.I really didn't give a crap.all I did was send a suggestive vals to the frowning gal o.k she's called Anne.Got some from my mates and replied those two.Guess I am a cynic when it comes to love valentines style.For me I see love as sustained committment.You know the kind of thing that is displayed whenever possible and not only on a day to make hall-mark,interflora and other businesses happy.So this is one of those days that I feel nuthin for.The interestesting thing is that the way so many christians run around celebrating it and are ignorant of it's pagan roots.Well leave it to ppl to take what suits them and throw away the rest.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Waste of time

I went on the rave yesterday with some pals.Have u ever had a rave that was so bad that you consider never raving again?Warning:lots of rambling ahead!
Well this was one of them.
WEll u see I was to hook up with this pal i was to buy pints last week but the network was so messed up I couldn't reach him on cell.So I decide to just pop into his digs.So they tell me that they are at some other mama's digs i'm pretty easy as I see that I am making good time and will still have time to make it to see the Liverpool game.Woe unto me!
WE get to the mamas' digs and the boy is there with my other pal and the chics.One of the chics is the mama to the jamaa and I do know her from before and boy is she a slut but I play polite and so does she.Then what begins to piss me off is that this jamaa is taking forever to get ready I mean even if he was catching strokes with his gal I am not his damn cab driver.
So i have to pose for like 2 hours chatting wth these other mamas.They were not bad but they could tell I was not too amused.
So anyway I rush them and they get me when I am just about to leave and to make things worse they bring someone extra.Poor shock absorbers.So we get to the rave 2 hours late so i have missed my match and we later hook up with the big bro my pal who seems to be having some major mood swings.If you know me one thing is that i do not molly-coddle men so I try to stay out of his way.Of course
I made sure I gave his small bro a dressing down before we checked into the rave.Anyway to continue we check into the joint, 3 chics and 4 guys.At this point I am like really pissed but I play it real cool.So I'm just talking to the chics and taking it easy.there was one of the chics who was really in a bitchy mood when we were at her house but her pal convinced her to come over u know how some gals have this siamese twin thing going on.Gets really irritating and these are the same girls who are wondering why they never get any action in the clubs.Anyway that is beside the point.So my pal checks in and he seems to be in a mood and a half.He gets on my case for beer so i buy him one.So he starts saying how his life is really screwed up blah blah bullshit as there is nuthin he is really saying.Plus I do not play counsellor.
So I start playing with the head of the chic who was in a bad mood earlier though she ad loosened up a bit by then.she had a great bod but the face was I am kinda playing with her head a bit while my pal's small bro is busy trying to get with some chic as soon as her back is turned which starts the other half of the siamese twins bitching bout men and all that stuff.Oh sumthin interesting frowning gal was saying how she told sum1 that she was to be out of town but she didn't go so she was worried about a certain sum1 finding out.Well some time later when i was getting into her head this certain sum1 ceased to exist.Ah I would hate to be that man.
O.K at this point in time we are 2 crews and we have to move on so what happens is that 3 ppl in the new crew wanna go home and they do not live in the same hood as my pals so what we agree is that as we change venue is that the other 2 my pal and his neighbour will get a ride to the club we are going to and then I get them home fromt there.
So we change venues and this is where things heat up.The club was boring but one of the other guys we were with decides that he wants some he goes ahead to call some gal a bitch.She does not take kindly to it and it doesn't help that the bouncer is around so he comes to eject the pal so as he is just about to do this.I being the diplomatic one spins a tale about this bit..sorry gal stepping on his foot;so all seems sorted out?You wish I don't know what he goes ahead to tell the bouncer so he's ejected.So I go back to the bar and leave this guy to sort himself out.Anyway I am chilling with the frowning gal playing some mind games and she's just getting to close for comfort not that I was complaining though.Her second in command had disappeared and after a while so had she.So my pal checks in and starts hassling me for beer so I buy him one to shut him up,his small bro ( the guy who made me late ) is in between hanging with his gal and looking for loose strokes.After like an hour or so i get tired and want to go so I tell the small bro who looks half-way high and my pal and the other 2 guys that we leave and to follow me.So as I get upstairs we get the gals hanging with some other guys.Since I hadn't spent any k on any of 'em I realy don't mind.So they tag along.To get outside the small bro still can't be found and then as we get into the car the big bro ( my pal now former as u will see why ) starts talking shit.Stuff like I am dissing his small bro and stuff and kicks the car so I consider getting out to kick his ass but the other guys talk about letting it be so we bounced.But on the plus side things went really good with the frowning gal, we're to get together soon but according to rules it sure as hell will not be a date.all in all it was a Saturday better of forgotten.
Ps:Liverpool lost so I guess it was a shitty day all round.