Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Moanings Part XIII

Yeah yeah I know I have been MIA for a minute now. No excuses other than my life has gotten into a very predictable routine. Thanksgiving has come and gone, I have been off work since Wed afternoon so getting back into the grind is going to be difficult to say the least!

There were loads and loads of bashes that went on this Thanksgiving. I don't know how many of you came down to ATL for the bashes. I would like to get an honest opinion, which bashes were better? The Takeover DJs or 2kat? As regards this issue I am split, I vote for Takeover DJs in terms of music but when it comes to venues 2kat comes out on top. When it comes to crowds, 2kat has a more mature but yet "snobbish"; what do I mean? Well with a 2kat bash when you walk in, it's like you've checked into the local; everyone seems to know each other and you feel like a visitor. Takeover DJs on the other hand seems to have a more diverse crowd, so it's a bit easier to mingle with the crowd. I got to watch Hardstone do a surprise performance during one of the Takeover DJ bashes and that was a nice blast from the past, the only beef that I had is that on Friday night I think that the Bamboo or whoever it was who was to perform must have done their thing after 4 am because I left at 4 am and he hadn't performed. But at least on Saturday they planned well because Jua Cali performed by 2 am, I have to give him marks for the energy he has and his ability to work the crowd but I wasn't too thrilled with the use of playback tracks and such but I do know it would have been a stretch for him to get a live band and practice with them so that's cool. I did get some video via my cell phone, nothing to write home about though so I think I need to invest in a camcorder pretty soon. The next big thing is Miami for the New Year but I think I'll give that a pass, I'll do L.A Sevens instead. Back to real life now I guess.

I was reading this article in the Herald Tribune about the roots of the 35 hour work week in France and how it's proposed abolishment is causing a lot of drama in France. I now work a 35 hour work week and I must say it is heavenly. It is amazing how much more relaxed you are when you have 5 extra hours to yourself every week. I do know the French issue extends far past 5 hours a week but I do think that America needs to consider experimenting with a 35 hour work week, here most people are over worked, under paid and stressed to the core!

In other news I need some advice. Currently I'm living with my immediate fam (it always makes for fun and games) but our lease is expiring next year and it highly looks likely that everyone is going their own way. Which is good for me because I have been yearning to get a place I can call my own. But now here is the clincher, to get a room mate or not to get a room mate? Both come with their own pros and cons, you see if you have a room mate the costs go down considerably esp rent because here they rob you blind when you get a one room apartment but on the other hand getting someone you can live with is a headache and it is hard for me because I've been in the ATL area for less than a year so I'm not in the mix with people as such, you see I'd rather move in with someone I know than a complete total stranger. What also makes it more interesting is choosing an Apartment complex isn't easy because some places here are either in bad areas, have horrible residents, too ghetto, too expensive and have pathetic service or a combination of any of those; if you don't believe me go visit Apartment ratings. Anyway let me know what you think, I still have time to plan.

Now back to the grind..........


Aizoh said...

I vote you get a room mate. By the way,I know this nice young Kenyan girl in the ATL area....

Bomseh said...

I wudn't advice you to get a female room mate. They come with more cons.

bryjoe said...

roomies have a lot of issues...and its harder to stand them since they are not famo...i had a roomate once who irritated the crap out of me...messy
(had to clean after her) bringing different jamaas home and having very loud sex...did i mention she kept forgetting her keys and i'd have to let her in in the middle of the night then not be able to sleep again....and the worst for me was her helping herself to my colognes and shower gels....

but am guessing you are a no nonsense kinda guy you'll make it just fine :)

Kagz said...

Its looooooooooooooooong since i was here and when i pop in i usually do my 10-second read-and-go routine but since you asked for " honest opinion..." here is my take...

Going to for those miscelleneous Thanksgiving Kenyan Gigs in ATL was the BIGGEST MISTAKE i have made this year !!!

My 2 good pals live there so i made an impromptu drive to ATL on Thursday Night.
My pal and i fikad usiku so we ate dinner at a pal's then off for the night life...

