Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Moanings IV

Seems alot has been happening since I have been MIA from the blogosphere. In the good old Jamuhuri it seems that the police have finally decided to respond to the mungiki menace with the finesse of a person trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. As usual too little, too late. Quite a few blogs have covered this topic already so all I am going to do is keep an eye on the aftermath.

In other news for once the justice system in America works! Yes Paris Hilton was sent back to jail to serve her jail term instead of house arrest as the Sherrif thought would be best. Call me a hater, but this whole different rules for celebs issue was really pissing me off. Add to the fact that this whole issue has gotten way more airtime on the news and the net than it's worth (a fact that M has covered rather well).

I have had this on my mind and I had to share it. I am sure we all know how Kenyans have their own ways of pronouncing words and names, this list comes to mind.

1. Juanita - This name is often pronounce hwanita but I knew a girl who had this name and everyone used to pronounce it Jooanita. (sorry but I can't write phoenetics)
2.Anastasia - This name is pronounced Anastazia but Kenyans always read it the way it is written.
3. Henri - Kenyans usually mentally substitute the i at the end for y and say it as henry as opposed to Onri.

Damn that's what I get for not writing the names down! I actually had a list of 10 names. Feel free to add your own!

In other news summer is finding me on the bilaz train. There is no worse time to be on the bilas train than summer. All you have to do is venture out see all the fly gals in their skimpy summer wear and it makes you all the more aware of your status quo, to make things worse there are some women where I work who push the envelope as far as possible when it comes to clothing (that is a post on it's own). I have decided to be proactive and channel my energy into excercise since I don't have gym membership. Let's just say with all the external motivation, the number of press-ups I can do has been going up exponentially over the last week. But on the bright side I was off the train just a few months ago unlike some people who have been on the train ever since it was running on coal (I'm not going to name names) but I do appreciate having you people there for company when I get back on the train.

Anyway now back to another week in the plantation, but as the Good Book says; we shall overcome!


egm said...

Yup, the Paris thing had me tingizaing my kichwa kabisa. At least that judge was not celebrity-struck like the sheriff was.

There's nothing like exercise to burn up that excess energy build up! I am enjoying biking once more big time now that the weather is timam for it.

3N said...

could I finally be top 3?

on Paris, I kinda felt sorry for her rich ass as she cried all the way back to jail; she probably never believed she was actually going back.

and whether its hateration or not if I was rich I would also try to get out of jail time, I don't blame her

I don't feel like I can overcome, I really don't.

gal africana said...

whom are you kidding?! Exercise does not work! Nimetry mara mob! If it did , I'd be frigid lol

Dshy said...

I have a few gems

Cockburn - After they have stopped sniggering, they pronounce it as is and not Cohburn

Bucket - Again, they sound out each letter and not the same way as you would pronounce a bouqet of flowers

Oh men, I could go on lol, but I cant remember any more faux pas ive er i mean kenyans, have made concerning names.

Ps - We had a patient the other day called Michael Jackson. The nurse ofcourse milked it when calling his name in the packed waiting room'Micheal Jackson, MICHAEL JACKSON! please'

Lol@ fly with a sledgehammer. Tis the kenyan way.

Quintessence said...

I hope she builds some character in goodness! Maybe then her and Nicole can do a spoof of Simple Life in jail or some'...ok I'm done hating...
Our Kenyan brethren sure can hack a language...Jooooooanita...hahaha...I once had a friend called 'wanita

The future diplomat said...

you know I always visit cities like DC where the train is the order of the day and I just love the humanity, but I bet in summer there is too much eye candy.
here you get to see people maybe in shops or jobos or in clubs

mwasjd said...

Kumbe si mimi pekee in the bilaz zone. Apart from gym, also consider starting your own biz. Might take all your energy and time (plus money) and the stress might keep you occupied over summer.
In high school, the principle during year one insisted, as we sang hymns, that the pronounciation of wonder was wanda. Does that add to your list?

Kenyanchick said...

On yesterday's news one reporter told us that after the explosion, numerous people were treated for "cats and brew-eese-es."

(Note to non-Kenyanese speakers: that's "cuts and bruises" to you.)

farmgal said...

I thinks peeps are so wanting Paris in prison coz she's rich!
Am not her No 1 fan!

Majonzi said...

Paris-- she is in jail because she is a celeb. Al Sharpton has gone to an all time low appearing on shows to discuss why Paris should not be treated differently. Let me not get started on John Edwards.

Kenyans pronounce TOTOYSE for tortoise

Kamiitee for committee-- Moms always wonders who started this pronunciation coz its standard even with news broadcasters

Maze Aco, I will make a list!

m said...

Personally I enjoyed Paris Hilton's return to the new Paris Hilton. Ever since I heard that her sentence was reduced to 23 days becuase of considerations like "she attended all the court session" it was clear she was getting preferential treatment. Ebu ask a random Tyrone if he got his sentence halved because he attended all his court cases!

Another peculiar Kenyaism is if you meet many people you greet them "Hi-s". Ara?!!

phassie said...

It was breaking news on CNN when Paris Hilton was going to jail the first time. Seriously, there are more devastating things happening in this world that deserve that title. Shiieet!

phassie said...

names: there is Leah.. I don't know how to write it down as it is pronounced by Americans.

There is a difference btw Joan (this sounds like Jo, so i ask myself what happened to "an") and Joanne. smh

mocha said...

Mungiki menace....AARRGGGHH!!!

Paris Hilton....glad she is back. Wacha iwefunzo kwa walio na mali....

These jinas that are spelt different and pronounce different....aaaaiiiii, zi shindwe. I always have difficulty with this one Siobhan.

gishungwa said...

is it antony or anthony *rolls eyes*
the BT is not fun anymore and like you am glad to have the company. Now pass the njugus!

Shiroh said...

Ooh yeah i see that Paris story everyday in the Nation (WTF) like we don't have things of our own to worry about. Who is that chic anyway

Guilty on Henry, not until Thierry came by did we know its Onri..

Keep pumping out the energy pent up in the Bilaz train

DSHY said...

Ps - I have heard a few Capital FM presenters pronounce Rihanna's name REEHANNA, I always thought it was Ree'anna? like banana? or stunna. I am sure the 'H' is silent.

Ok, now this is going to keep me awake all night lol.

Acolyte said...

@ egm
Make sure while you are out there you take some pics for the people!
@ 3N
I laughed at her bila shame. We shall overcome I tell you!
@ gal africana
Well I for one have committed myself to excercise, I shall prevail!
@ dshy
I don't know where I put my list but I have to admit, no-one butchers names like we Kenyans do!
@ quint
She says she has changed, I will wait and see.
@ the future diplomat
I do intend to get out more often and feed the eyes a little more.
@ mwasdj
tuko wengi my guy! Well at the moment I am bila capital so starting a biz isnt an option.
@ kenyanchic
I have never forgotten how our announcers mangle and chew the language.
@ farmgal
I think it's her attitude and not the money that is spurring peeps on.
@ majonzi
Oh yes totoyse was a classic one! Make a list and share it with us soonest!
@ m
Different strokes for different folks is what I say.
Hi-s and Bye-s are other Kenyan classics that I had forgotten.
@ phassie
Yes that story got waaaaaaaaaaaay too much airtime! Yes that name is tricky too.
@ mocha
Kumeharibika nyumbani I tell you! Majina ngumu ni mengi.
@ gish
Keep that seat warm for me!
@ shiroh
I dont even know why Kenyan papers are covering this story at all. It has no relevance for us as Kenyans.
@ dshy
As far as I know the H is silent in her name but I could be wrong

Tweety said...

I have a couple:
Penelope and Deborah