Friday, April 22, 2005

How low would you go?

In my everyday life as i hustle i do get to interact with AIDS n.g.o.s and people who work in them.People think it is easy money but not anymore.It is a very big cake but you get none unless you are well connected.So new comers have a hard time.
The new gold mine is n.g.o.s for Gays and Lesbians, yes fags have lots of cash.What a woman I know did is contact some of those parties and met them at the Hilton.she said she was starting one of those.To maker her proposal seem more authentic she carried along her pal and they were a lovey dovey lesbo couple infront of the odieros.So yes they did get some cash but as for them runnning the n.g.o openly I do not see that happening as Gay and Lesbian activity is illegal here.How low would you go to get some cash?Would you be someones bitch or go butch?