Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sense or nonsense

The Kenyan government has decided to make a move to combat underage drinking that makes no sense whatsoever.They have decided to ban the advertising of alcohol on all media.The move has not been implemented though, it is still being discussed.
The quesion is that banning advertising will do little to stop adults or minors drinking.In fact the most consumed forms of alcohol are those brewed informally such as chang'aa,busaa,toyvo and other forms which you may have heard of.These comprise of 60% of the alcohol consumed locally.Also information is not the issue it is access anyone under the age of 18 can buy beer,I had a gal who used to send her 6 year old for morning pints to beat the hangovers.And has the government thought of how it will make up for the shortfall in revenue and loss of jobs if advertising is banned in this falling economy?
Another move made with good intentions but bad results.Since the brewers will not take this lying down let's wait and see how it goes.

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spicebear said...

this is another case of our society burying its head in the ground. they are yet to com up with legislation that ensures underage drinkers dont have access to alcohol. and the existing ones are yet to be enforced. they need to get to the real root of the problem and adverts are not it.