Wednesday, October 11, 2006

KBW Member No More! part 2

The interview continues where we had left off!

Jeff Koinange: So have things always been this way between you and the KBW Administration?
Acolyte: No! One of them was who sees me as a tool of destruction was among the first people to comment on my blog and the founder too has commented on my blog before.

Jeff Koinange: So when did things begin to sour?
Acolyte: Well as a person I have always enjoyed debate and intellectual conversation, so what I did was set up a blog persona ( Instigator ) who would go around and ask hard biting questions about issues so as to instigate discussion, I also began to use the corresponding blog for social satire on many issues but focussing on gender issues in the Western world.

Jeff Koinange: Was this identity a secret?
Acolyte: No it wasn't, I told several bloggers about it and even had the persona guest blog on my own blog for a while. Other bloggers have even openly linked me with that persona.Another example here. So this was an open secret!

Jeff Koinange: So you did not use the persona to make personal attacks.
Acolyte: Oh no not at all! I set it up for fun. Besides which people knew who I was so it wouldnt make sense at all!

Jeff Koinange: So what went wrong.
Acolyte: Well there was this post on the Administrator's blog ( Mshairi ) where I felt that she had over-reacted about an issue and I made a comment using that persona. Here is the comment in it's entirety and her answer.

instigator Feb 25th, 2006 at 5:56 pm

Why don’t you start your own blogosphere then where all the posts can meet your standards?The fact is that there is freedom of expression on the net and as a result people will say what they feel, it doesnt make it right but it will happen.As for that blogger who called a woman a bitch here is the definition:
The word bitch — originally used for the female members of the canid species, specially dogs — is more often employed in a figurative sense as an insult for a promiscuous woman, or a malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, and/or mean person
If the coat fits then put it on the person who should wear it as the terminology did suit the situation.
I have read many blogs by women with men being described as dogs,snakes,slime and no-one says anything.People should not dish it out if they can’t take it!
As for the comments about lesbians, like I said this isnt utopia.There are some people who do not like lesbians and think they have some sort of mental disorder that can be fixed by a “dick whipping”.It doesn’t make it right but that blog is the author’s venting ground and even if they don’t write it; they are thinking it.Free speech can be a bitch!(ooops I mean a bother!)

I find it interesting that you do not dare show your identity while posting this comment. Are you scared/ashamed or so lacking in self-esteem? In any case, I know who you are. I know your blog where you write derogatory posts on women. I will only ever engage with you when you dare show your identity. In the meantime, go hide under a rock.

Jeff Koinange: What happened after that?
Acolyte: As you can see here; she blew up and lashed at me. After saying she wouldn't communicate with me unless I came out for real, I did only to find that she had blocked my I.P from her blog. A fact that I hinted at in a past post.

Jeff Koinange: So what did you do?
Acolyte: It is a well known fact that I do not take attacks lying down so I addressed her issues about my so called misogyny and tore her a new one while I was at it; as you can see here. Not a wise move in retrospect because I should have been more sensitive to her feminist sentiments.

Jeff Koinange: So do you hate women?
Acolyte: Not at all! A bulk of my readers are women and much as I may poke fun at them now and again. I respect them.

Jeff Koinange: How is your relationship with the rest of the Administrators?
Acolyte: Well I have a cordial relationship with Afromusing, as you can see here. As for Maitha I honestly haven't been to his blog often and commented there. I don't read MJY's blog and my close relationship with Nick is an open fact.

Jeff Koinange: What about the founder, Mental?
Acolyte: To be honest, sometime after my run in with Mshairi; my comments would be deleted from that blog as fast as they would go up. And no they were not demeaning comments but general magnanimous ones. A look into the earlier archives will show some of my comments and the answers. In fact in the early days he actually visited my blog.

Jeff Koinange: Do you have anything against Mental?
Acolyte: No, not at all! I admire his hard work and I do not want to bring KBW down at all!

Jeff Koinange: So what is this all about?
Acolyte: Accountability and standards. It is okay for Mshairi to hate my guts as a person but to use her power to influence my being kicked out of KBW is wrong on so many levels.

Jeff Koinange: Are you sure that it is Mshairi?
Acolyte: Well the fact that I am getting conflicting e-mails as regarding the whole issue of my membership status means there are two different parties in the Administration. I would like to think that Mental is very level headed and was not behind my expulsion that came with a flimsy explanation. So that leaves only Mshairi who has a motive as I have not had a run in with any other member of the Administration. If it was someone else then my apologies to her but at the moment I am not convinced at that it wasn't her.

Jeff Koinange: So what do you make of the latest post on the Admin blog?
Acolyte: To be honest I think people are not reading from the same script at all. It is time that matters were clarified. My expulsion had nothing to do with the code on my blog! And it couldn't be because I removed the code after I received the email telling me that my blog had been taken off the aggregator and was no longer on the list of KBW member blogs. So the code isn't an issue at all and shouldn't be talked about!
Let it be known this isn't an attack on the Mental and the rest of the Administrators! It is about transparency, accountability, misuse of powers, censorship and other issues I am going to touch on. I am not out to destroy KBW but I think there are some important issues here we have to deal with! This is also an open acceptance to Mental's offer to dialogue.

