Thursday, February 10, 2005

Watch your mouth

If you follow the local news you must be aware of all the drama that has been caused by the British High Commissioners'
comments on the inabilty or rather reluctance of the government to deal with corruption.but the best side show came from
the constitutional affairs minister Kiraitu Murungi who likened to the pushing by the British government to "raping a
willing woman" and to make things worse he laughed about it ( alone though).Meaning that the government were going to
do something about it and did not need to be pushed into it.Needless to say the women were not very amused and the
following day a group from womens' rights organisations stormed into his office to demand an apology and leave a
letter of protest.Of course the wise chap was not there.We'll wait and see how this press.He a
pologised one day later.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A long road ahead

The Kenyan football team Harambee Stars were whipped 5-1 by Morocco this week.People ask me why I watch the U.K premier leaguw and that match could say more then 10000 words.
I mean after seeing the way the second goal was conceded by the goalie committing a school boy error.He let a simple shot slip through his hands into the goal I said enuff was enough and got back to what I was watching on telly.
Kenya's soccer development is like 20 something years behind our European and even North African mates due to rampant corruption and poor management.Kenyans have this annoying habit of politicising everything as even soccer elections are political affairs with M.Ps throwing their lot in with various contenders.
Well at least I get to see Everton hit by Chelsea
this weekend!

Monday, February 07, 2005


Ahhh sometimes Kenyans just make me feel sick despite the fact that I am one of them.I was called for a jobo interview by an insurance company for the post of Executive Market Outreach Official.sounds fancy doesn't it?II tought the same thing too.SO I had tpo get up really early put on a shirt and tie.I get there and it turns out that it's a fucking sales job!I hate sales jobs besides I have better skills.I almost reached across the table to slap the mathee interviewing me.But I guess she too knew after looking at my c.v that sales was not my bag of chips.I think they got my contacts from one of these job seeking websites around.I think i will look at all the SITES I have signed up to and change the info.Well gotta go work on my portfolio.


Got home at like 6 a.m. and had to get up like at 10 coz I was getting visitors from shags namely my grandad.WELL that was like the longest 3 hours of my life.Guess a generation gap does that at times.Also add to the fact that I am having my first hangover of the year so i also feel like shit and I am supposed to be having an interview tommorow.Damnn now i remember why I toned down on the pints.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Met some pals of mine on sato and we decided to go for some pints and the rave.One of the pals i was meeting had been at the joint since one.You've got to give some people marks.Our Swedish pal was also coming.Anyway we got to talking and one pf my other pals' chic pals introduced herself to him and crushed me off.Not that i wanted to talk to her.But it got me to telling him the way here her has like 50% of the work done before he even talks to a mama but he told me what he gets is usually 150% worse then what i get which does make sense as the chics who would go for him are usually after only one thing.
At the hanyee met another mama i used to be in colle with tried to get my groove on but she was with her pal who was abit high and had just met a jamaa so she had to look afer her so i could not derail.shoulda carried a crow bar with me.