Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just a thought

I was just following the ongoing corruption debate on Kenyan telly
and it reminded me of a joke I once heard.
A minister from an Asian country invites his African counterpart to view development in his country.So he drives his guest from the airport in a luxurious car and they have a sumptous luncha and go on to view progress in his country.the Asian minister then invites the African counterpart to his house.The African minister is in awe by what he sees, the Asian minister has a palatial residence with the latest Italian and German sportscars parked outside his residence.A brief tour of the interior shows the house laden with expensive antiques,latest high street furniture and even a heated indoor pool.The African Minister can hardly speak and asks, "How did you get all this on your government salary?"
The Asian minister tells his African counterpart to pop into one of his limousines.As they travel the Asian points out an 8 lane highway and tells him, "You see that highway?When it was made for me there was 10%!"The Arican nods his head taking in the details of how it was done.
One year later the African minister invites his Asian counterpart.After going through the usual bureaucratic motions he invites the Asian to his residence.His mansion is twice the size of that of his Asian counterpatr with the number of cars outside rivalling the number you would see at a car show.The Asian is almost speechless,"How did you do this?,"he asks.The African leader motions him into one of his many cars and they are driven to the outskirts of the city.The African motions towards the barren and desolate land and he says "You see that highway there?100 per cent!"
"What highway!" the Asian queries,
"Exactly!" the African replies.
Anyway some of you have had this story before.But looking at matters reality it gets me to wondering is corruption endemic to the African psyche?Not so say that there is no corruption in the western world.But why are Africans unable to be corrupt in a way that does not crippple their industries and economies?Instead of skimming the cream from the milk they drink it all and break the container.
This may sound cynical but recent event hold up my observations.If there are any African Rennaisance apostles out there tell me what is to be done?Anyway have a good day ya'll.


KymmBr. said...

...tired of the same ol same ol' story. wait till i become president....i'll show them how it is done!!!!!

akiey said...

That really had me bursting out laughing! Verry funny since I had not heard it before.
Your question...I guess African leaders get away with totally crippling insitutions becoz they know the system is dysfunctional & there's no way they will be made held responsible for their sinful deeds.
Nice blog & hope to read more from you soon:)