Thursday Night...we were at some Kenyan bash who's venue i cannot remember. (Details coming after i confirm the Venue & Organizers)

On Black Friday we went for the Take Over DJ event at that Hindu Temple and it was **************** because...

1. The crowd was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not my type.
Young boys drooling over young girls.
Young girls dressed in outfits that could raise my mum from the dead!!!.......and yet ATL was freaking cold!!!

2. Music?
You said..."I vote for Takeover DJs in terms of music"
How so yet not even ONE song was played from start to finish???
The DJs were simply a BIG joke.
Was DJ Pinye really there?
If yes.......SHAME ON HIM!!!

3. It was a Kenyan event but the food was from Only-God-Knows-which-country.

4. Since when do i queue to get parking, queue to enter an event, queue to pay for drinks...then queue to submit the drink receipt to a server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work too hard in life for such absurdity.

5. However...Kudos to the Security guys for enforcing the Non-Smoking policy...Kudos to that Lingala dance group that performed...I'm glad i met a former Campo mate...I'm glad i met my walevi friends from NC...and...and...and...i'm glad i met a chic i know too well and have not seen for more than 10 years...and she is a blogger...and her name is KELITU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That notwistanding...
Atlanta Siendi Tena!
LA Rugby here i come!

Acolyte said...

@ Aizoh
Si you hook me up with her number?
@ Bomseh
I too think going with a dude roomie is a better option at the end of the day.
@ Bryjoe
I do agree that having a roomie comes with it's own set of problems and it is made harder by this mambo of leases, you just cant walk away for free; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
@ kagz
I appreciate your honest opinion on the bashes.
I do think the Temple was a crap venue but you should have been there last year! The whole drink system was crappier, basically the only place you could buy booze was that small room where they were selling food this year; that place turned into a sauna by the end of the night!
Yes we did laugh at the "freeze and shine" dressing of the mamas, I had a large jacket on and I was freezing!
I do think the music was still better than that music that was at the 2kat functions at the end of the day.
As for Pinye, he is a good DJ but I do think after 20 years he should call it a day and be doing a few functions here and there only.
Now I have to cause for Kelitu for visiting and not hollaing at me!
Well since I live in ATL, fikaing those bashes isnt a stretch but next year Rugby is a must for me too, time for something new!
Thanks for passing by!

Archer said...

Room mates are a pain in the diabs, you'll have to live with all their nasty habits wheether you like it or not. My advice? Get a digz you can stay solo.

I see guys were out in full swing last week!!

Archer said...

Wait, Aco, is that Kagz Kagz as in the one and only Kagz KAGZ? Wow, it's been a minute, no?

Kagz said...

Yes..its me...the one and only Kagz.
I know you've missed me.
I've missed ME too.(ROTFLOL)
I'll be in the Motherland next year and i'm soliciting for drinks from well wishers.
Je, will you avail yourself?


I'm back because i am on vacation and i'm spending some of my mornings catching up on blogland....

I still don't have the details for the Kenyan Bash on Thanksgiving Night (Thursday) so be continued.


The Temple was not a crap venue...if anything it was very ideal.
My beef was with the Crowd, Organizers & a nut shell...People!!!

".......basically the only place you could buy booze was that small room where they were selling food this year; that place turned into a sauna by the end of the night!"

And you went again this year???
Dude, you need a woman in your life.
Start chatting up Ms.Kelitu...when you meet will NOT regret...hehehehehe

As for "freeze and shine" dressing of the mamas,

It was NO laughing matter....i was SIMPLY DISGUSTED!!!

Our Plan A was to attend The 2Kat Event coz i really wanted to watch live performances.
However, that changed when i was told my pal (one of the guys in the Lingala group) was in town and it was a chance for me to surprise him :).

If you say "music was still better than that music that was at the 2kat functions".......

Thank God for Small Mercies!!!

"..As for Pinye, he is a good DJ but I do think after 20 years he should call it a day and be doing a few functions here and there only."

Are you acknowledging that DJ Pinye was "In the Temple" (LOL)
Please tell me that was a typo!

As for Ms.Kelitu......i am still speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechless.