Part 3: The way forward..................


Joe said...
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Joe said...
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makanga said...

I just wanted to say your post on Instigator about serial killers and the abuse they get from females, especially from their mothers, was most interesting.

Do I smell an olive branch?

mdkims said...

just showing that am around ... now, back to read


Nice blog!Ingawa watu wanachukulia huu ni ugomvi lakini mimi naona ni shule nzuri!

Aegeus said...

I smell an olive branch! (Makes himself more comfortable in his chair as he watches proceedings)

Gay Nairobi Man said...


Dont care if you are in KBW or not..I will keep visiting your blog. You welcomed me and kept commenting on my blog and I have enjoyed our relationship inspite of our obvious differences.

This whole issue stink to high heaven..I do hope the admn staff allow you back..if sure we care many who will keep coming over here for gumzo

Unyc said...


That was a gd move. Admin coz I know u will read this, have a discussion n settle this beef, the sooner the better.

This is an issue that is clearly going out of hand when all u ought 2 do is dialogue.

Let me now watch from a distance.

mocha said...


All I can say is, vent out, talk about it, educate most of us and move on when you are done.

At least now you have all the freedom to talk about what you want bila being in the so called 'clutches' of KBW.

And that is my peni mbili!!!

Prousette said...

I am suffering from info overload trying to make head or tail of whatever saga is cooking after reading the numerous posts.

Just one thing I need clarified: what did you do to deserve to be kicked out of KBW?

If you broke any rules and where are they for the consumption of the rest of us?

kelitu said...

Oh My! you were instigator??...dang now you just ruined my ka-fantasy!! LOL!
I always likened the Instigator to a block hugger(aka a hustler from the BK) just all thugged out and not giving a 'F'

Anonymous said...

Does everything have to be politicized? All i see after analyzing the rather verbose going-ons is a vendetta against free speech and unfettered thinking. I don't know much about the restrictions imposed by your contract with the bloggers' ring, but if the comments which contributed to the fallout(which I've read) breach the so called code of conduct, then I believe you are far better off outside the umbrella than under it's restrictive shelter. I am a firm believer in free constructive speech and would be very content so long as i have a forum for engaging in challenging intellectual discourse including anything bordering on, or being outright controversial. So long as you keep writing, I'll keep on reading and commenting irrespective of whom you associate with or not (read KBW).

Anonymous said...

aco why are you being a fucking pussy. just leave kbw. thats your fucking problem you talk all this shit and then kiss fucking ass. at least joe had the balls to leave.your just another kbw bitch bowing down to kbw. And why dont all you other kbw byathces leave too. Mocha why dont you leave. enough of your whining. be a fucking man. joe is the only one strong enough. joe can destroy even thinker. aco mocha and the rest are just pussies

Acolyte said...

@ Anonymous
I don't know who you are, but if you read my posts you will notice that at no time whatsoever have I asked to be reinstated!
This whole issue is about transparency and censorship.
I don't know why you are calling Joe when he seems to whining for reinstatement on every fora regarding this issue.
Please desist from wasting our time if you have nothing good to say!

Irena said...

Acolyte: Not sure what to say that has not been said already but I find the whole saga rather sad that one cannot freely express oneself in KBW and yet we were supposed to be creme de la creme of African webring advocating freedom of speech. Mashada looks like a golden angel right about now, at least on that forum one can express oneself with no hindrance. And they said POI was crazy many months ago, mmmhh I know let bygones be bygones but is this a pattern of abuse of "power in office" and yet we are busy casting stones elsewhere.

bomseh said...

i have followed this debate keenly but only one thing is still a mystery to me. what or who is POIGATE? someone please throw some light.

Gathara said...

I found this example of a UK MP who, in the words of KBW, "resorts to abuse rather than discuss issues amicably and courteously." Though not wishing to reignite the feud, I think it shows that in the realm of politics and political discussion, decorum and courtesy are, to a large extent, alien concepts.

Nakeel said...

Aco bro keep your head up and the blog fire burning.

Anonymous said...

so your just another dumbass bitch making threats you can not carry out. joe is the only one strong enough to stand up the rest of you are just bitches. joe can destroy all. let us all join joes ring.

mwasjd said...


No one can control the net, keep blogging coz we've already got your blog locked as favourite.

Joe said...

you know what Anonymous get a life. this is exactlt what was happening to me last time anonymous people writing to me with insults .i think acolyte has made it clear that he wants to stick to the issue and the principle of the matter . and like i said in the other post to acolyte i am planning to stay clear so that it does not become an issue of personalities. this is just another shameless attempt to side stepo the issues at hand . so acolyte ignore this anonymous character. AND anonymous this time it wont work trying to draw me into your conflict with other bloggers is old and immature. acolyte stick to the script. you mature approach is commendable i only wish i had done the same when provoked by this immaturity.

mocha! said...

HEAR HEAR .... Joe.... HEAR HEAR!!!

egm said...

Joe Amenena!