Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Monday Is Here.....

Le sigh, Monday is here. I have never been fond of Mondays for obvious reasons. But sadly that is our lot as adults.

Moving on, I am sure most of you have heard of the "Balloon Boy" drama that went down a few days back. It just got me to think about how hungry some people are out here for fame by any means necessary. Sadly the only thing the parents have coming is a huge legal bill and potential criminal charges. It's sad that we have gotten to the level where people aren' t happy with the lives they have been given and feel that fame is the only thing that can add value to their lives. Anyway I'm not going to get preachy about this.

I read about a Kenyan gay couple in the UK that decided to tie the knot and the maelstrom that erupted both online and offline (for their families). It's been interesting to watch I must say. I have a post that I am working on related to on that issue as homosexuality is still a hot button issue with Kenyans both at home and in the diaspora. Reminds me of how a few years back during the Thanksgiving celebrations that go down in Atlanta 2 Kenyan chics were busted making out in a bathroom stall with one of them half naked, someone took cell phone pics that were floating somewhere online. One of the chics lived in Atlanta at the time and became a veritable hermit as a result (maybe a where they are now feature is in order?).

I was having a discussion with someone the other day about an issue related to diet and their rebuttal to some statistics I had to share was that alot of those studies were alarmist and did not apply to the situation at hand. Usually at this point in time when that comes up more often than not the discussion goes down the drain. This is due to the fact that many people are not that well versed in issues related to statistical inference. Not all studies are the gospel truth but on the other hand not all studies are rubbish (as many people believe), hence the importance to be able to look at a study and the accompanying statistics and infer if they are sound ie sample size, margin of error etc. Needless to say this is a tiring excercise for many people so what happens is that the usual response is, "those are alot of numbers and big words", and they carry on with whatever action or opinion they had before the discussion. Ah case in point, I remember having this chat with this chic about how a certain behavior elevates the probability of cancer, she retorted by saying "my Uncle has been doing it for years, and he is fine; I can only go by what I see." I almost asked her if her ancestors excommunicated Galileo for his heretical teachings but held my tongue. And that is why I have confined my conversations to issues like Jon & Kate plus 8, the latest Sports news and other chit chat. Gets off soap box.

Ladies this is a PSA for you from way back when.....

Well I have said enough, time for me to go and read some more studies.


Inter Alia said...

That AD! OMG! "Intimate neglect" ?!? Thank the lord for SUFFRAGE.
I keep forgetting how far women have come- that's straight out of Mad Men !

And I think the good name of statistical studies has been sullied by poor inferences ( mostly done by journalists ).

Mo said...

Can I vote no for the 'where they are now' please? I feel very sorry for the poor ladies just reading about 'the aftermath'.

As for the lady that said "I can only go by what I see".... *facepalm*

I know what you mean about feeling stuck in superficial conversation. I have two friends who get EVERYTHING of what I say and vice versa. When all the superficiality and stupid stupid fallacies (see above lady) inherent in today's chitchat and/or pseudo-deep talk get to me, I meet either of them for a drink and we have a no-holds-barred conversation about everything with no fear of wires being crossed anywhere. I think every thinking person should have such a friend(s).

Have a good week, bro!

kellie said...

Well, I don't live in ignorance, but I take most studies with a huge pinch of salt. Because, you can use statistics to prove whatever you want. Look for studies on tea or wine for example. One group will claim tea has flavanoids that are good for you, others will claim you're signing up for an early death (being melodramatic here).

Ok, I'm not like the girl in question, but I still insist, most studies are unnecessarily alarmist, most contradict but hey!

Shiko-Msa said...

Seems you have quite a number of posts in the works.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...(the ad)

Acolyte said...

@ Inter Alia
I need to watch Mad Men, I have heard so much about it!
@ Mo
A belated salaams, good convo is hard to come by; that much is true. Have a good week too!
@ kellie
That is where statistical inference comes in handy, it gives you the knowledge to know what studies are rubbish and which ones are some good.
@ shiko
Many irons in the fire, sigh.
@ wanjagi
Poor hygience for ladies = no loving and a broken marriage lol