Friday, June 10, 2005


A few months back I was giving a lift to the pal of a gal I was meeting for coffee.Anyway she was one of these church gals and a single mum to boot although the events did not occurr in that order if you know what I'm sayin'.
Anyhow I was asking her bout herself and she tells me that she is looking for a new house and I ask her where.She says in Westlands and I ask her why,she says so it's near her kid's school.Me being the fool I am ask her the school and she starts going on and on about her kid.What really got me is when she said " You have never lived till you have had kids."
At that point I turned off and put my mind in free though she thought I was still listening.
What I find interesting is that statement is much like going to a poor man and telling him that his life is unlived without wealth.There are very few things in this life that experiencing makes your life full.Also how does such a basic biological function completely validate your life, could we say that the level of living expands with the number of children so are those with bigger families having a better life.In that case pigs who have like 50 kids per year have a better quality of life.To add to this who says what gives your life validation does so to others?I mean I could say that you have never lived until you have experienced a spiritual break-thru.But my point is that what makes your life worth living may not be the same for someone else.By the way not to talk smack why do so many single mums use their kids to cover up the fact that some of their plans are down the drain.this is the party line, "I do not regret having ......" place brat's name there.Well you had your kid good for you but please admit that there are things in your life you have had to give up,unless you got married and have family support.
That's my rant for today........

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