Thursday, March 31, 2005


I was just thinking about the human condition the other day.You know how we are as ppl.Anyway it never fails to amaze me the stupid things we do because of this thing called free will.If you read Bill Clinton's autobio, he is asked why he had a fling with Monica and his answer was because he could.Men have destroyed their lives with no regard to the ultimate cost.Evil men indulge their slightest whim for small satisfactions while accepting the fate of burning in hell.
Anyway as of publication I am wondering wether that Terry Schiavo woman will still be alive.It still galls me the nerve of those christian fundamentalists riling against her being taken off the feeding tube.The parents and their fellow Bible thumpers presume that playing God only requires them to play the part of the fluffy loving God who does only good and nothing else.When they decided to extend her life in her vegetative state they took over God's role as she surely would have died.If you decide to take over giving life know that one day you will have to take it away.
God himself does not banish sorrow and grief in His world.Much as He gives life He also takes it away.These people cannot presume that they can create a better world then God Himself!

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