Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acolyte GIves Another Drug PSA

It's been a while since I blogged and I know I promised ya'll Part II of the Drug PSA; so here goes......

It was a warm afternoon and I decided it was a good day to explore the city. Despite being in the States for a while, I am not a big fan of driving long distances unlike many people here who have become used to it, so when I can I do like to take the train. Since I planned on going to the opposite side of town this was the best idea. I got on the train and got off at the West side of town. The part of town I was going to was a black part of town but not really the hood. I had gone for a few events in that part of town and had heard of a good vegan restaurant in the area so I decided to pass by and get myself a snack.

I walked into the restaurant and when I looked through the menu I saw that they had chapatis (under a different name but a chapati is a chapati irregardless), so I ordered that and some veggie stew. I hadn't had chapatis in a while since I hadn't gone for a Kenyan gathering in a while and it had been a few months since I had made my own mishappen ones. Anyway the chic manning or rather womanning the counter caught my eye and after I ordered my food we chit chatted. She was or rather is afrocentric and open minded, so we did strike up a connection and she told me to make sure I passed by sometime soon.

Okay I know some of you want me to jump to the weed part so I'll do so now. Needless to say we became kinda close over the next few weeks, I was ready to make a move but discovered that she had a boyfriend but she insisted that I visit them at their house and hang out. Since I had nothing to lose I did go visit them.

So I rolled into their place that Sunday evening, her baby daddy was on the way out (did I forget to mention that she has young son?) he had come to visit the kid. It was kinda strange to say the least, the boyfriend, the baby daddy and the loose kubaff (that's me) and one lady. So he left and the son had gone to sleep so it was the three of us. Anyway we got to talking about the universe, life and it's many lessons. My new chic pal had one eccentricity of her own, she doesn't like artificial lighting so we sat in candle light. That didn't bother me since the one thing that bothers me is artificial air, I don't mind fans but I don't like air conditioning very much unless it gets sweltering; I just adjust accordingly by adding more clothes or reducing what I'm wearing. Anyway rambling aside at one point she asks me if I would be offended if she decided to "burn" some herb. I was all for it.

So a small jewellery chest was unleashed, a blunt was rolled, blessed light and shared. After a few puffs, I experienced a that spacey feeling where you feel like the air around you is a bit thicker than usual and you feel like your body is 2 seconds behind your thoughts and movements. I also started losing words, as in we would talk and I would have a thought but could not find the words in my brain to express them. The night was running down and as the haze began to lift I made my way home but due to the effects of the herb slowing down everything I drove home at the neckbreaking speed of 55 mph on an interstate where people usually hit speeds of 100 mph, I did open the windows which did help bring me back to earth. I was lucky that she made us dinner so I was spared the munchies (unlike a future incident that may be shared).

We did and have remained good friends, and I did enjoy some herb with them a few times after that. I attended her wedding and got them a great gift that they hang in their living room and tell everyone about. She gave me the sad news that she is moving out of State soon so I am taking her up on a long discussed cooking class ( I get tired of eating my same recipes on the regular) which is what reminded me that this post was long over due.

So with all that being said it's time for me to leave you. Don't do drugs! Drugs are bad for you! Drugs will hurt you and desert you, leave you crying, empty dying (name that tune good people)...........


bankelele said...

Thanks for the PSA, again kids - Don't do drugs!
I kind of got lost in the middle there wher it seemed you arrived at her place by train then drove back on the freeway

joyunspeakable said... did that happen? Train, car?

Acolyte said...

@ bankelele
That's what I get trying to blog at breakneck speed since I knew if I left it at draft level I would never post.
- Met when I visited by train, was invited over a few weeks later. On the day of visit drove since it was late in the evening.
@ joyunspeakable
Good looking out! Please see comment above lol.

Anonymous said...

I think some of your readers need to heed your PSA and get of them drugs, if you read it well, it becomes apparent that your first trip to the semi-hood was on train. You were then invited to the woman's house(different trip) in which case you may have driven to but obviously drove from the ganja house...

bomseh said...

And how did the boyfriend feel that his gal was making friends with another male and being a friend in weed? Awkward situation but it seems the boyfriend is the patient kind. A baby daddy, you and him in the same room? I don't think that setting happens in Africa. But damn, weed makes us equal, has no equal.

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
Reading is indeed fundamental lol! Thanks for pointing that out!
@ bomseh
The boyfie now hubby is very easy going, that and the fact that I don't overstep my boundaries whenever I pitia.
YEah that first visit was awkward and then some!

Anonymous said...

Weee kubaff! Irregardless is not a word!

Acolyte said...

Me I know it's a real word! So irregardless I will still use!