Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Big 3 double 00!

No for you shortsighted gits I have not turned thirty!Those were two zeroes after the 3!Yes I am on my 3 hundreth post!It's a wonder I have written so much and for so long!When at some point I actually contemplated throwing in the towel.But if I had I wouldnt have got to know some of you great KBW folk!
Question is what to write for you 300th post?Since words and staying on one topic are somewhat of a collosal challenge for me I am going to prattle around as usual.So let's go down some bunny trails.

Bunny trail #1

It is amazing that my 300th post coincides with the return of my apathetic persona heavily tinged with cynicism.Yes now I have a reason to scowl at people everday!This whole thing of smiling was hurting my face and cramping my style.I am now a firm believer in the self serving depraved nature of humanity as evidenced by our leaders in Kenya,people I have known and life in general.When it comes to people I have gone back to my "0 expectations, 0 disappointments policy' you can't be disappointed in someone when you dont expect anything from them.So when someone does something nice I am pleasantly suprised because very few people in the world today do anything out of a general sense of altruism.When someone helps you more often then not it is because it helps them ie assuage their conscience,build brownie points in heaven, look racially sensitive etc.But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy it when it comes to you.And no I am not depressed at all!I am fine, I have just realised that it doesn't pay to invest emotionally in many things.

Bunny trail #2

I want to bitch slap one of my Profs!She is one of those ones fresh from Phd school,starry eyed and wants to help us chart new trails in acedemia by overloading our minds like a government mule during the gold rush in California.Her course is a higher level undergrad but she has us reading 5 books!Firstlly all my other grad courses have 2 textbooks at most so this woman is burning a hole in my pocket!Then she has us doing this group work crap!I hate groups they are a waste of time!Then since it is a social science class she is always harping on about statistics,I told her that they are lies lies and damn statistics!Also she talks to us like we are her fellow phds and if Aco has problems understanding you at times rest assured that the rest of the class is in limbo.In fact attendance has really gone down because we know how most American students are against hard work.We had a discussion in her office about some race issues and why some immigrants and races have done better and some havent, so I gave my take on culture and it's affects on how people intergrate into a socio-economic setting and she tells me that I am over-simplofying things.Well I use simple because simple works!Complicated viewes lead to complicated solutions which dont work and are just turned into reports that sit on people's desks otherwise we would not be having any poverty or problems in Africa; most of the useful solutions in Africa to problems have been seemingly simple home grown solutions.The she tells me that I have a strong positivist bent, meaning that I believe that there is one solution and that we must all seek it, not really I believe that truth is relative and that yes you must seek it or live in ignorance .I asked her when she started teaching and she said this sem, so I told her that it explains all her passion; I added that it would pass after a few semesters; she told me that that statement was condescending (and to think that I forgot to add the sarcasm). To make things more interesting the book that I chose to critique and present is one that most doesn't not go well with her beliefs ; it concerns affirmative action in education and how it has served its' time and must go among other issues.I agree with alot of what the author says and she doesn't as she told me when we talked outside class one day; so what I am doing at the moment is gathering as much research and related material to support the book since I can't bitch slap her physically I might as well do so intellectually.I will most definitely let ya'll know how it goes!

Bunny trail #3

I was reading some KBW member's blog and she was that cells should be prepared for those Ministers and M.Ps who have stolen billions from tax payers.BULL SH*T!It is obvious that if they ever get to jail key word being ever, is that they will bribe to ensure that they live in the lap of luxury ala Pattni in Kamiti.Their crime instead should be made a capital offense punishable by beheading.Russia is locking up the oligarchs who have been plundering the nations resources, yes I know there is also some political background to this but if the people profit then why not?The odds of this happening in Kenya at the moment are slim but a man can dream can't he?

Bunny trail #4

I don't remember where I picked this quote from but it made my day:
I have no problem with Christ, it's christians I can't stand! - Anonymus
Here is another classic quote from the Aco files:
Kenyan pal: Siku moja lazima nipate kiti huko nyumbani!One day I have to stand for election back home
Aco: Ward gani?What city council ward?
If you can't understand the underlying joke then please come spend time with me so I can make fun of you all day without you knowing!

Bunny trail #5

I may have commented on this before but I was talking about to some chic the other day and she was making the usual comment "there are no more outstanding men." Since now I am Acolyte V2.0 I did not give here the usual apologist comment "There are still good men!"
What I asked her is that what is so unique about her that she deserves a Prince charming as oppossed to an everyday dude?She had earlier laid out a long list of the romantic gestures her man to be was suppossed to do daily,the things that he was suppossed to buy her and how he should look and dress.I in turn asked her what she was going to do in return, was she the kind of girl whose character would make a man want to do such things, what was the stunning difference between her and the girl sitting at the next table.I am sick and tired of people both men and women asking for something spectacular but are not ready to put in the work that is required.I can't bring grade C game to the table and expect to get a grade A Queen?If you want something good you gotta put in the work!!!

Needless to say these 300 posts have been fun and hopefully 300 more are coming!


Deno said...

KUDOS on your anniversaires de post troi cent! begginers leve french can u tell?

LOL at your PHD prof sagas...I have found, in my humble experience, that bitch slapping someone with academic leverage can be a highly distasteful, esp when they use that leverage when waging the return bitch slap (aka bitch bitch slap) - unless ofcouse you are living in the land of good will hunting! Keep us posted lakini...eager to see how it goes. Whats your grad major?

