Friday, March 23, 2007

The End Of Another Week

I now have a new found respect for bloggers based in the Baltimore area, namely people like Movie Buff, Msanii, Udi and any other unmentioned individuals. I just came across a commercial for a dealership over there and my oh my (some harsh language in the ad so Not Safe For Work!). If this is what ya'll are used to dealing with could you please come over and negotiate with my local car salesman?

In other news, I sent off my passport to the LA Consulate for renewal and got it back 4 days after I had sent it, I am most impressed. I can usually tell how efficient an organisation is by the way the phone is answered. I once called the DC consulate and it took several calls till the phone was answered and I was transferred from person to person this wasn't the case with the LA Consulate where the phone is answered really fast and all your enquiries answered without playing phone tag. A big kudos to the peeps in LA, has anyone dealt with the DC consulate lately? I'd like to know if things have changed.

A friend of mine went to a hotel in Chuka for lunch as he was doing research during the peak of the Rift Valley Fever Epidemic that had struck Kenya and asked how much a grilled chicken would, he was given the princely cost of 1,250/= shillings. After getting over his astonishment he decided to have a vegetarian meal, talk about pricing yourself out of the market; the only other places in Kenya you could pay that much for a meal of grilled chicken are in 5 star restaurants.

I was chatting to some pals of mine online and it is amazing how many of them have banished the thought of marriage to the bottom of their list of priorities. I think I will chat more to them about it and get their full reason, I have mine which I think I blogged about it. But it is interesting when a whole lot of "eligible" bachelors decide not to bother with marriage and long term relationships then you have a big group of players and no good chaps left for the women to sift through. That's life I guess....Have a nice weekend people!


Movie Buff said...

First off, how do you find this shit?

Second, I have never seen that commercial in my life. Me, I [cant help myself with the "Me I"] anyway, Me I know kina Antwerpen and Car Max and em... that one they are talking about sijui!

I sent mine to the DC embassy... took like 3-4 weeks to get mines back and I still had to call them!
Its a shame!

kenyananalyst said...

One of the top felaz @ LA is born-again n' used to worship @ Parklands Baptist Church in Nrb (where I also go), na ako committed ku-serve God and country faithfully sana.

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
It is amazing what you can find on the net if you have time to burn. Shame about the DC Embassy.
@ kenyanalyst
Good to know that we have someone committed to efficiency over there!

kelitu said...

I'd like to visit Bmore but after watching "Homicide:Life on the Street." I am steering clear. Them streets is hot!!

egm said...

I ask along with MB, where do you get these videos from? There's a restaurant here in Boston, Dick's Last Resort, where the name of the game is insults. The wait staff is very rude to you. All on purpose. That people actually go to this place for that experience just amuses me to no end.

The last time I used the DC consulate to renew my passport was way back in 1998. I mailed it to them on a Monday, and by Friday I had it back with me. They were very efficient. So if that's not the case today, then I guess the staff from back then was replaced by less efficient folks.

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
I was thinking just the same thing the other day! Lol!
@ egm
Well as long as people know that is the theme of the joint I am sure it is a novel experience.
Seems DC just isnt what it used to be!

The truth said...

The Dc Embassy is efficient it shouldnt be an issue in a week you should have your passport if you follow the mailing instructions,apart from people who need special clearance from nairobi it takes about a week . if your passport has to be refered back to nairobi it will take longer.The lady incharge of the process is very cordial. If she is not in the office wacha a message she will call you back

Anonymous said...

What's the number for the LA Consulate?
Is there someone you spoke to?

KenyanAnalyst - What his/her name??? Sitaki someone BS out there... plz help! Asante!

PBC - Behind Paki Shades & next to the Kobil?

Acolyte said...

@ joe
Well I do hope things have changed because the last reports I got from there were not very nice ones.
@ anon
Just go to and click on the LA consulate link for all the contacts.
PBS moved to a newer bigger church, if you are going towards westlands take a left at the big roundabout that is just past the Mall and keep on going down, you can't miss it.

beautyinbaltimore said...

That commercial is so funny. Now you know I'm not joking when I talk how crummy bmore is at times.

Girl next door said...

I second you on the efficient service at the LA Consulate, I dealt with them previously and was pleasantly surprised.

Ati a chicken cost how much? I'd have gone for the vege option too.

I'm also curious why eligible batchelors choose to remain single...I think that's why a lot of women (the ones who want to settle down) end up with much older men.

Udi said...

LOL. Bmore is grimy. People forget. BMORE IS HOME OF THE WIRE. And that means, people here dont give a fuk. LOL. That must be a very old ad coz nowadays, mambo is Eastern Motors

Pipina said...

Aco, Here is a B_More sidenote. Ads aside. Disclaimer: I am in Philly, but spent some time in the B_More.

I could have sworn I rode the MTA with a Kenyan lady who recognised my Kenyanness, but we don't do strangers in the B_More so I will never know.

Another experience was going to the Randallstown Public Library to read and being stopped by this Kenyan dude who had all the vibe in the world. Again I must reiterate, I do not do strangers in the B_More.

Perhaps I have had a meeting with a B_More blogger, KBW or otherwise affiliated, but since its B_More, we'll never know.

Acolyte said...

@ binbmore
Nice city you got there! Lol!
@ gnd
Well I guess some men just see marriage as too much work.
@ udi
Lol Thank you for reminding us that!
@ pipina
The county I live in has many Kenyans too so I have seen some on the bus and in some areas but like you, I dont do strangers.
Kenyans are all over the place I tell you!

Joshua said...

That video is the bomb. Very kind people out there. I should check the place out.