Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

I read this story on the BBC website and I must applaud the residents of the town for rising up against racism, sad thing is that is just shows how alive and well racism is among us. There are some people I know out there who are saying, " I told you those Europeans were all racists!" While there is another subset that is saying, "You see not all Europeans are racists!" Oh well you live and learn I guess.

After seeing the last episode of To Catch A Predator last week on MSNBC one swift thought came to mind. My in blue hell would any dude who doesn't work in the porn industry take a picture of his dick and even worse have it floating around online or post it. From the little I do know about women, is that they are not as visually oriented as men, so a picture of Mr Johnson isnt going to do much; as for sending such a pic to minors, that is just plain sick. I mean imagine taking a pic like that in your young days and passing it around then in your middle age deciding to run for office, the pic would show up and an inquest would open. I can see the picture being examined at a Commission and the incumbent being asked, "Mr XYZ is this your..........?"
Somethings should best be left to the imagination unless it's girl on girl action (ya'll knew I had to say that!)

There was this story that was in the Sunday Nation a few weeks back about this charlatan who was masquerading as a Pastor causing chaos and swindling gullible individuals. This snippet cracked me up!

Local Chief Grace Nduta told us that the "virginity oil" was mainly being peddled to barmaids in the area. "This was a hushed-up affair. We are told that the women were promised their clients would find them more appealing, after applying the oil in their private parts," said the chief.

"Even when we called a baraza to discuss these things, none of these women came forward to say that they had bought the oil, yet it is a common secret that barmaids were buying it."
Curiously, the oil in question is named Cremonini Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Closer observation of the container holding the oil revealed that it is supposed to be for "frying, deep frying salads, baking and grilling"

When I read that I wanted to crack a joke about something being deep fried, but let me keep it to myself after all learning that Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesnt live up to it's name must be humiliation enough to those involved.


Rant's of an angry somali man said...

damn!!.........acolyte u just made my day....ati extra virgin oil.....kkkkkkk......kwani what will it it do?.....that pastor usiki ni noma......hii story imenibamba vibaya......thats why the say simple ideas are usually the best!

egm said...

People act without much thought of what their actions might do to them in future. Living for the moment may have it's good sides, but at times you have to think before doing so, or as you are campaigning for president you'll be faced with a huge poster showing you in all your glory back in the day!

msanii said...

lol@ that can pastor peddle water to well..

on the other hand smh at the residents.

Racism is alive..vera much alive

Acolyte said...

@ Rant's of an angry somali man
That dude took peeps for a ride I tell you!
@ egm
I guess we are now living in an instant society where tommorow is an illusion. That would indeed be a hoot I tell you!
@ msanii
That dude was a true hustler I tell you!
Yes racism has just gone undercover in some places but is still very much apparent in other places.

kelitu said...

Just throwing it out there: si after having regular use of E.V.O, your ass after sex will feel fried, deep fried, salad tossed , baked and grilled.LMAO!!

Rista said...

ok... there are oils/lotions that tighten things up 'down there'... my only concern here is that the 'oil-based' lubricants would interfere with effectiveness of condoms... assuming people still use those pleasure-obscuring envelopes...

Klara said...

RONFL! This is hilarious, It's shows what desperate measures women go sometimes 2 please their men! Lol! Ati Virginity oil? U become a virgin once again ama nini???
That racism storo was good act! High Five 2 da 700 couples!!

Unyc said...

Me hushangaa venye pple r easily lied 2...Virginity cannot be restored. Only one who cn do the is God pekee.
Those others just tighten n mk u think u r a V again....
Extra virgin
Maliza, what will be chomwad? bana niaje.

Movie Buff said...

"extra virgin oil"
Damn.... people take things wayyy to literally!!!!

As for To catch a predator... as I have said before.. it is must see TV. I cant wait for the day someone stabs that dude the way the one for Cheaters was stabbed. *smh*

mocha! said...

LOL...@the cooking oil!

kupitia tuu

3N said...

Ati extra virgin oil for barmaids…this has made my day. By the way why don’t Kenyans refer to these barmaids as prostitutes? That is exactly what they are especially in rural bars.

vedec said...

It's refreshing to know that though racism is still alive and well, it's being fought, not only by p'ple of color but by virtually every right thinking man (and of course woman) irrespective of race color or creed.
Kenyans tend to be a very gullible lot, giving away all their cash, quitting jobs, lately buying "virgin oil" and all sorts of absurdities, especially when dealing with "servants of God". I wonder what p'ple will do next at the whims of these frauds....jump off a cliff?!!

Bomseh said...

LOL @ "Mr XYZ is this your..........?" kweli. one shud be very careful of scandals they involve themselves in in case u run for office. dirt will always be dug out.

3N - Barmaid is Barmaid. Prostitution is just a hobby not the profession. Barmaid is.

Acolyte said...

@ kelitu
LMAO at salad tossed!
@ rista
If you are dum enuff to use cooking oil on your vag I doubt you use condoms.
@ klara
I think these women should have been told that kegel's are free.
Yes it is good to see that at least some ppl seem concerned.
@ unyc
A great man once said there is a sucker born everyday.
@ movie buff
I guess they read the label and thought they were set!
What cracks me up is how the dudes look like deer caught in a car's headlights.
@ mocha!
Sawa! Have a nice weekend!
@ 3n
Well I guess not all those women were prostitutes or at least not full time.
@ vedec
As I said earlier, there are suckers born everyday! I think people have already done worse at the prompting of fraudsters.
@ bomseh
Such things can come back to harm a dude in the future if someone isnt smart.

Girl next door said...

I applaud those couples who protested against that act of racism. Some things will never change....

Logic dictates that it's a horrible idea to have dick pics floating in cyberspace, but it's surprising how many people do it. I think they're exhibitionists who get turned on by the idea of being seen.

Olive oil--can't believe people would fall for that!