Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ego, Bile and Other Things........

Is it me or are Americans the most confident people with low self esteem that you come across? Yes that sounds like a paradox so let me explain. Most Americans you meet come across as very confident and somewhat cocky people but when you get to know them better you discover that is a thin veneer covering alot of discontentment and insecurity. Think I am wrong? Then why are cosmetic related industries multi billion dollar earners? Also look at the sales of products meant to boost someone's esteem and standing ie luxury cars, accesories, liqours etc; sadly are usually bought more by people who aspire to pass for rich than those who are rich, so much so there are Jaguars that are sold here without lots of the extras and features that make them as costly as they are in the UK so that someone can say the drive a Jaguar. Anyway that's life in the "developed" world for you!

Since some people out there decided amongst themselves that the Acolyte is a sexist, misogynist and all that other good stuff; let me give them some more ammo. I was reading one of the many blogs I lurk on when I came across this jewel about a woman and her attitude. Please note I did not write was comes below! It is from someone else's blog!

What a little bit of beauty brings... I've made a few posts about how unattractive or ugly women are still very demanding and feel superior to men. There's always somebody telling me that women above a 7 on a 10 point scale are even worse - even more demanding, insulting, and arrogant.
Well, let's take a look at one photobucket user's account. These are all pictures from the same account.

( He posted her pic here )

Yup, even just not being a total fugly lardass entitles women to be total -censored-. The funny thing is that the first three images could probably be found on millions of myspace webpages, blogs etc. Women think that just by possessing the "right" organs, they can be as bitchy as they want and men will be all over them no matter what.

What cracked me up were the comments!

Rob Fedders said...

Oddly enough, if a guy walked around with the attitude that this bitch has, he would soon find himself eating knuckle sandwiches.

It is really an odd "herd mentality" amongst ALL women that enables them to behave this way without OTHER WOMEN keeping them in line.

Guys keep other guys in line. Why can't women keep women in line?

Panzer said...

"Oddly enough, if a guy walked around with the attitude that this bitch has, he would soon find himself eating knuckle sandwiches. "

You got that right, esecially when one goes around with a "What the fuck are you looking at" look on their face, just like the one she has in that picture.

Pete Patriarch said...

"You got that right, esecially when one goes around with a "What the fuck are you looking at" look on their face, just like the one she has in that picture."

Funny thing is, she was probably trying to look attractive in that picture! Can't make a bulldog smile, no matter how hard you try.

I don't know what the rest of you think but I thought that whole post and the comments were as funny as hell!

Moving on, my niece has been undergoing some sort of breakdown; if I didn't know it I would say she is either pregnant or is having menopause. She has been having mood swings and has been crying for hours for inexplicable reasons. She's only 4, it must be the hormones they put in the food or something, they grow up so fast.

Oh well, time to go; I have to take a flight to a third world country and perpetuate the Patriarchy or do something just as heinous as some people would expect me to do; like clubbing seals or urinating in a fresh water spring somewhere. Cheers!


farmgal said...

will be back to read

Klara said...

I loved readin this! I love tha argurment!

mocha said...

touching base thanks to mashada!

holla usual spot!

The truth said...

You can all thank me for the advice i gave kobaya on mashada. The era of monopolies on kenyan blogs is over.the biz of people ringa ringaring because tyhey think they can control kenyan blogs is over and dead .Acolyte enjoy the new agregator and its superior reaching power being the 3 largest website in east africa.

the balance of power has changed

Movie Buff said...

Don't forget plastic surgery......... {in reference to low self-esteem}

Farmgal said...

interesting read!

Majonzi said...

self esteem is a strange thing... most of the time, arrogant and loud people have the worst esteem-- its the easiest way for them to hide.

this country invests too much in physical aesthetics... its pathetic.

>d® said...

How about you take a piss in the public swimming pool? *snicker*

Seriously tho, I agree; there's nothing as unattractive as a haughty female. Not even physical beauty can cover it up.

And keep speaking your mind dawg. Pay no attention to those fools out there.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
@ klara
Good to hear that!
@ mocha
I just found out after visiting their new site
@ the truth
No wonder coz for sometime I have been trying to get through the feed but nothing doing, yes this is a greater channel for readers
@ majonzi
To be frank I did find it shocking how people here are more often than not trying to prove a point to other people.
Yes billions are spent on appearances.
@ >d
Yes that was my point, haughtiness is a complete turn off!
I will keep on talking, now to go pee in the YMCA pool!

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
If you arent satisfied with who you are, I doubt putting plastic in you will make things better!

Prousette said...

The bigger the gadgets the bigger the issues they have to cover up. Just my theory re: esteem issues.

perpetuate patriarchy away LOL.

egm said...

Low self esteem sure explains much of the madness seen around the US. Mpaka at times you are happy not to have as much as the guy with all that bling, but bila happiness and security in self.

You get in wit yo bad self pollutin the world in your patriarchy spreading endeavours!

aegeus said...

With the amount of cosmetic surgery make up, prestige products etc in the states i wonder what kind of society places such high value on appearances. Looks being more than substance.

I remember doing a post - too late in the night to search - about prima donnas and the relation to their looks. The gall!

Girl next door said...

You've summed up the paradox on Americans well. The obsession with aesthetics cuts across all ages, genders, and classes. Things considered luxuries elsewhere are part of everyday life in the States. People place too much value on image.

A bad attitude doesn't flatter anyone. Women don't keep each other in check unless they're friends.

Lola Gets said...

"You've summed up the paradox on Americans well."

Recently, I came to realize that I suffer from this as well. I’m very sensitive, and in an effort to keep from being hurt, I put up a whole lot of bluster. Very seldom do I allow people to see the "real me." Problematic? Definitely. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out another way of being.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Low self esteam is the reason so many Americans are in debt.