Saturday, January 22, 2005

Getting over my shyness

Most people who know me think that I am outgoing but they would be surprised at how wrong they are.I find it really hard to get to know new people so I have had the same few friends for a long time now.But I have been trying to change that,especially when it comes to the ladies.So Whenever I am out of home and a situation comes up when I can talk to someone new I give myself a kick in the ass and grab it.Well one week down the line I do have a new acquaintance and a telephone number and I managed to get back in touch with an old pal so I have someone to visit over this weekend.This could get really interesting

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Mshairi said...

I used to be very shy too when I was your age. I also used (and still use, it must be said) the 'kick in the ass' method to bolster my courage and this really helped. You will be pleased to know it gets better as you grow older. You are on the right track :)