Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Day.........

Once again I decide to appear and wipe the dust off the blog. I guess my life has become so mundane that I let the joy of blogging pass me by. So this is my feeble attempt to get back on the wagon.

Anyone who knows me a bit knows if there is one thing that I abhor, it's bad journalism. Sadly Kenyan newspapers are constant offenders, this article is a good example.

When TLC released their one time hit song, “you are my little secret and that’s how we should keep it,” we all sang along to it little knowing that at one point in our lives, the song would bring grief to women when they discovered that very men out there have mastered the art of deceiving them into thinking that they are the only women in the said men’s lives when in reality, they have a string of others hanging around them.

Please view this video, Xscape sang the song. Fact checking is fundamental.

I also read an article in the Nation about corruption at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi. I would also like to tell you that the sun rises in the East, water is wet and the Pope is Catholic.

I ran across this wonderful video that I felt I had to share.

If you weren't as amused as I was then you need to loosen up. I also ran across this jewel below.

Tables of the world united for against oppression! Don't you think it was apt that a gospel song began playing after her fall esp with those lyrics; "we fall down, but we get up" Classic!

One more video for the road.

In my book nothing beats a good laugh as long as nobody gets hurt, then it's just hilarious!

I was reading this article in the Standard about the cost of child birth. That there is a wonderful motivator not to ever have a kid unless you can afford the cost. For 200k that kid had better turn out to be someone of note otherwise with no shame I would send him an invoice for being born and tack on some interest!

I would also like to congratulate M and J for tying the knot recently and wish them all the best!

Oh and to Chelsea fans out there (ahem Archer and co.) Have that! Go sit with Man U in the corner....


31337 said...

those videos just made my monday!

Mo said...

The ladies in the first two videos really should have paid more attention during Physics class.

neema divine said...

lol, the TLC article made me lol...and the videos are hilarious...!

sultrynutter said...

Ei that first video had me wondering at first .. and then it all came tumbling down...
"we all fall down and some of us manage get up"

Acolyte said...

@ 31337
Glad you liked em!
@ mo
What goes up must come down was the lesson of the day!
@ neema divine
Basic fact checking was lacking big time here.
@ sultrynutter
Oh yes the song was very apt for that situation, I still laugh at that video to this day!

Nubian Queen said...

If i was that reporter i seriously would bust out laffing....
I was like hmm is Aco fem side finally shining thru girlfreind!. I totally LOVE that song...
Did she say TLC?? I cant even tetea her on that part, damage already done!! Shame!

Anonymous said...

your blog is just soooo entertaining.pity you dont write much anymore.those videos thoroughly cheered me up!

Nakeel said...

I saw the article and was like what? What song wacha tu.
The videos have made my day and yeah the cost thats what you wishing the kids should be. Na bado.

Supaflyshi said...

Dude!! The videos are hilarious. Aiii, big girls we should just know our limits. Some ish we CANNOT pull off. Aco, what is with with the MAN U hatorade...geeze give us a break. As for the Chelsea fans...wacha tu. I'll keep my mouth shut since Archer might be lurking

bOMSEH said...

Cost of giving birth has soared like this? I hope that the cost of conception remains the same, or less.

Acolyte said...

@ nubian queen
I gave that reporter marks for her poker face.
Xscape were on point roho safi! I have to confess I was a fan.
@ anon
Thanks for the compliment, I guess blogger's block strikes when I least expect it.
@ nakeel
You are the kinda information source we need on this issue.
@ supaflyishi
Sadly not everyone notes or cares about limits.
You Man U fans ongea choo sana lazima we let you know what the deal is lol.
@ bomseh
The cost of the act is more or less constant depending on your choice of partner and venue but the end product IMO isnt worth it one bit!

ruthleen said...

i was just about to go and sleep and i said let me read your blog,its been a crazy week,especially watching election and crap,but your videos,yeah cracked up my ribs,
i have started my blog hope you will read and leave a comment,just stated but will be glad that you popped in.
thanx and keep up up the good job,i neede the laugh.

val said...

Like Sultry I first watched the videos wondering...errr..point????

I have been seriously amused...esp the Donnie McClurkin song after..too mailicious ;)

One more reason not to fall pg anytime soon..Wah!

savvy said...

I like your blog too..though sometimes I do not comment