In the Temple bash...i am holding my drink (NON- you can imagine why i'm still pissed at making 2 queues to buy a SOFT Drink!!!!)...
as i watch the Lingala group on stage and some tipsy young chicka hits my drink so its all over me.

I'm freaking pissed and the chick next notices so when she turns to look at me...its "Kelitu".

I last saw Kelitu approx. 10 years ago in Kenya and we proceed to the "small room" to catch up.
Somewhere along the line the conversation turns into...

Kelitu : what happened to your blog
Kagz : Which blog?
Kelitu : Si the blog you used to have...i was a regular.
Kagz : Oopss. How did you know it was me.
Kelitu : It was obvious.
(PS : Many people call me Kagz)
Kelitu : BTW, i am a fellow blogger.
Kagz : Really? Who?
Kelitu : Msichana Wa Town
Kagz : Name sounds familiar but i've been away for a while.
Kelitu : Kelitu
Kagz : OMG!!! Oh My Good God!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conversation is then interrupted by some young boy who thinks Kelitu is his long lost wife...and i can be the mistress.

Its been a minute since i was in such a crowd. I had fun nonetheless coz my pals are a fun crowd experience helps me resonate with the song..."kumbe ni under 18".

I hear there's an Authentic African Club in ATL...thats for 25years+.
I will be back to check it out.

Meanwhile...LA in Feb 2008 is also a must for me!!!
Its time to start shopping for Kenyan Regalia so i can represent :).

We can organize for a meet-up in LA.
I'll talk to Ms.Kelitu and see if she's game.
Let me know if you're upto it.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
The extra cost aside I am giving that some serious consideration, besides you have to be on your own sometime! Yes it is the one and only Kagz!
@ Kagz
I too plan to be in the motherland next year!
I went for the Temple Bash because I knew I would meet people I haven't seen in eons; I actually met some dude who used to work in his fam's shop in the hood I lived in.
DJ Pinye was at the Temple in full force!
I think the club you are talking about is Queens. I know by Feb the wallet will be able to sustain that suspense so count me in!
As for Ms Kelitu I will put her on my to do list then....

Kagz said...

"I too plan to be in the motherland next year!"

Cool. If we dont meet in LA we will meet in The Motherland on the day Archer is buying drinks or Spidey...mahindi choma.

BTW...i'll be in Kenya in August. I went in Dec 2006/Jan 2007 and i said....never again....too congested...stores are packed...too much network is jammed.

What time did DJ Pinye do his thing coz us we fikad between Midnight & 1am?

Yeah...i'm talking about Queens.
Is it worth driving to?

Ms Kelitu on your to do list...hahahahaha

BTW, i dont know your location preference for an Apartment but my galfriend lives in a nice & spacious 1-bedroom Apt close to Sandy Springs on TowBridge Road off Roswell Road.

Acolyte said...

@ Kagz
Well I do think that nai is growing too fast for it's own good. When I was in Kenya I used to work in the Runda area and as a result going to the cbd was always an unwelcome experience. I began doing everything in the Westlands area, as for cell phones just know that from 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm your cell phone is just a paper weight.
I don't recall what time Pinye did his thing, as for Queens I hear that it was refurbished and the crowd isn't that bad. I'm going to pass by there one of these weekends just to take a look.
Sandy Springs is a nice area and is only 2 exits from me off of 285 (yes TMI lol).
I'll look at those apt in the apartment ratings and see what comes up, thanks for the info!

aegeus said...

hello aco. male roomie, hands down. If i have a choice though, no roomie.

how do i get to work a 35 hour week and still stay employed? i do a minimum of 60 hours, not fair!

Do have a good week!

Acolyte said...

@ Aegeus
Yes male roomie lazima! Now that is why you make that mad cash and I make enough to be comfy.
Have a good week too!

Kagz said...

I agree that Nairobi is growing too fast for it's own good. I simply can't stand congestion and thats why even in the US of A...i live in "shagz" aka NC.


After my trips to Georgia, Colorado, Florida & South Carolina....i've realized mimi si "msichana wa town".

