Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to My Nightmare!

Welcome to Walmart KBW Bloggers!

The other night I had a nightmare of sorts. I dreamt that I had spent decades here in the States jumping from inconsequential job to another due to a number of factors. I never did get married or if I did, in typical American fashion I divorced and my kids forgot about my existance only sending the occasional Christmas card.
Since I had no job of substance with benefits after the first real company I worked for collapsed with my pension in tow, I had little saved up so in my twilight years; I became a Walmart greeter. Standing at the entrance of your local Walmart with a plastic smile, rigid posture and walking stick by my side! Welcome to Walmart!
Disclaimer: This post isn't meant to ridicule Walmart greeters. It is just a play on my phobia of reaching my twilight years with nothing to show for it at all, and having to work not out of choice but out of neccesity. Sadly this is the fate of many Americans..
Ps: Dont snipe about me about part 5 of the Drama Post! It's on the way!


Girl next door said...

I get what you're saying! It's one thing to be young and broke, but to be old and broke would be a nightmare. When I first saw old people by themselves, I used to wonder where their kids were. But after living in this individualistic society, I can see why it happens.

Half 'n' half said...

Apparently many Kenyans would rather stay in the US doing inconsequential non descript jobs than come back! its scary.

StackOfStiffys said...

Work hard, save and ensure that nightmare does not become a reality manze!

Chatterly said...

Such dreams make you work harder so that you never find yourself in such an ill-baked situation.
part 5 lini? :-)

mocha said...



As for the dream...don't worry, you are not alone.

Movie Buff said...

oh man!!!!

aegeus said...


acolyte said...

When I see those ppl at Walmart I get depressed. This society has no pity at all!
@ half n half
It is either live in total poverty in Kenya or make a half assed life in the States.
@ stack
That is much easier than it sounds in the States but I intend to do my best.
@ chatterly
Yes that dream was a good incentive.
@ mocha
I think I should have just kept quiet in that case.But good to know that I am not alone in that scenario.
@ movie buff
Ebu we read hard!

3N said...

I will leave for Kenya any day before I greet people at walmart or clean floors at McDonalds. I would rather be old and broke at home than be here in the US.

egm said...

Definitely the right incentive for financial independence!

gishungwa said...

God forbid! so is how that 5?

Aizoh said...

An elderly neighbor of mine sold his hardware shop and his home after winning a green card in the lottery and took off to the states. Three months later he was back. Why? Cos he got a job standing outside a supermarket. Not just to greet. To handle pets left in his care as the owners shopped.Such a demeaning job for an old man who owned property here.

Unyc said...

Old n Broke...I hv seen this n it aint good at all esp when ur kids decide 2 neglect u...I shudder at the thot of ending up in a home for the elderly....
God forbid!