Friday, July 29, 2005

Journey cont....

Just getting over the change of climate.It's summer here so it is like super humid over here almost like coasto.Well as for my flight part 1 was da bomb as it was via KLM.Which all you travellers know as a pretty sawa airline.I had a 5 hour layover at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.That place has like very sawa shops to encourage you to spend and spend.But me being the brokeass that i was nuthin was getting bought I mean a simple soda is 3 whole euros!Close to 300 bob!Damn I miss Kenya already.
The connecting flights really sucked!I flew with Northwest bad planes,bad food and damn the ugliest air hostesses I have ever seen!Yes I am that shallow, I like to have fly airhostesses when I fly.
Other then that there was no drama with my lugagge and the immigration folk.Will tell you bout how Im settling.

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