Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So near, yet so far...

After winning their domestic league FC Barcelona have gone on to win the Champion's League after beating Arsenal 2-1.Despite losing their goalie 18 mins into the match for bringing down Samuel Etoo, Arsenal went on to open the scores via a bullet header from the much maligned Sol Campbell.This fragile one goal lead lasted until the 76th minute when Henrik Larsson breached the Londoners rearguard and gifted Eto'o with a magnificent pass that he slotted into the back of the net past the substitute goalkeeper Manuel Almunia.
The final was sealed by a goal in the 80th minute by substitute Juliano Belleti, his first ever for Barcelona incidentally.
Props must be given to Arsenal for making it to the final but with the sublime footballing skills of Barcelona it was hard to have pencilled them in as European champions.As the old saying goes.....Maybe next year Arsenal!
ps:I wonder if Henry will stay with Arsenal as a victory would have ensured him staying with the Londoners but now things dont look too clear.
pps:To all you Arsenal fans.....Bwehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!! (
™DShy)Only one English team can gnash domestically and shine in Europe and I am not even going to name names!

The tackle that got Lehmann sent off

Sol Campbell powers a header past Victor Valdes in the Barcelona goal

Henry gestures to his team to concentrate on the Barcelona threat

Samuel Eto'o scores the equaliser

Julliano Belleti chooses a great night to score his first goal for Barcelona, which ended up being the match winner
Now to await the beginning of the World Cup!


mocha! said...

fao fao fao!!!

tihihihihi...and my pal called me tell me about this loss. aaahhhh, am bila shame....i laughed my ass off and told her, there is always next year. LOL!!!

how have you been my guy???

Guessaurus said...

Sob sob - did you have to do this one as well.
I am going into hibernation for the next couple of days...
Not fair, not fair at all...
Good fight though, Arsenal Rules

KenyanMusings said...

So much for being dragged to Tamasha by my friends....and you know how I feel about footie....LOOOOL..

I dragged 3, very very ill arsenal fans home last all I can say....tehe.Aiiiiii...its a game people!

Hey Aco, good day

mia said...

great photos ... viva Barca! ...

Kenyangal said...

I loved the game!! Thierry Henry looked sooo HOT.. (sigh)

The.Hanyeé said...

I'm glad that Barca won...they needed to win it, being the best team in Europe currently.

I'm glad that Arsenal lost, so that I dont have to listen to another one of their stereotypically obnoxious fans tell me about how they won it one time! Ngojeni kwa mlolongo!

gishungwa said...

Am Sad:-( anyway we fought a good fight so To all gunners keep your head up!!!!1

dangerously_shy said...

LOL, Did anyone see Thierry Henyr's interview after the game? he looked like he was about to cry, his adams apple kept bobbing up and down as he hinted blatantly i must add how the referre was mbaya mboff and biased lol...good game tho' eiishh those barcelona fisis are hot!!!

Stunuh Jay said...

Oh my poor Henri, I don't exactly follow footie but he looked so dejected... in definite need of a hug. Talking about footie, I got Croatia in the footbal pool I'm participating in, somehow I think they'll be a one match wonder

acolyte said...

@ Mocha
Yes that loss hurt lots of people both home and abroad!Other then this crummy summer job that I plan to quit soon I am well!
@ Guess
You knew that I couldnt resist!Correction - Arsenal ruled!
@ Kenyanmusings
I am sure you had a ball watching grown men close to tears!But as you's just a game!
@ Mia
Thanks to BBC!Barca do rule!
@ Kenyangal
I can see where ur attention was during the game!
@ the.hanyee
I do feel you!Arsenal fans used to make me sick but I am sure they are now busy buying Chelsea shirts!Yes Barca deserved this cup 110%!
@ gish
Yes Arsenal did try!
@ Dshy
I see you and Kenyangal were in the same boat!If I lost the CL final I would want to cry too!But he should've not mentioned the ref and took the loss like a man.
@ Stunuh
If you are lucky you may get to give him that hug!Wink wink!As for croatia I think they did do well in either the 1998 or 2002 world cup but this tournie is going to be a diff kettle of fish!