As for Kenya & the cell phone network...Safcom's MJ simply said..Kenyans have peculiar calling habits.

QUEENS ?..Check it out then let me know what you think.
My TZ pals in ATL like it.
I will ask Chinkororo (my ATL gal) to check it out.
Once the ratings come in...i can do another ATL road trip...its 6-8 hours depending on several factors.

My pal lives in the Sandy Springs area though her zipcode is ATL.
The Apt. Complex is Arlington at Perimeter Park.
Check it out. I love the floor plan for her 1 bedroom.

"(Yes TMI lol)"
I was in and out of blogland in a what is TMI???

And BTW, are you in the AIESEC Kenya yahoo groups chat roll.
Its usually an interesting read.

Acolyte said...

@ Kagz
What I love about ATL is that it has something for everyone as long as you have the money.
What did you think of your pals apt complex? I read some reviews
and they were not very flattering. But to be honest very few reviews on that site are, makes a mortgage seem very appealing; but you know how it's going with home ownership in GA.
I need to get on the AIESEC yahoo chat group since nowadays not much is going on huku blogland.
Oh TMI means too much information coz I doubt you wanted to know where my exit for home is lol!

kels said...

kagz, yaani you went MIA after that hoodlum interrupted us.
hit me up i need your number since you dropped the dime that your bro is coming to San Diego (hook a sista up!!)

Yes i'm crazy (that is kels) the other side of me is quiet and church-loving!!

Kagz said...


"ATL has something for everyone as long as you have the money."

As long as you have $$$, any place is good.
There's a magazine in NC called Relocation and it has some real estate in NC that is worth living for.
Hivi karibuni, i shall join the Association of Home Owners (LOL) in one of those regions.

I read the reviews of Arlington and i am in SHOCK.
I've never lived in an Apartment but i like those ones.

She lives in a remodelled 1-bedroom and is on the upper i have no comment on the noise complaint by most.
The floor plan is great.
The rooms are spacious.
Its a small apt Community i.e few houses and that's a plus for me.
The environment is serene.

If those commentators want more they should move to a town home or house.

I suggest you walk around and see Apts for yourself.
Better still, talk to someone YOU KNOW who lives there.

In blogland...people are "too nice" to a point it is BORING.
I like action/thriller/comedy or...suspense. (Same criteria applies to movies)


I went MIA indeed.
That Kenyan gig was soooooooo not my cup of cofee that when i think i paid $ feels like robbery w/out violence.

Lakini since you and Aco seemed to guys can make a good couple!
D.E.A.D in laughter.

My bro?
The dude is in soooo much demand that i'm jealous.
Yeah, there's a HIGH chance he's coming to the US for LA Rugby coz the boy sleeps,eats and drinks Rugby.

Hook Up?
I'll be in your state sometime in Dec so as long as you treat me right...hook up is on the way.

Crazy? Ohhhhh YES!!!
Kwanza the way you wekad brakes on that dude who came to salamia us.
Ati "i dont know where those hands have been".

"quiet and church-loving!!!"
Who is fooling who?

Acolyte said...

@ kels
For using my blog for hook up purposes that will be $50. I'll take a check.
If you are church loving then I am loved by bloggers all over the blogoshphere.
@ Kagz
Vile real estate hapa GA is in free fall, I am going to take a long look before I jump in.
I agree with you that at times you have to go take a look for yourself first hand.
Si kwa ubaya but readable blogs are few and far between, that is why I am MIA nowadays; I read the regulars and let the rest be.
I agree that $20 entrance fee was wallet rape, pure and simple. That is why I only do those gigs once in a while and not on the regular. But the next on I will go with Kels if she in town, wink wink or if she doesn't weka me brakes lol.
As for Rugby that one too I will make sure I fika.

Eclipse said...

DRAMA POST..DRAMA POST..Ok u got me..goin anon doesnt help hehe!

