Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Good Riddance

So it's official now Steven Gerrard is severing his ties with Liverpool.Well what makes it all the more interesting is that he has given no concrete reason whatsoever for wanting out.He says he was disappointed at the speed at which negotiations began well LFC tried to sit him down 3 times earlier and he said no.He talks about a training ground spat with Rafa.Which player does not have training ground spats.Then he goes ahead to have his agents SFX splash crap about LFC all over the broadsheets and tabloids.He talked about success what success is bigger then the CL?It seems due to bad advice from his agent and being married to a typical footballers wife have lead to this.He forgets that there is no club where he will get the love that he gets at LFC and that kind of fan that is found nowhere else but at Anfield.
Well LFC survived Owen and came out stronger and so we will do the same with Gerrard.No one man is greater then the club.Don't let the door hit you on the way out Stevie

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