Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Moanings Part XIV

I know people in America love their pets but I was reading this story and I was like enough is enough! How does someone who lives half way across the country invite you over and you decide to bring your dog without their permission and expect the dog to get 5 star treatment? If you told them or they asked you to bring your pet, all well and good but in any other situation that is sheer stupidity to say the least. Anyway people here love their pets to a fault, I think we all read about how Leona Helmsley left her dog millions and left her remaining family members next to nothing. Anyway the dog now has bodyguards due to death threats, were in that fam I too would plan a hit on it. Love for your pets is great, but the overt devotion people out here have is too much!

Talk about being left without a leg to stand on! I think it takes a special kind of brute to decide to chop off someone's leg. What happens if they find out the leg doesn't do what they thought it would do? Will they go back for his other leg?

Last week I learned the importance of listening via hearing. You see I sent an acquaintance a happy Jamuhuri day text and he texted me back asking me if I wanted to go to Opera. I pondered the question for a few moments and I was like, "Yeah, why not? Tell me the time and the venue."
I never thought there was an opera in Atlanta, so if there was this was going to be something interesting for me to do. It is when he called me later on and told me about the time, place, dress codes and all the rest of the information is when it hit me that he was talking about a new nightclub called Opera that is in midtown ATL and is barely a year old.

Since I had already agreed to go with such fervour earlier, I masked my reluctance and decided to get ready for my FIFO. What does FIFO mean, well it means; Fast In Fast Out. I dislike clubs so I usually set things up very well so that I can make my time there as useful as possible and make it pass as fast as possible. My maximum time in most clubs here in the States is 2 hours, in the pre-driving license days it would be much longer because of course I was at the mercy of whoever was driving and I could also drink the boredom away. But as a driver, I dont take risks; two drinks max. So I met my pal at 11 pm and I was in my car at 12.45 am revving it for the drive home. Clubs here just don't do anything for me, I don't begrudge anyone who goes but for me I think I'll pass. Give me my bars, bashes and BBQs anyday!

I don't know if I have ever blogged about this, but I detest Christmas with a passion. I am happy that the enthusiasm here has also been dying down with the recession and all. It is with that in mind that I am happy to have come across the perfect gift for the occasion. I know it won't get to me in time for the big day, so I will get some for next year. Screw Christmas!

Anyway Monday is here, back to the grind...........


gishungwa said...

This Christmas isn't what it used to be and i would rather be alone. Rather than screw xmas for me am indifferent.
pets Shpets i dont like pets.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!

I like christmas beacause it gives me time to get together with nearest and dearest, paid guaranteed holiday and opportunity to recaharge and reflect on the year past and reset my targets for the new....

Msanii_XL said...

a dog can cause such a rift...i detest pets...

smh at the Opera ....ha ha that woulda been an experience

Eclipse said...

Well xmas aint wat it used be for real.. ol days..kununuliwa new clad, visiting relaz///nowadays just commercial gimmicks n shit lyk that.. xmas for me is spent killing the hangi for 24th

For all who njoy it MERRY XMASS!

Aco umezeeka... i thot id grown old but westi has some new joints and ive pigad 4 straight 4am..ers (one was actually a 7am thing meeting pple going to church as i stagger hme hehe) so Aco if u can only spend 2 hrs rav then either the raves are WHACK ama ur too old :)

HAHA wish u had gone for the opera heheheheh!


HONESTLY..hw du achia ur pet all u have? think oderos have got some serious ISSUES!!!!!!

Gay Nairobi Man said...

Christmas is ok just for the break but not oh the commercialization of it!

I cant stand pets or plants(there are some who treat plants like pets)

LOL about Opera

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
Are you sure you would rather be alone? Why do I picture you with lots of fam members in Naivasha?
@ Aegeus
Hmph! Spoken like a true christmas lover
@ msanii
Animals mean alot to some people I tell you. You should go there next time you are in town.
@ eclipse
I remember those good old day, now x-mas sucks big time I tell you!
As for that post mdogo mdogo my guy.
Jungus are on their own level I tell you.
I too love the holiday part of it, but the commercial part, not so much.

Majonzi said...

You and me both... I also hate christmas!! I think mostly coz I miss home the simplicity of a Kenyan christmas and being with my family.

Animals/Pets are another thing I loathe. So please leave your dog at the door when visiting!

lol @ the Opera!! that was a good one!!

Anonymous said...

my dad friend(jungu) actually named her two dogs after her parents...and she is never having kids because apparently children are ungrateful bastards unlike dogs..
am so noy looking forward to chrismass all that peeling,cooking,serving,washing up is so not plot...
for all its worth have a good /merry one!

Anonymous said...

i love christmas (admitedly for the presents it brings and the cheesy, i love pets too but i bet the reason why the west is so into pets is coz of the lack of social interaction among people, ok maybe there is interaction but its minimal, and a pet can be extra devoted to his owner and be truthfully loyal.

keep said...

Screw Christmas! we are two of a kind, i wish human being could be able to hibernate. I could have just closed office on 24th and wake up on 27th to go vote