Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Wonderful Week.....

Now this here is sick! How in the hell do you have a child with your daughter?! What's even worse is that it's a consensual relationship!

Whatever happened to writing down names like John Doe and telephone numbers like 234567890 on applications when you dont want people to know who you are? This idiot seems not to have gotten that memo. I guess the slow sperm won the race in his case.

I just read the papers on-line and saw that chaos has restarted in Kibera slums and on the streets due to the wrangle over cabinet seats. It seems this power sharing agreement didn't even get to the sharing stage. I know I can't express it as well as Kenyans who are caught up in this ridiculous fight for power but I am sure people are sick and tired of this. Since I don't have a crystal ball all I can do is hope and pray for the best with all of you, shame elections just passed otherwise I would have encourage you to send them packing........

And in other wonderful news the dollar is fast becoming as strong as one ply tissue paper to a man with a running stomach

Vietnam's central bank even had to order the country's commercial banks a week ago to resume buying dollars within the tight range of exchange rates set by the government. Many banks had started betting on dollar depreciation and refusing to accept large sums in dollars, to the point that multinational companies and exporters had trouble wiring money into the country to pay their employees' salaries.

Yes, when you have to order people to take dollars things aren't looking too good. What amazes me is how long it took Americans to realise that something was wrong with their economy and leadership in general. I know there have been alot of bad decisions made over the years but the one that tops the list in general was going to Iraq. Well we do know that Haliburton and co are making a killing there so I don't think they'll be leaving anytime soon. so the U.S economy is going to be paying for that war for sometime to come. Since the little money I have is fast becoming useless, is there anyone in Europe who'll put me up so I can make some money to go back to Kenya? I cook, clean and I'm also drama free.

I see girls are showing the boys how things are meant to be done.

Anyway as you can tell from my links and post, wonderful amazing things are happening in this world that are leaving me so giddy with delight that I dont think I can add anything to this post. Have a the nicest day possible!
Ps: Liverpool kicked Arsenal out of the Champion's League, something to smile about at least!


gishungwa said...

The idiot robber Muhahaha, we cant all be bright thats for sure.Must have figured that he needed a plan B clearly robbery is not his forte.
Seeing that you cook,clean and are drama free, consider this as my offer for accommodation with guaranteed privacy sadly not in Europe.

Now about arsenal ;(

thrretypesofcrazy said...

eeerrrrr do you change car tyres too, check oil?

Nakeel said...

Lool smart and smartest I think for him he felt he was smarter than all.

neema divine said...

having a baby with ur father!? consentiing adult!? they are sick, suffering from the Oedipus Rex Complex, only for them its intentional.

Mwangi said...

Come to Australia Baba. A few months back the One Aussie dollar was worth 0.75 American dollars but now that's up to 0.94. They should just declare the Aussie dollar on par with the American dollar real quick.
As for the guy who slept with his daughter, speaking as an Aussie resident, I have no doubt that it's wrong. What I don't understand is why did the State prosecute him? Why wasn't it a civil suit by the family or the local community why some far and distant judge? Anyway no biggie just something I couldn't quite get.
Have a fantastic week in the land up over brother.

Prousette said...

I do not know why people keep saying that girls do not fight. True they aren't as aggressive as the boys but I remember in primary school there was always a fight between girls to be sorted out in the staff room just as many times as the boys. The nature of damage was different too boys had more bruises and blood girls had hair and clothes torn off.

Frankie said...

incestious relationships make me sick...

hey, am still praying for arsenal, for the premiership..

it's not like liverpool has any chance of winning the champion's league anyway?

acolyte said...

@ Gish
He was at the end of the brains line, that is something we both now know. Shame bout you not being in Europe.
@ 3TOC
Oh yes! That I can do very well.
@ Nakeel
At least I hope he didnt say it out loud.
@ neema
Sick, very sick people.
@ mwangi
Well if the doors are still open I'll most def put OZ sown as a possibility.
@ prou
I guess things are bit more apparent now then they were in your time.
@ frankie
Me too! Arsenal have had a season not much better than Liverpool's despite the wonderful start they had, I bet Liverpool are going to Moscow at the end of things!

Mwangi said...

We haven't reached menace to society status the doors are still open.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Long time!

My dear the dollar is worth nothing. Thank God Amsterdam is not a shoping city otherwise I would of cried, or gone into great debt with my credit cards.

akiey said...

The dollar's freefalling faster and more wobbly than a drunk paratrooper & the reasons are clear as day.

At interview, if asked by the interviewing manager what salary expectations you/I have then one factor not to ignore is the fact that it's better to be paid in Euros. That we way we have a satisfied employer/employee status.

Odegle said...

why do i have a feeling everyone hates arsenal just hates sake???