Friday, March 11, 2005

Would you do it cont...

Earlier I had posted something about if you were abroad would you marry a citizen if your time was running down.To add fuel to the fire you really did not love this person?It seems harsh from whichever side you look at it coz you are using this other person but on the other hand maybe you have nothing to come back here to, so you have to do what ever is needed to survive.
And the worst thing with odieros is that they fall in love and they fall in love hard.I guess that is why they go psyko when they are dumped.While on the other hand I know many Kenyan couples married that is who are not in love and most probably never really were but are really comfortable together.Not to say that we do not fall in love, we do but we do not place as much on it as odieros do we tend to be more pragmatic about things.
Anyway besides that life is hard and when you are an economic refugee you need to survive.And yes the life you may be living there might not be much much better then your life here but at least you are gauranteed a roof over your head.
Would I do it?Maybe.....but I would find it very hard to live with myself but on the other hand you could learn to love the person as with the new rules many countries have you would have to be together for a few years at least.
Anyway keep the comments coming

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DownUnder said...

We know enough Kenyans overseas who've succumb to the proverbial anchor simply to legitimise their existance in that foreign nation. On a personal note, I knew more than I can count on two hands.

Its a funny thing though, in my early days overseas, I quickly judged these to be mere parasites but, now that I'm a seasoned campaigner, I've learnt that in many cases, the relationship has been that of a symbiotic nature. Both parties gained somewhat and in many instances resulted in small offspring running around claiming Kenyan heritage.

Would I do it? Only for love..heck, thats why I'm down under.