Aih kwani gettin a digz thos sidez is hard aje...shld be like kenya..u want ghetto..enda dandora..semi gheto enda githurai..upper low class enda zimmer...lower mid class enda doni, mid middle class enda buru, upper mid class enda langata, rest enda kile westi parki lavi etc....simple!

roomies is tricky so id suggest uiishe solo..u know u may want some freaky biz in the livin room..kama kuna roomie inakuwa tricky :)

112 at carni sato and its ONLY 500 hahah!

aegeus said...

is that what it is? mad cash, gosh, for what i do i should be paid huko regions of what our inept and totally rubbish mps are being paid! will be back to the start soon when i become a student once again!

Kagz said...

If you'll still be undecided about your new Apt sign a 6 month lease instead of the usual 12 months.

The RE market has affected some states more adversely than others.
However, in most...its is a Buyers market & thats why i want to cash in.

My TZ pal in ATL recently bought a NICE house via an auction resulting from a foreclosure.
That house is sooo u-la-la.


Getting a digz is not hard.
It simply depends on how picky one is.
Meanwhile, there are soooooo many resources both soft (Apartment Ratings,, Craigslist, etc) and hard copies.(Relocation Magz, Apartment Magz, City Magz, News Papers etc)

I live in none of the places you've mentioned but tangu lini was doni lower mid class & buru buru mid middle class???

3N said...

Aco & Kagz,

I did ATL last year and this year and I have to say this year was much much better.

I did T.O.D for two nights and 2kat one of the nights. Hands down T.O.D for me although live performances by Nonini and Amani were better than I expected.

You should have heard Prezo at Temple last year -- Lord Jesus!!

Aco, I was also at Cowboys and the impromptu by Hardstone was actually decent. Only if he could market his music in Kenya, oh well.

The ATL crowd is different from say the crowd I saw at L.A. sevens 2 yrs ago.
Maybe coz there is a huge population of Kenyans in ATL they all turn out for the events.

Anyway I don't see Sevens for me next year but I could change my mind.

I have Nairobi, December 07 on my mind.


Acolyte said...

@ Eclipse
That is my weekend assignment, the next part of drama post so usijali!
I think your classification of 'hoods is kidogo suspect, Langata is more of middle middle class than anything else.
Ubaya is living solo is expe as heck!
Yeah 112 are has beens!
@ aegeus
Si you run for Parliament?
@ kagz
6 month leases tend to be more expensive but offer you a way out, that much I agree.
I do agree that if you do have the means and stay away from shady mortgage lenders this is the time to buy a house.
I do agree that Buru is no longer middle middle class, it once was but is no longer is.
@ 3N
Si you shoulda called me for meet up! You suck! I think 2kat gnashed this year for real. I opted for Jua Cali this year and it was good viewing, he had good energy. Yes I do agree Hardstone should have marketed in Kenya coz other than his old music we dont know his new stuff.
You do realise we are in December ama are you talking about next year? I too may do Sevens, it's about time I got around more.

3N said...

pole Aco. next time I will let you know in good time we do a kbw happy hour

Nai is this Dec in two weeks.

Rombo said...

I'm here to vote for your not entirely ruling out a female roommate. I shared a house with two guys for circa two and a half years some time back. It was a decent experience all round, I think.

The key thing is compatibility: What can you live with and what can't you stand?

Consider cleanliness and hygiene, social habits and financial orientation. I think those are the domains that make or break the roomie thingie.

You don't have to be bossom buddies, but you do have to speak the same language.

All the best in your search.

Majonzi said...

Good to know you had fun in Atl, I heard about the bashes since everyone from here either flew or drove there. See you at the Sevens :).

Time for roomies are over. Unless you are in colle, maze having a roommate is a hassle. I think its worth paying the extra chumes to be home alone!!

Kagz said...

This message is ONLY for Kels coz she has that only-bloggers-can-comment crap.

Aco, is the fee still $50?
Check, Cash or Food Stamps?


1st...its Kagz and NOT Kaggz!!!

2nd...i owe you a phone call so its on the way.
Meanwhile, buy a phone...

3rd..."she already outted me in Aco's blog"...
Who taught you such BIG words???

4th..."they used to rub people the wrong way."
Thats what we do for FUN so...
Eat My Shorts!

5th...When are you coming to NC for a weekend of debauchery???