0 expectations 0 disappointments - couldnt have said it better. works very well for me. Lakini sometimes people then begin to expect less and less from you sometimes..which can work against your favor.

haha ati brownie points in heaven - the height of cynicsm..i have found that some poeple ar ejust very obnoxiously, irritatingly genuinely nice. eveolution gone wrong if u ask me...


Keguro said...

As one of the academics in the room . . .

First, grad school should involve reading at least a book a week; complain only if your reading goes beyond 500 pages a week. Until then, you're still in the minor leagues.

Second, do you really want a boring, apathetic professor? Honestly?

acolyte said...

@ deno
Yeah I do hope that she doesn't take it personal and hit under the belt!My major is Public Admin but the course is an elective in sociology and electives are meant to be walkovers.Thanks for the good wishes
@ Keguro
Passion does nothing for me.Your passion can't infect me if what you are teaching is irrelevant to me.I tend to be cold hard and methodical.I am a mercenary and I do what needs to be done so as to earn the prize.It is not that I do nothing in school I have 4 papers that I am working on, 2 books that I am critiquing,2 presentations and 3 midterms to prepare for.Besides this course is an elective and has little practical use for me unless I decide to be a sociologist specialising in racial issues.
I can handle boring and apathetic, I did 8-4-4 remember?Grades and long terms ambitions are more motivation for me then a Proffesor waxing long and lyrical on the podium about how much Steinberg means to her as a sociologist.I am the new improved Acolyte V2.0........

Mignon said..., you forget that while this class is an elective for u and u could care less, there's probably another student who feels the exact opposite. they're excited that the prof is going on and on about a topic that they're interested

i totally feel u on the last part 'bout both men and women. since i'm a chick, i'll comment on the guys. it's so irritating when guys sleep with every chick in town and when they're ready to settle down, they start looking for a nun. what makes u think that the nun's not looking for a fellow priest to marry?

Kenyangal said...

Congarts on the big 3 double 00. Keep on keeping blogging.

P.S good luck bitch slapping someone about something she's passionate about!!

Shiroh said...

"0 expectations, 0 disappointments policy'
I especially love that.Kudos on fikishaing 300.

Read my brother; read.

bunny the one who prolly said about cells and got told 'bullshit' said...

Well well, congrats on your big 3 double 0. Gosh darn! Are you Methuselah or what? 300 posts! Me? The big O. I want big O. ..And happy valentines day to you too! Tihihih! To celebrate...Hook me up with chocolates you!!! LOOOOOOOL at the ‘ward’. At first I did not get it, then I racked brains cos, I do not want to spend time with you making fun of me… then I was like ‘oooh!’, and really LOL. Cool post. Happy 300th Annivesary.

KenyanMusings said...

LOL at brownie points. You juz mad!

Prousette said...

Felicitation are in order. May you live to have 600 more posts.
re: what you bring to the table being what you get. Agree totally! you plant mangoes and sit around waiting for sugarcane to sprout shindwe pepo!!

acolyte said...

@ cute angel
I may not be enamoured with the class but that doesnt mean that I dont take it seriously.I still see myself being one of the top students in that class.
As for some dudes they want to have their cake and eat it too!
@ Kenyangal
I know it isnt goin to be easy
@ Shiroh
I hope I make it to 300 more.And I read all day everyday, that is who I am and that is what I do
@ Kenyanmusing
Thanks for the good wishes.Barring a miracle the chocs will be late, pole sana.Well posts do pile up....
@ Prou
thanks for the good wishes.As for human stupidity it knows no bounds!

Couch 'tato said...

OH MY GAWD 30?! u must be feelin old..couldnt help

DAMN 300 u go BOY! u really have been around congrats my pal.

-sometime back i had argues the fast that there is no selfless act. whatever mankind does itis always to the benefit of the peron doin the good deed.
-ebu teach a brada how to stop smiling all the time
-lol at bitchslappin ha-fresh and young and so full of life and vigour-nyanyake-i know the type and its always worse with women ccicks with their freakin rimless glasses and snotty look

lookin forward to another300

Acolyte said...

@ 'couch tato
If you have a blog that is all over the place like mine getting to 300 isnt hard.Seems great minds think alike!
As for that prof I am goin to break her in real real real good.Mark my words!She will be jaded in no time!

POTASH said...

Did you just say 300? Awesome, and some of us 'is' only getting started.
Haha! Ati you are Acolyte V2.0, just when I had ordained you an Acolyte in my Religious Disorder!

Acolyte said...

@ potash
As you can see I have climbed one step on the way to enlightenment but I am still an adherent of your teachings so dont worry!As for 300 you'll get to it in no time....

Milonare said...


Triple century

299 plus 1

Dayum you've been busy at the keyboard!!! Good on you... Here's to another 300 plus plus...

Ati a nun looking for a priest to marry... LOLOLOL @Cute_Angel

mutumia said...

He he he @KM--- ain't she just the bomb and LOL @ Prou...

Happy 300th bro-- that's committed. Good work man! May you have 10,000s more!

Happy Not-Valentine's day :)

MsaniiXL said...

300 already? happy 3 double 00

acolyte said...

@ Milo, Mutumia and Msanii
Thanks loads!It's a matter of one post at a time!