Monday, March 21, 2005

Forums for Kenyans down under

I have been considering going down under for my studies for some time now.I was thinking of the States but with the poor econ, no jobos, INS and xenophobia I am considering going to Australia.
I got some comments from a fellow mwanainchi down under and I was wondering coz forums for Kenyans in Stato and U.K are all over the place.Anyone have links for one of Kenyans down under?I would like to know how Kenyans find living and working there.Yup u gotta research or you may find urself in lottsa crap.


DownUnder said...

You got me "researching" for forums Down Under for wananchi but I got zilch. If you hear of any I might be interested. As far as I know, people these parts seem to operated as our ancestors did back in the hunter/gatherer days..tree mail. On a guick one, the unemployment here is at about 4 which is one of the lowest recorded here in some many years. Economy is still strong but slowing rapidly (US, Asia dictating ecomomic events). DIMIA (Ozzie INS) are more a more vicious breed over here. As for Xenophobia..different people different experiences (I've been fortunate).

Good luck matey.

Anonymous said...

a couple of sites have come online recently - formal association a la - more social / scene oriented a la mashada et al

You can also subscribe to the email list (send email to to subscribe) and ask questions - I'm sure you'll get a bit of feedback.