Monday, September 21, 2009

Inattention and other things.......

Tsk tsk tsk my blog has been gathering dust. Not the best state of affairs to say the least. To be honest I have realized that over time I have been falling prey to the short attention span epidemic that is so rife here, so sitting down for a while to blog seems to be a big challenge yet strangely enough I can still find time to post the occasional tweet.

To be honest I do like twitter because I can keep up with people I know who also blog or I know in person but on the other hand tweets rarely have the same substance as blog posts and like farts in a hurricane they are gone in record time. A significant tweet is pushed down the list by other tweets which may not be half as good, so unless you are fast enough or just look out for a particular person's tweets, it's easy to miss what's going on. But I guess that's why they have tweets as 160 characters just like texts, make it quick and easy so people can stick with it. I must say we are turning out to be a generation addled with ADD.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bibliophile (take your mind out of the gutter, it has nothing to do with children!). I have loads of books I have bought from thrift stores that I am yet to read, I have not gone to one for a long time but this changed 2 weeks ago when I discovered a Goodwill store close to my local mall. I picked up 5 or so books and it cost me less than $12! So to make space on my bookshelf I decided to read a Stephen King book I bought last year and never got round to reading, I am sure some of you have read CELL by Stephen King. It was a good read, flowed really well and had a steady premise (didn't want to use my cell phone for a while after reading it though). Given all the drama that has been going on in this country lately ie Health Care Reform chaos, Kanye West at the VMAs etc, I think I'll try and keep my head glued in a book.

Anyway before I get back to my everyday existence and the challenges it brings, I read this article and realised why I get complimented time and again about my handwriting. I'm sure many of us remember the hours spent learning how to curl your loops and the appropriate crosses that were part of learning how to write in cursive. Due to the prevalance of texting and computers in schools here and the preference of the simplicity that is print, cursive is more or less extinct in American schools. Damn technology!

Time for me to go back to life as usual, don't forget to dot your Ts........


bomseh said...

Yes I will remember to dot my Ts and cross my Is. Anyway, I feel that Twitter is becoming a big chat room. Blogs still remain a better way of entertainment and news and a source of information with the anonimity being the high point.

Digzer said...

You read Stephen King and liked it? Yes I will marry you!!!

I love reading and King's my fave author but whenever I tell guys that, they give me "Oh ... never knew you were deranged" looks! Cell was a read I enjoyed.

Mo said...

Were you in a Kenyan school? I thought cursive was an American thing. We certainly never learnt it in any of the schools I went to. It'd be interesting to learn to write like that.

Anyway, handwriting-wise, I'm one of the guilty folks here. My handwriting is so utterly bad, it could be the premise for a new King novel.

Mo said...

I'm with Bomseh on Twitter.

Its getting to feel more and more like an out-of-control, superbly superficial chat room... There are some awesome people on there though so its not all bad.

Acolyte said...

@ Bomseh
Twitter is nice but moves waaaay too fast for me, you have to be on there 24-7 to enjoy it.
@ Digzer
Well tell me a good date and we can get to wedding planning :-).
Stephen King does have good books, Im hoping he still keeps the books coming!
@ Mo
I am a bonafide 8-4-4 product but we all know that teaching standards are rarely consistent.
As for your handwriting Im happy you are not my doctor! Things could end badly come prescription time.
It seems twitter is here to stay despite my protests.....