Saturday, January 29, 2005

Niko gauge....

If you do keep in touch with local sounds there is this rapper called Nonini.Most of his music is eitherer about sex,women or parties.Well he has this song called keroro that extolls the heavy drinking lifestyle.Well I was at a pub on Friday night ( name with-held ) and I go to the gents and I see this guy puking his guts out in the urinal.Strange thing is that the bouncers are helping him and passing him water and stuff.Anyone who knows Kenyan bouncer know that there first course of action would be to throw you out on your ass.It's only later when me and my boys are leaving that we do see that it is him after he gets into a drunken scuffle with one of his "entourage".Well at least you could say he lives his music,but what kind of example is he giving to a our young impressionable youth ;).
Oh:I have been on the rave and drinking for two days straight.The bad thing si that it seems that my body has a high learning curve for today I ahve no hang over or symptoms yet me and the boys started drinking at like 7 on Friday night and stopped at 5.30 am Sato morning.And the bad thing is that they are some pals who want me to go have some pints with them today,to which I say a big bila!

2 days on...

So I was telling you about my boy whose chic was leaving.
the chic is from sweden and was going back to grad school
in Norway.She came to do her paper here and was affiliated to my boys organisation so he decided not to let a good thing pass.
Anyway she's gone now and my boy is both happy and sad coz one no more strokes on the tap but on the other hand he doesn't have to be with her 24-7.Anyone who has ever rolled with an odiero chic will tell you that if they are not with you they want to know where you are and with whom and that really does not jazz tha average miro jamaa.So he's back on the market to make things worse with jungu chic they really do not mind doing 50-50 bills on dates as opposed to most miro chics who expect you to pay the bill most of the time.Anyway that's one problem with Kenyan chics most of them only want equality when it suits them.Oh well you can't have it all.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Goalie Problems

Anyone of you watch the match between Man U and Chelsea on Wednesday?It was disgusting to see Chelsea beat Man U.I mean I am a complete kophead but I was rooting for Man U all the way.I mean Abramohovic has basically bought the premiereship and the ccups.Look at it this way there are 4 contenders for the title.Arsenal,Man U and the 2 Chelsea teams.Didn't the freekick that Howard made a right mess of remind you of a certain freekick Ronaldinho scored against England in the World Cup?Anyhow I have always thought he was an unstable goalie.
Otherwise my pal's gal is leaving so gotta take em to the airport.
PS:Someone tell me why women are always moaning about getting that good man then go ahead to hook up with some total bastards altogether?Ever notice some of the longest lasting relationships are the ones where the chic is being treated like crap?Women go figure.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Heat!

The weather in Nai has become unbearable!We now have this sun that just saps your strength away.The only advantage is that we do not have to deal with pot-holes turned into swimming pools that come up when it rains.
Oh a chic who broke my heart a few years back who's in the States now got in touch with me.She was a classic case of when bad women happen to good men, at least I learned that good duys finish last.
Anyway more on that later.What she managed to get paged when she was here and when she got to stato she got married to an old jamaa and they divorced within no time.So she was telling me that she is at that stage where she would like to hook up with someone she was a friend with coz this love thing don't seem to be working.Well sounds to me like she has been beat down by life.she also would really like me to visit when i go to the States for grad school but I am in no hurry.
I was discussing this with my pal.So many women say they want a "good man", what is a "good man"?I would really like to know.

Monday, January 24, 2005

damn computers

I am trying to do some stuff on the net and it is taking like forever.Isn't windows just a load of crap?All those who agree raise their hands.Oh have you heard this one?If Bill Gates had a dollar for every time Windows crashed he would be a billionaire....just wait a god-damn minute!Well just thought I would spread some laughs.