Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Day Goes By.......

Gay Nairobi Man was kind enough to nominate me for the Honest Scraps Award, the award is defined as; “This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”'

First and foremost, I have to say a very big Thanks! I didn't know someone out there actually cared, sniff sniff. So onto the 10 honest things about me.

1. Acolyte is a rolling stone - Material things don't mean that much to me and despite having my own place for over a year, I have collected as little stuff as possible. I moved recently and I did it all on my own in 2-3 days, what took a long time actually was the cleaning and the little stuff. I guess there is a part of me that thinks I may still be on the move sooner rather than later, so I act accordingly; that and the fact that I don't like shopping that much.

2. American Sports - Most of the sports people here hold near and dear do not appeal to me. I think it's the fact that most of them do not flow but run in quarters with numerous time outs ie NFL, NBA. I do try to keep up with what is happening once in a while just for the sake of social interaction when it gets necessary. Funny thing is that I am a big fan of MMA esp the UFC which is now going mainstream. 

3. I have nice skin - Every chic I have dated and chics who I haven't dated (thanks for the compliment gal from the other day) don't hesitate to tell me how great my skin is. I can't give all the Thanks to the great genes I inherited, I must also espouse the virtues of good diet and the use of appropriate skin products. Proceeds to caress himself like the lady in the Lady Gay commercial.

4. I'm an Advocate of holistic health - I'm a stern believer in prevention before cure and the fact that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. With that in mind, I try to be as aware as possible when it comes to diet esp out here in the West where the food is doctored and tampered with in ways you cannot believe (that is a post on it's own). With that in mind, I do not have any milk, meat or fish in my fridge. I'm more fruits, nuts and vegetables, I buy 95% of my stuff from farmer's markets and I'm also a member of a co-op. But I'll be honest once in a while I do have a cheat day ie if I'm invited out to eat; I may have something with chicken in it, so no judgement from me.

5. Appendages (jacked from GNM's terminology) - I'm a connoseiur of the work of art that is the female breast. Without getting explicit, all I can say is that the women who really appeal to me are usually endowed with a certain shape and size. But I'm a gentleman, I do not ogle; I have learnt the fine use of peripheral vision.

6. Hypnotic voices - There are certain female artistes whose voices draw me like a moth to a flame. I can listen to their music for hours on end ie Sade, Sarah Mchlachlan, Dido, Annie Lennox, Amiel Larrieux etc.

7. Afternoon Naps - I have a love affair with sleep which you may all know by now but what I love most is afternoon naps. I always try and get even a 15 min power nap when possible. To get on my wrong side just disparage naps. I guess my dream job would be to take naps and get paid for it.

8. Children - For the life of me I don't like children. I just do not have the paternal gene that other men have. I don't intend to ever have children to be honest, even though that admission in the past has never stopped some women I've dated from saying how I would make a good dad, blech. I think that is one reason (STDs aside) that I don't have unprotected sex.

9. Subconsciously Different - Even without knowing why, half of the time I find that I fight with common convention and ideas. I don't like other people thinking for me and planning out my life. That is why I think I end up shirking the expectations that society has for me in terms of what I should do, what I should buy, how I should date etc. I was always the kid who was asking "Why" when I was told to do something. I still try and find out what lies beneath the surface whenever something new comes my way.

10. Short Attention Span - I think blogging is the thing that I have committed to for the longest time. I have a short attention span and I do think that when I buckle down is when I achieve more. The avalanche of stimuli out here ie endless tv channels, internet, cell phone media etc doesn't help my quest for focus too. But no I do not have AHDD nor do I need to be medicated.

Well that's my 10 points, hope you learned something new. I would like to Award the Honest Scraps Award to the one and only Archer!!!!!!!


Tamtam said...


I am a big fan of holistic health too.

I try and eat organic as much as I can. Cleary cannot demand it when I go to friends for dinner,lol. Like you, the whole additives thing here freaks me out.For the longest time, I couldn't understand why my energy levels dropped, but changed my diet, and yippee felt differently.

You know your thing for cleavage,lol. Do you discriminate between natural and silicone???

kainvestor said...

" the lady in the Lady Gay commercial."

he he he... that commercial is so old' me think I was still crawling.

Acolyte said...

@ Tamtam
Good to know that I am not alone. Congrats on cleaning up your diet, it's not easy but very rewarding when you do it.
I'm more of a fan of the real thing when it comes to cleavage.
@ kainvestor
An oldie but a goodie!

Mo said...

Massive fan of holistic health too... I just don't have the discipline to practise it.

My cousin used to have excellent skin... it's now inundated with the worst acne you ever saw. He blames it on the evil eye. Some food for thought... :P

Gay Nairobi Man said...

Thanks for responding to the tag...

Now about 'Appendages'..LOL I have been caught staring and they are fascinating..just don't get why straight men love them so.

Afternoon naps..not for me; I will feel sick when I get up..unless am napping after sex. Go figure

Supaflyshi said...

I tried the holistic route but it didn't stick. Might try it once again to detox the system.

You have to pass on the secrets for great skin...I'm dying to hear.

I always thought you were an ass guy...hmm...

great list...maybe you should write 10 more...

Shiko-Msa said...

Long time Aco.

I also tend to question a lot of things before just adopting them. I always want to know why why why and where the idea came from and what sense it makes. Who made these rules? Who said they're necessarily right?

I looooove Sade.

pink m said...

You need to stop going on and on about how healthy your life is, because each time I read about it, I get depressed that mine isn't *this is where you 'meanfacedly' ask me to fix it!*.

Boobs!! *SMH*

savvy said...

Eating healthy? All I can say is most of the food I eat is unprocessed...since you buy meat straight from the butcher and you can even see the cows being brought in for slaughter!

I try jogging daily though..but like Kenyan Gay Man, I can't nap in the afternoon either, I'll wake up feeling ill.

As for silicon..all I can say is I do not need it!

I can't rem the Lady Gay commercial though.

Acolyte said...

@ Mo
I agree that it takes alot of discipline to practice. I think tis most def your cousin's diet that is behind his bad skin.
I guess we all have things that we are curious about even without logical reason lol.
Well sex is known to tire folks out...
@ supaflyishi
Holistic stuff is jobo so I dont blame folks for dropping out, I have my bad days too.
Well my number 1 secret is diet, followed by skin friendly products ie shea butter.
Ass is nice to look out but Im still a number one fan of Grade A tiddays!
@ shiko
Yea tis been a min and then some. I think we should all ask important questions before jumping in without looking.
Sade really does rock!
@ pink M
Lol you know I can get worse plus right now Im in a down period so you wont get any health posts for a while.
Plus with a bit of work you could make things work for you.
Boobs for the win!
@ Savvy
That is the best thing about KEnya, you have to work to eat unhealthy. Here you eat trash food by default.
You are one lucky lady, can I take a look so you can have a second opinion about not needing silicone lol.