Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stupid Question of the Day

If you were in a lift that was in freefall and you jumped just before it hit the ground would you die?These were the kind of questions I used to ask as a kid.Don't u miss being a kid when you really had no big wories and when the furthest day was tommorrow.Remind me a Family was on there way to the coast when 1 hour into the trip the kid goes,"are we there yet?"To which the Dad answers no, the question is asked several times much to the Dad's chagrin.So he turns to the kid and says "We'll be there at night!"A few minutes later the kid asks, "Is it night yet?"
Oh with the Pope's passing I will dedicate one to all Catholics.
Murphy and Tom two staunch catholics are sitting on the street opposite the local whore house discussing how morals have gone down in the world today.When they see a Rabbi walking down the street and into the whorehouse.
"A shame," Murphy says.
"Yes a shame,"says Tom.
A few minutes into their beers a Baptist Minister walks into the whore house and they exchange the same words.
A half hour later they see their priest walk into the whorehouse.
"Oh my,must be the girls day for confession,"goes Murphy.

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